A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP

A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 20

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While Sung-hyun is looking around the sword.

There was a brief silence, and everyone’s eyes turned to Sunghyun.

Three probationary hunters led us just now. However, he is now waiting for his words as an E-level hunter.

“It’s hard to say that this is the end of the monster’s appearance. I think it’s better to go directly into the dungeon.”

“What? But wouldn’t it be safer to just wait here for help and hang in there as long as you can?”

Surprised by Sung-hyun’s words, Hunter asked.

“Even if it’s an E-dungeon, it’ll take two or three hours to break through this kind of chain. It’s hard to keep up with the citizens.”

“But rather than fighting inside the dungeon, you’d better keep the entrance as close as you can…….”

“No, I’m sure it hasn’t been a few minutes since the dungeon started. But if you look at the fact that it’s already pouring out, the tendency of the dungeon itself is specialized in sending out monsters. Haven’t you been trained to do this?”


Hunters nodded as if they were convinced only then.

Then Sung-hyun continued.

“Then three of you are guarding the entrance just in case. I’ll go after the dungeon by myself.”

“What? That’s not going to work, though! It’s a matter of life!”

“That’s right. No matter how much an E-Hunter is, it’s ridiculous that you’re going to destroy the dungeon by yourself. All I can say is let’s all die together.”

This time, quite tough opposition came back.

Furthermore, other citizens who were listening to the story also roared.

It was also not an easy story to accept.


Sung-hyun scratched his head.

Obviously, in general terms, they were right a hundred times, so I had nothing to say.

Then I had to change the plan a little bit.

“Okay, then come with me. We have other important business today, so let’s do it quickly.”


Sung-hyun and Hunters entered the entrance to the dungeon.

Small to medium size.

It was less than an eye for an ant compared to the crazy dungeon in the basement of Sung-hyun’s house, but it would be a pretty big dungeon among the dungeons that probationary hunters could encounter.


There was a sound of swallowing the saliva coming from the nervous probationary hunters.

It was even more overwhelming because it had to be solved thoroughly with Hunters’ own power without outside help.

“Here it comes. Everyone, focus.”

After hearing a very fine sound, Sung-Hyun, the first to notice, lifted the sword.

Clap! Clapping!

Sure enough, Skeleton flocked from the corner.

Sung-Hyun ran first and swung the sword fiercely against the surging skull.

Then the probationary hunters came to their senses and participated in the battle together.


An endless flock of skeletons

Originally, it was an unaffordable number, but as Sung-Hyun attcked from the center, probationary hunters followed suit.

Sung-Hyun was killing several times more monsters than the other three hunters did.

It’s been about 10 minutes since they went through the dungeon.

‘Wow, if he got this much, you’re supposed to level up at least once.….’

But the message never came out.

Sung-hyun was now accompanied by suffocating frustration to hunt in a dungeon where there was no bonus of eight times the experience.

At this rate, even if he pushes the dungeon alone, there will be no level-up.

Even though he used it without any inconvenience before, he can’t go back to cheap earphones after using hundreds of thousands of won worth of earphones. (Idiom which means after using something expensive, he can’t get away from the feeling of the higher-quality the most expensive gives.)

The reverse sense of dungeon was tremendous.

“I never thought I’d miss my dungeon.”



Sung-Hyun, who was muttering quietly, shook his hand urgently.

I can’t believe I’m muttering to myself during a battle like this.

Even though they were probationary, they forgot that they were hunters for a short time.

It was fortunate that he didn’t hear it properly, and Sung-Hyun speeded up and caught the monsters.


After kicking the stone gate, Sung-Hyun was able to enter a huge empty room.

“Huh? What? There’s nothing here.”

“Maybe there’s no boss monster.”

“But they say that’s often the case at low grades.”

“Phew, that’s a relief. I thought I was going to die.”

It was the last place to enter, but there were no monsters.

As a result, the probationary hunters were relieved.

But Sung-Hyun didn’t relax his guard.

“Don’t let your guard down. Without the boss monster, there’s often a mix of different patterns.”

“A different pattern? What are you talking about?”

“…I’ll explain it to you next time.”

He don’t know which guild they are being educated at, but the level of education is terrible.

‘Well, maybe this is the end. That’s all we have to do.’

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