A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP

A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 12

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Kang Il-hoon and Hwang Il-woo went back into the store.

The chaotic bar was full of bodies of quartz guild members.

Among them, only the life of the guild leader was still barely attached.

It was because the Seokyoung Guild had to receive the money it had been fearlessly paid back, and there was still something left to talk about.

“What’s going on with you all of a sudden?”

Meanwhile, walk side by side with Kang Il-hoon was Hwang Il-woo, who met each other on their own way.

I was very curious about the reason why I called myself, so it was hard to hold back the question.

Then Kang Il-hoon slowly opened his mouth.

“I heard that Lee Sung-hyun was recently kicked out of the guild… I’m asking if it has anything to do with you.”

“Ah… it has nothing to do with me. Didn’t you hear that? Mr. Lee, was the one who made a big mistake.”

Hwang Il-woo replied with a smirk.

I didn’t expect Kang Il-hoon to bring up a story about Lee Sung-hyun, who was recently kicked out of the guild.

Well, there was nothing strange about asking because he was caught up in a pretty big issue.

“B rank, you cut off the arms of a top prospect by mistake… I think it’s a good thing you’ve been kicked out.”

“But he wasn’t the one to make that mistake.”

“Oh, you’re in charge of Kang Hunter, too?”


“Well, you don’t know. There were so many variables in the dungeon, whether it was unlucky that day. Maybe he was a terrible human being than he looked.”

Kang Il-hoon’s expression frowned slightly when he heard him.

However, Hwang Il-woo naturally continued to talk to the end even though he noticed something.

“You’re saying I have nothing to do with you anyway?”

“Yes, not at all. Otherwise, we were talking about Mr. Lee. I’m sorry that he was so good at cleaning my shit even though he was beaten up sometimes, but it suddenly disappeared…….”

Boom boom!

A wall was smashed with a loud noise.

“What is this…….”

“Shut up.”


Hwang Il-woo’s body, which was caught by the neck, was lifted up.

He couldn’t breathe properly.

It was an overwhelming difference in strength

He was a talented man who would not be embarrassed anywhere by the C-level Hunter, but he was just a jaw-dropper here.

“Well, both of you, calm down……!”

The surprised employee tried to stop the two reflexively.


However, he was speechless because of Kang Il-hoon’s fierce eyes.

The indescribable pressure caused the employee to fall back and fall on his hip.

In the first place, the general public could not have intervened and stopped the quarrel between the hunters.

“Oh, my God. Is this really about Mr. “I’ve heard that you’re a freak with a non-wakening personality, but I didn’t think you’d really be.”

“Don’t let the staff look like bugs. At least he didn’t parachute in like you.”


Kang Ilhoon’s words hit the nail on the head.

Hwang Il-woo’s face was flushed when he was humiliated in front of other hunters.

“If you do this, you’ll have to take care of it.”….”


Kang Il-hoon slammed Hwang Il-woo into the wall.

The concrete walls were dented, and cracks sprang up everywhere.

“Do you think I care about Hwang Seok-il’s brother? I didn’t like the fact that a C-class hunter was installed in Cheongseong in the first place.”


Hwang Il-woo twisted his body and gasped in the blocked breath.

If Kang Il-hoon tighten his hands a little more like this, Hwang Il-woo’s neck bone will break.


The other Hunters of Cheongseong were just watching the scene.

Even if he didn’t show it, he didn’t like to go around with C-rank’s parachute.

But above all, there was a separate reason.

Kang Il-hoon and Hwang Ilwoo.

In the first place, the difference in the position of the two in the guild was so clear that it was not enough for them to step up and stop them.

“Do you want me to break your neck like this? Hunter won’t die right away, but he won’t be seen for a while.”

“Come on, wait…!”


When he warmed up, Hwang Il-woo’s body fell to the floor.

Hwang Il-woo, whose neck turned red, giggled and nauseated.

“A pathetic fellow.”

Kang Il-hoon, who did not hide his derogatory tone, left the scene.

Hunters in Cheongseong also followed behind Hwang Il-woo.

“Oh, shit.”

Hwang Il-woo, who was left alone, stumbled to the floor.

Hwang Il-woo was the younger brother of Hwang Seok-il, an A-class hunter and executive of Cheongseong.

Therefore, he was able to join the Cheongseong guild even though he was not an exceptionally young or talented prospect and was a C-class hunter.

‘How dare you ignore me?’

Hwang Il-woo gritted his teeth.

Even if a C-class hunter was at the level where he could not go anywhere, he could not escape from Cheongseong at the end.

Hwang Il-woo himself felt keenly the difference in skills with the guild members, although they could not ignore it openly thanks to his older brother Hwang Seok-il’s halo.

I wanted to take care of him with Hwang Seok-il’s help, but Kang Il-hoon was also an executive of Cheongseong.

He was a difficult opponent to do something through his brother.


The table in the store collapsed and smashed loudly.

He had no choice but to calm his anger now.

“Let’s see.”

Hwang Il-woo’s angry eyes glistened.

Kang Il-hoon, who came out of the building, looked cold.

He was briefly angry at Hwang Il-woo, who made fun of his mouth, but he was completely out of his interest.

“He doesn’t deserve to make such a ridiculous mistake…….”

Kang Il-hoon, who recalled Lee Sung-hyun, murmured.

He had an unexpected acquaintance with Sung-hyun.

In fact, it was difficult for ordinary employees and Hunter, who were non-awakening, to get close to each other, but at least Kang Il-hoon did not care about such things.

“I’ll have to visit you later when I have time.”

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