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DQAAO Chapter 3.2- Not going back(2)

Hello everyone, hopefully you enjoyed your holy week! I went to beach together with my family that’s why I couldn’t update this part of the chapter.

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One word from him was enough. My demonics siblings finally stopped acting and showed their true colors.

My stomach twisted and the back of my neck was stiff. On a cold winter day in my room, the atmosphere became colder than the evening air.

I was surrounded by ten years old children, but I felt surrounded by killers.

In fear and embarrassment, I couldn’t say anything. Now that I think about it, I was a fool. It was not for me to shamelessly ask back what he meant.

On the other hand, the other three were calm. It is no wonder they noticed that each other became strange.

Of course, they knew it because they showed off their existence openly. But there was a huge difference in position between them and me. I am the prey and they were the predators.

My brother, who made shocking remarks, did not change his expression and spoke after.

“My previous life was a Ruler of Murim.”

It was a warning.

“Saying my identity, I had given my trust. We all live in the same nest and will not fight like baby birds. But if you ignore the way I trusted you, you’d better be prepared.”

Were those words that can come out of a ten-year-old child’s mouth?
In my previous life, I had met his kind several times on Earth. Each of them looks like barbarians. Prejudice is bad, but they were like scoundrels.

In fact, until then, I thought my first brother was the craziest. I was not aware of the dangers coming from my sisters. Even if I didn’t remembered my past life, I knew at a glance they weren’t good people.

“Your threats are so cute.”

My second sister was smiling, but her eyes were full of madness.

“If we ignore it? Did you really think you can threaten me?”

The surrounding space fluttered. Heavenly Sky Eye makes me see something normal people couldn’t see. At the moment, I saw nine tails rising behind my sister’s back.

“Ha! Are you a super god? How dare you. It would be nice to set the rank now before you grow further.”

Against her, my older brother showed his strength. If an ordinary person saw it, they would looked like ten-year-old children bickering in the room.

But it was clearly engraved in my eyes. The heat rising from my older brother’s body began to take on the shape of a red dragon. Experience is valuable. From the experiences of numerous crises in my previous life, I felt that death was just in front of me.

“This, this…”

‘You punks.’ I was going to say that.

If I was going to talk anyway, I thoughtshould have cursed at least.

Fortunately, however, my third sister spoke faster. Despite the fight between the two monsters, she spoke quietly with a calm voice without changing her expression.

“If you fight here, the house will collapse.”

During a fight between ten-year-old siblings, the blue pillar of the empire, Duke Reinberg, collapses.

It didn’t feel like a joke at all.

Even at the words of my third sister, the two idiots seemed to still fighting. It seems like the two forces are about to clash. If I get caught up between them, I’ll definitely die.

“Ranista, Melissa…”

It was then.

“Our mother will be sad.”

As soon as they heard the word mother, my siblings quickly calmed down. The blazing volcano quickly turned into a dormant volcano.

Their earlier interaction of fighting each other to death seemed like a lie. I couldn’t easily believe their appearance. Does it mean that they still have filial piety even if they remember their past life in an instant and change?

It was fortunate that I tried to stick with emotions.

“Anyway, I agree. You’ll know everything over time anyway, I am just making sure. I’m not interested in you guys.”

“I am the Queen of the Demon World. Looking at how manipulative my third sister is, I assume your are one those b*tchy holy creatures.”

“I have no reason to hide myself.”

As expected, it was hard to understand. Do crazy people have something in common? The three of them seemed to have signed their own agreement after beating around the bush. Now, while looking at the situation, all of them looked at me.

“Who were you?”

Who am I? ‘I am just a normal Boy.’

When I couldn’t answer easily, my second sister laughed. She didn’t laugh because she thought it was fun.

“Still wanting to hide it?”

“I said my identity because I know I can’t hide it.”

I thought the situation was very unnatural. Even now, I still don’t understand. Why are they all confessing each of their identities and being crazy? One thing I’m sure of is that they each have a different purposes. I had to answer in front of the eyes of these snakes.

Saying that I don’t remember the past life, it’s not the right option.

The firstborn is from Murim, the secondborn is from the Demon World, and the thirdborn is from heaven (really?).
Now it’s my turn. I can’t tell it to them straightforwardly that I am a human from earth who they chewed, and tasted in their previous lives.

Should I say that I am a spy for the defense forces against the invaders? That would be the death of me. Perhaps I could answer them with my trivial sense of humor that I couldn’t throw away in embarrassment and fear.


I didn’t say anything anymore, and fortunately, they didn’t ask more questions.

* * *

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I don’t remember in detail what happened after that. I only know that it was a series of chaos.

A long story short, we talked about what could be the possible reasons why we were born as siblings and then we ended with a blood oath.
-We will not interfere with each other’s affairs.
-Don’t fight.
– Violation of the oath will result in retaliation.
-if you think it’s reasonable, with all the consent of the siblings, a duel would be possible…

I will never believed that these rules would be followed. We all wondered why we were born as siblings, but I knew.

They are the seeds of destruction so it is natural that birds with the same feathers flocked together. The question is why I was born with them. I’m an innocent and kind person.

They continued bickering with each other since the oath and did not hide their identity at all, unfortunately I was able to get more information about them while listening to their conversation.

I wouldn’t have run away if they were simply crazy people who remembered their past lives.

First, Ranista Quilz Reinberg.

His past life was the ruler of Murim, who invaded the Earth, a man that can go against thousands, the king of destruction.

The strongest in Murim, which unified all five major houses of Magyo, Hyeolgyo, Ilwol Shingyo, and Gupilebang.

Famous for slaughtering dozens of S-class hunters, causing a catastrophic global disaster.

Second, Melissa Quilz Reinberg.

The Queen of the Demon world, the Nine Tailed Fox. It is said that she lived longer than the oldest civilization. She lead the Demons who invaded the Earth.
The natural enemy of the Modern weapons, dealing with all kinds of magic. They were an important factor which made the army useless to the invaders of the world. As nuclear weapons became useless, mankind became dependent on the ‘Hunters’.

Third, Wooshas Quilz Reinberg.

From heaven? Among the invaders, they are not well known, but evaluated as the most monstrous that caused the most damage.
When they arrived they gave blessed people with their holy power, due to that there are traitors who have turned their backs on the humans. The allied forces collapsed. There was an outbreak of a religious war.
Humans, who were once united against one enemy, pointed swords at each other’s necks. The cause was the appearance of angel, or their so-called goddess.

In short, among the people who invaded the Earth, they are the monsters who have caused the most damage to mankind and have driven terrible ruin. No Earthman knows them as well as I do. And I felt even more despair because I knew them so well.

I was a spy and competent officer of the East Asian Defense Forces who fought against invaders in my previous life.

Every time I remembered what kind of people they were from my previous life, I shuddered.

Strangely enough, I didn’t remember how I died in my previous life, but it must be related to them. I even remember being forced to participate in an unreasonable operation.

Well, honestly, I didn’t have any resentment left now. In my previous life, I was an orphan, had no friends or lovers, and was a man who lived just for the sake of living, as I do now.

There was no hard feelings of revenge. What I just wanted was to be born splendidly as the youngest son of a duke, and unlike in my previous life, I wanted to live a long life in peace and happiness.

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Duke’s Quadruplets Are All Overpowered

Duke’s Quadruplets Are All Overpowered

공작가 네 쌍둥이는 모두 먼치킨
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Quadruplets were born in the Reinberg family! All the children were unusual. The firstborn was the ruler of Murim. The second was Demon’s ruler. The third was an angel that descended from heaven. They were all the invaders who tried to invade Earth in their previous lives, “Who were you?” As the youngest, I… “Cantavia” I was someone that protected the Earth.


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