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Trash. Trash.

A bug, a failure….

Mahol was that kind of guy. An incompetent man who can’t even rebel properly without knowing how to do anything.

At first, it started at a simple word of a person, but soon it became something fun to the bullies.

Bugs really looked like bugs, and beating the curled up guy seemed to be playing with toys.

Jones, the son of a Noble, was the one who took the initiative to bully him the most. So the other student were scared to be involved if they were to talk to him.

Even the teacher wouldn’t even take the initiative to help him.


But that didn’t last long.

A man suddenly appeared.

The son of Count Millennium.

Something seemed to have gone wrong the moment, the man, rumored to be an incompetent jerk appeared.

But that was okay. Most of the bully thought it would be over quickly if they just praised him and make him part of their group.

“Get lost.”

However, that wasn’t the case.

Raymond was already pointing his blade to them from the beginning, to the point where they couldn’t even talk to him.

When Jones saw him closing his eyes and ears completely ignoring their words, he almost shook his fist at him in anger.

If it weren’t for the fact that he was the Count’s son, Raymond would have been rolling on the ground earlier.

With that thought, he headed to the training ground.

Jones and his friends were beating up the bug.

His crime could let him die, but they decided to replace the punishment by becoming their toy. And what was his crime? For having been help out by Raymond.

‘Come to think of it, this bug seems to have a younger brother.’

“You’re here? What do you think?”

“No. I don’t think it’s going to work. That incompetent son of the count didn’t even look up to us.”

“Really? Can’t help it.”

They decided to quit attracting the count’s son to their side.

However, they will not to disturb him.

“I need to see your skills…”

The teacher’s words continue. He smiled.

Jones waited for this moment.

Time to publicly crush others and build their reputation up.

This is an event that will let him beat someone without any restrictions.

“Hey, I’m jealous. You go first.”

“You’ll solve it properly once.”


Jones went up to the Duel Ring.

“Who will you choose?”

‘Who am I going to pick?’

Isn’t it already decided? He raised his finger and pointed to a crouching bug among his friends.

“Hey, come up.”

The bug wriggled up.

Then he staggered and grabbed a wooden sword and came up to the Duel Ring.

Looking at him, Jones started imagining how to hit him.

His own sandbag.

“Come out.”

However, Raymond stepped forward again.

He took the wooden sword from the bug and stood in front of him.

“I will face him.”

Looking at the face where he can feel his anger. Strangely, Jones was shaking when he faced that face.

However, he calmed himself by saying:

‘He’s an incompetent jerk.’

After all, he is nothing but an incompetent jerk.

Even if he showed that momentum, that’s all.

“It’s not a matter of my own decision. You should have the other person’s consent.”

The teacher looks back at Jones.

A face that asks for opinion. Jones looked over Raymond once and nodded.

“It’s okay.”

There was no reason to refuse.

According to rumors, he doesn’t seem to be powerful.

And above all, Raymond was in a bad mood because he seemed to have ignored him so he may make mistakes.

‘I’ll crush that arrogant face of yours.’

No matter how powerful the Count is, he will not take action on what happened in the Duel Ring.

When else will there be an opportunity to legally restrain the son of the count?

“I think it’s your first time to hold a sword do you want to attack first?”

Still, he decided to give him a chance first.

“Oh, really? Thank you.”

A frosty smile

When he became anxious about the smile, Raymond had already disappeared from sight.

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Raymond looked at him while tapping his toes with a wooden sword.

He was not sure if this Jones was well trained in the field of Swordsmanship.
He has a strong physique. His posture with the wooden sword was also quite well established. But that was all.

He just have a strong physique, however, he was full of loopholes.

How can he look so confident with his poor skills?

“I think it’s your first time to hold a sword do you want to attack first?”

Jones provoked him, thinking that it was still his first time with swordsmanship.

Even though Jones told him to come in first, he was confident that he can win no matter what he did.

His attitude was even more irritating to Raymond.

“Oh, Really? Thank you.”

This opportunity was a waste to knock it down right away.

Because he can quickly defeat him.

Let’s make it simple.

Raymond clung close and swung the wooden sword.


Jones hurriedly picked up his own wooden sword and blocked it.

Yeah, he have to block this much.

Raymond was swinging with a lot of strength.


Raymond turned to the side of the man, who was struggling to block, and swung a wooden sword.



Jones grabbed his side in pain and look up.

“You can’t faint that early.”

Raymond smacked his face.


His nose bone was definitely cracked.

Jones stepped away from Raymond, he stumbled and grabbed his face.

With his action, Jones already let go of his wooden sword.

“You can’t let go of the wooden sword. This is a duel.”

Raymond hit the hand of the man holding his nose with the wooden sword.


He heard the sound of a broken finger bone.

Looking sideways, the teacher only looked at the two of them with a serious face and did not stop him.

“I told you that it isn’t good to let go the wooden sword.”

Raymond picked up the wooden sword that Jones dropped and by using the wide part of the wooden sword, he slapped it at him.

Pak! Pak!

The bones of both of hands were broken in order to protect his face, so they were not in a state where they could hold a wooden sword.

“This isn’t enough.”

There are still many people left to deal with.

Raymond lifted the wooden sword at an angle and slapped him on the neck. Finally letting him faint.

He looked around, leaving the fallen man behind with many spectator gasping.

Everyone looked surprised by the different results than they expected.

Their reactions was the same at the banquet.

They were surprised that Raymond, an incompetent Jerk, knocked down someone by swordsmanship, not magic.

Some were surprised by what happened.

Some laughed at the bully who lost to the incompetent Jerk.

No one liked Jones, who liked to show off his skills and looked down on others.

“Hey, you.”

Raymond kicked the man who was lying down in Duel Ring and pushed him out. After that he looked over the bullies and pointed at someone.

It was the one who was sitting on a chair.

Raymond pointed to the person, wondering if it was Johnson or Jones.

It seems like he didn’t expect Raymond to win.

“Come on up.”

And he wouldn’t have known Raymond will point to him next.


He snorted.

Raymond looked bullies next to him.

“No, all of you come up.”

“What? You crazy…!”

“Was he crazy about wanting to die?”

The bullies were angry at his provocation.

How can they stay still when Raymond look down on them in front of everyone?

“Ha, really…”

They couldn’t think of hastily coming up to the Duel Ring, shaking.

The bullies were worried about what if would happen to them if they go up. Raymond could see their hesitation.
So be was willing to provoke them more to break their worry.

“Why? Are you sleepy? I guess I am scary. I understand.”

“What a son…!”

“Come up.”

Raymond stared at the person who tried to swear at him.

They were people who run wild with the power of Jones on their backs.

Raymond need to step on them one by one to relieve this dirty feeling.

“Especially you there…”

Next, Raymond looked at the teacher.

“Oh… It’s okay. This happens often.”


The teacher closed his mouth. Then he looked around and nodded.

“There’s nothing I can’t do if the other person agrees.”

Fortunately, the teacher didn’t took side with anyone.

The teacher told them that it was possible.

If the bullies say they won’t go there, they will be seen as scared and wanted to run away.

Can they accept that?


If they run away here, the power of the bullies will disappear, so how can they reject it?

“Okay. If that’s what you want, we’ll do it.”

“Oh, thank you for that.”

The bullies came up to Duel Ring with wooden swords.

The teacher came down from Duel Ring and watched with his arms folded.

Raymond turned his head to the bullies and said.

“Isn’t it boring if we just beat each other up?”


“Why don’t we make a bet? If you win, I’ll do what you want. Whether it’s money or people.”

What Raymond said made them excited.

Even the students watching with the teacher were surprised.

Raymond was just throwing a bait at them.

“Since you said anything, what if I ask for something impossible ?”

“There’s nothing I can’t do.”

“What should we do when we lose?”

They bit the bait.

In the first place, Raymond didn’t want to just beat them up.

He will feel better only when they wouldn’t dare to raise their heads at the academy.

“It’s simple. You’ll crawl around the academy today and become an animal. Well, you look like a wild boar, so that would be perfect.”

They hesitated at what Raymond said.

Although they were in a group, they are thinking about what if they will lose.

Raymond provoked them again.

“Can’t do it? If you can’t, don’t do it. Am I that scary?” Raymond said while smirking.

Then they burst into anger.

“We do. We won’t say we lost because we were scared.”

“In other words, it’s a deal.”

All right, then.

Raymond smiled brightly at them.

“Why accept it?!” Jones shouted at them.

“There’s only one person anyway. He may have won by fluke, but we’re different.”


“Sleep now. If you can’t do it, get out.”

“No, it’s not! I’ll do it. I can do it!”

They held up the wooden swords.

A total of five people.

It’s neither a lot nor a small number.

Raymond looked around, everyone thought he would lose.

He was an incompetent Jerk and they were experienced on sword.

Above all, it was impossible for one person to beat five people in their common sense.


They came running towards Raymond.

They want to defeat him as soon as possible.

He looked at the attack quietly.


It was so slow that Raymond yawned.

Rather, it was not a threat to the extent then dealing with Orc.

Raymond dodge and hit their head.

He grabbed the shoulder of the fallen man screaming and pushed his aside.


The bully, who had been making a surprise attack, collided with the pushed man and fell down.


He swung a wooden sword and knocked them out the same way as Jones.


He reached out to the person running while screaming.

The wooden sword swung in the air, and Raymond hand grabbed the man’s head and stamped it on the ground.

“What, what?”

The other two hesitated in embarrassment.

Raymond ran to them and swung the wooden sword from bottom to top because it was a waste of time to wait.

There was a sound of a bone breaking, and they fell down like broken doll.

The last one.

Jones looked at him with trembling eyes.

Raymond slowly approached him and swung the wooden sword.

Thighs, sides, and forehead.

Raymond stabbed him fast. If it was a true sword, the skull would have penetrated as it was.

He looked away from the falling man and looked at the Mahol.

Raymond showed him a twinkling smile as Mahol stared at him blankly.

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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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