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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 18

“It may be helpful to clean up the forest quickly, but we don’t have to rush because we still have plenty of time.”

They are the monsters of the fraudulent dungeon, which can gain as much as eight times more experience.

It was better to extract the maximum amount of experience you can grow and eat.


At that time, the spear that Sunghyun was holding was broken.

This is his spear that was taken from a goblin and used many times.

It was not so elaborately made in the first place and it did not survive after a series of fierce battles.

‘I need to get a new weapon. We can’t fight with this spear forever.’

As a weapon of different dimensions, there was no problem with simply cutting the bones and flesh of monsters.

However, it was not a good weapon for Hunter, who had to hunt monsters professionally.

‘I was hoping I could get the boss and get the weapons. The plan went awry… I’m gonna go get some weapons.’

Sung-Hyun threw the broken spear away.

“I’ll be right back. You keep hunting.”


Leaving his nodding Geard behind, Sung-Hyun headed to the passage of the dungeon.

I thought it would be a comfortable outing after a long time.

“Hua, how long has it been since I’ve been free?”

Sung-Hyun, who got out of the car, stretched with a refreshed look.

He didn’t know it was this happy to be able to walk around outside without worrying about his life.

It was as if a big load had been taken out.

‘It’s connected to the Geard in the Dungeon, so I can tell right away if anything happens. All I have to do is find a weapon at ease.’

He can’t feel any nervousness at all.

However, the place where Sung-Hyun got off now was not an indefinite store.

It was an underground parking lot of a large supermarket in the neighborhood.

‘Well, I’ll stop by somewhere before that. I have to eat well.’

It was to get food ingredients that had been falling apart due to failure to go out properly.

It’s a good thing that the refrigerator was empty.

As I came out after a long time, I was going to pack it up so that I didn’t have to stop by for a while.

Sung-Hyun, who entered the mart, relaxed and put this and that.

After paying, Sung-hyun came out with the full cart.

He went into a place where there was no attention from people and stuffed the purchased items into the inventory.

‘It goes in really well.’

The use of the inventory function eliminates the need for car trunks and shopping carts.

Aside from its usefulness as a hunter, it was also a very convenient ability in real life.

“Okay, food worries are over.”

Sung-hyun, who finally put in the last item, shook his hand.

His undead men didn’t need anything to eat, so he only had to care about his own food.

Feeding hundreds, his spine would have bent and broken, but because he didn’t need it, he felt relieved.


Sung-hyun, who came down from the elevator, walked out.

“Let’s see… which one was E-4. “

Sung-Hyun, who was briefly agonizing between the two entrances next to each other, naturally turned his eyes to the buzzing sound.

There are quite a few people on one side of the parking lot.

It was a different atmosphere from when he arrived at the parking lot earlier.

‘…something’s off the charts.’

Feeling a strange smell, Sung-Hyun frowned slightly.

He had experienced this atmosphere a few times, and he approached people with a bad feeling.

“Hey, what are you doing there? Get out of the car!”

“I can’t go! It’s blocked!”

“Hey, what’s going on? I can’t get out!”

A row of cars and people gathered together were buzzing.

People and vehicles are in the way of something.

Sung-Hyun couldn’t go any further physically as if he were blocked by a transparent wall.

Not only the emergency stairs, but also the passageways to and from cars were blocked.

‘This isn’t going to be….’

Turning his head, Sung-Hyun ran to the elevator he had been in.

Knock, knock, knock!

However, no matter how hard he pressed it, the light of the button didn’t come on.

Finally, the elevator was all blocked.

“Everyone, look at this!”

At that time, a frightened man’s voice was heard.

As the frightened people approached him, they could see one side of the parking lot’s wall was open.

The entrance to the dungeon that exudes creepy energy.

“Move, A dungeon!”

“Dungeon showed up?”

People quickly fell into confusion.

From a child who started crying to a middle-aged man who ran away with an emergency stairway that was already blocked.

Sungh-yun’s expression wasn’t good either.

‘isolated dungeons that lock up nearby areas…Damn it, the most troublesome dungeon ever got caught.’

The transparent wall surrounding it was the “characteristic of dungeons.”

It was also a very troubling characteristic for hunters who had to attack because they could not enter from outside.

‘Let’s check first.’

Sung-hyun looked at the entrance of the dungeon through the people who were in confusion.


[Bone Oyster]

[Dungeon Rating – E]

[Size – Small and Medium]

The message that came before him.

At least, the dungeon was not highly rated.

Therefore, only one floor of the underground parking lot was within the scope of the settlement.

However, for those inside, a narrow range of connections could be even more desperate.

Hunter had to exist among fewer people.

“Is Hunter here by any chance? It’s a dungeon!”

“Please come out!”

The cries of those who are even desperate

Perhaps their desperation touched three men who walked out of the crowd.

Everyone wore a sword around their waist.

“Everyone, calm down! We’ll protect you!”

“It’s a relief…….”

People were relieved that Hunter appeared.

However, they did not look so confident in Sung-hyun’s eyes.

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A Dungeon Beneath My House Let Me Gain 800% EXP

A Dungeon Beneath My House Let Me Gain 800% EXP

Beneath my house lies a dungeon that let me gain 800% EXP, I can gain 800% more EXP on the dungeon beneath my house
Score 6.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
A dungeon suddenly appeared in the basement of my house. A super-large dungeon of SSS+ rating that was never shown in history.


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So far this is a good book.

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Thanks for the chapter.

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thanks for the chapters

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