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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 17

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Goblin moved in unison following Sung-Hyun’s instructions.

He was constructing a building in the forest, using straw and wood.

It was in the process of rebuilding the Goblin village.

Summoners of a typical necromancer are bound to disappear after a certain period of time.

However, the goblin of Sung-Hyun was different.

It was impossible to always carry a group of Goblin this size, and there had to be a place for them to stay in their daily lives.

The Goblin villages were scattered all over the place, but it was rejected.

Spacing away makes management cumbersome and other important purposes.

“Well… okay, I don’t think there’s anything more disturbing than before. At least the sloppy monsters won’t be able to approach it by chance.”

Sung-Hyun looked at the forest overlooking the hill.

Goblin villages, which were concentrated around them, were seen everywhere.

This was strictly in accordance with Sung-Hyun’s instructions.

Several Hobgoblin were selected separately to guard the entrance to the passageway.

The rest were then densely populated in the central area to protect the forest near the aisle.

The reason for the tight positioning of the goblin at the entrance of the dungeon towards the house and its surrounding area was simple.

When Sung-Hyun was away, he needed the means to protect the passage from monsters.

The situation has completely changed since the moment Sung-Hyun was away, the passage was empty and exposed to danger.

I was able to move freely without having to tremble in anxiety-like before, and I felt as confident as if someone was guarding my back.

‘Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re completely off guard. Goblin is not a very strong monster.’

I forgot to some extent because I was dealing with only Goblins in the forest, but now he is in the SSS+ grade dungeon.

He didn’t know when a scary monster would appear outside common sense.

And he had to be strong as soon as possible to prevent such mishaps.



Geard turned his head to Sung-Hyun’s call.

A violent monster-like creature with a threatening presence.

He actually tried to crush Sung-Hyun.

However, he became a loyal subordinate after reviving his characteristic power.

Even now, he was following behind Sung-Hyun like a bodyguard.

“Let’s go. There’s work to be done.”


Goblins, who had been ambushed all over the forest, rushed in.

The weapons of the angry Goblins stretched out aiming at Sung-Hyun’s neck.

However, Sung-Hyun, who lightly tilted his body, avoided their attack.

At the same time, he swung the spear and cut off their necks.

‘I knew there would be a lot, but… I don’t think it’ll end in a day or two.’

Standing on the bodies of Goblin, Sung-Hyun shook the blood off the spear.

Bloodstains spread all over his clothes because he had killed quite a lot of them.

The reason why Sung-Hyun is fighting the Goblin was simple.

Not all Goblins were on his side yet.

Except for the Goblins who came under him, the remnants of Goblins remained throughout the forest.

There were some who voluntarily approached and became his subordinate, but there were others who resisted the human being, Sung-hyun.

Somehow the cause was not revealed, but all the monsters in the dungeon instinctively felt rejected and tried to hurt people.


Goblin, who suddenly appeared behind his back, made a surprise attack.

However, Sung-Hyun did not look back in a hurry.

Behind him was already guarded by a reliable big man.


The club of Goblin’s chief Geard was struck, and the bodies of the Goblins, which had been crushed along with the bones, were flattened.

[Summon, Geard’s level has risen!]

[“Geard” (C), the Goblin chief.]

[Grade – Monarch]

[Level – 21]

[Boss’ pressure], [Shockwave], [Potoxic]

“Oh, it’s up.”

Sung-Hyun was delighted by the new message that appeared before him.

Sung-Hyun wasn’t the only one that experienced level up while hunting monsters.

Eight times the experience value was applied to Geard.

This was because Geard was also influenced by the system of the same dungeon as Sung-Hyun’s summon.

‘Very good.’

When the Geard becomes stronger, his subordinates would become stronger.

Hundreds of Goblin soldiers were already under the command of Geard.

‘I need to grow up properly. To have a powerful force. But as long as I became a necromancer, I didn’t have to let my powers rot.’

Let’s go!

A black shadow stretched out from the Geard and permeated the bodies of the sprawling Goblin.

The Goblins, which had a black shadow, became soldiers under Geard and revived.

“First of all, you should go to a place where your own people gather. Take care of the other monsters when they’re around.”


Goblins, who nodded at Sung-Hyun’s words, moved.

Unlike Boss Monster Geard, regular goblins, who are minions, do not gain experience in hunting.

That’s why they weren’t there to deal with the Goblins in the forest.

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