A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP

A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 15

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Who wants to be with a corpse with a terrible appearance and smelly bodies instead of summons?

‘Obviously, there was no necromancer in Cheongseong. It wasn’t just about skills.’

The negative aspects that come to mind.

However, Sung-Hyun shook his head and shook his head.

“But if the circumstances and conditions are right, they’re much more powerful than other jobs. Besides, what I got was the characteristics of S grade… There must be something else.’

Sung-Hyun looked at his characteristics carefully.

The ability to revive a dead body.

Other than that, there was no other effect.

In that case, it was no different from the characteristics of ordinary C- or D-rated corpses.

Sung-hyun wonder why he was assigned a figure of S grade.

Most of the characteristics of simply manipulating corpses are Class C. It would only be B-class if it had a useful additional effect on it.

Sung-Hyun was lost in thought for a while.

The rating of characteristics was not set by humans.

Like the grade of a dungeon written in a system message, it is presented through the message from the beginning of the characteristic.

In other words, characteristics had a firm standard for the system and could not have told a lie.

‘If there’s any doubt, it’s the fastest way to use it yourself.’

Without having to think about it, Sung-Hyun decided to use his characteristics immediately.

He approached Hobgoblin, who had fallen while guarding Geard, and let his mana flow toward his body.

The sense of operating this mana was quite alien to the point where it was hard to describe.

But it was as natural as moving fingers.

[Attribute activation failed!] [Normal monsters cannot be resurrected!]

“What are you talking about? I can’t believe you can’t resurrect the monster. So what does Necromancer want you to revive?”

Sung-hyun, who was embarrassed, hardened into place.

Seong-Hyun, who triggered the characteristics in anticipation of what additional effects will be.

But he didn’t expect the resurrection to fail.

‘No, I don’t think the S-rated characteristics will ever fail. Wait, I don’t think so.

At that time, Sung-Hyun, who suddenly thought of something, turned his eyes.

What caught his eye was the sprawling body of the boss, Monster Geard.

If “normal monsters” were not possible, it might work for boss monsters.

With the thought of approaching the body, Sung-Hyun stretched out his arm, and the black mana flowing out of him circled and flowed into the body of the Geard.

Let’s go!

Geard’s body started to wriggle in response to mana.

Soon after, a dark shadow suddenly poured out of Sunghyun’s body and swallowed Geard’s body.


The geard, who absorbed the black shadow, got up on his hand.

[S-class trait Shadow Monarch has been invoked!] [The Goblin chief, Geard, has become your authority.]

“Well, did I really bring back the boss monster?”

Sung-Hyun looked up at Geard blankly.

Necromancer’s manipulation of dead bodies is a story that applies only to ordinary monsters.

In the case of boss monsters, no matter how many bodies there were, the necromancers could not control them.

However, Sung-Hyun broke the basic common sense at once.


Standing up, Geard made eye contact with Sung-Hyun.

He stood in front of Sung-Hyun with a reliable physique.

Until a while ago, they did not look like monsters who fought to kill each other.

Above all, he didn’t look like the body that Necromancer revived.

There was no foul odor, and the body was not decomposed.

He looked as if he were still alive.

Except for the faint black shadows around the body.

“Something has changed dramatically, but… Other than that, I don’t feel any difference.”

Sung-Hyun was impressed by it’s impressive appearance.

It blinked and moved in good condition, so it was not thought to be a dead body at all.

If this black energy was not visible, it would not be strange to think of it as a normal summoner.

[S-class characteristics The effect of the Shadow King gives your servant a permanent second life.]

You can summon a servant anytime, anywhere.


Obviously, the maintenance time of the body summoned by Necromancer was very short.

However, Sung-hyun was the only exception.

With his strength, Geard will not collapse over time.

Once revived, the body gets a second life and is permanently active.

It was unconventional to raise the boss monster up, but he overcame one of Necromancer’s biggest weaknesses, the duration.

“What nonsense are you capable of… Oh, instead, we should give up on one of Necromancer’s greatest strengths. With this characteristic, regular monsters cannot be resuscitated.’

It was like a necromancer to turn an enemy into his own, but a few Summoners themselves were similar to a normal Summoner.

Of course, it was not an ordinary summon, but an enemy boss monster, so it was a different story.

None of the attributes or classes, as well as the necromancer, could use the boss monster.

A message window appeared in front of Sung-hyun, who approached Geard.

It was a screen that was not visible when it was an enemy, but now he could see his status window because he revived it as his subordinate.

“Did he become my summon and influenced by the status window characteristics? If I can look at the status window and the level, we can grow together.’

Summons who can continue to grow.




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