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Chapter 10.3- Revelation (3)

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About 20 men lined up in front of the palace.

Their appearance was shabby. They were armed with old armor and swords.

However, their eyes and spirit were sharp.

The imperial knights watching them were nervous.

“You’re out of the ordinary.”

Raymond opened his mouth with a calm look on his face at the words of Lisefield, the blue tower owner.

“They are the Knights of the Frost Shield, who have protected the empire from the northern Haipel for hundreds of years. They say they’ve been secluded in recent years, so they’re bound to be sharp.”

“Do you mean they’re the Knights of the Frosted Shield?”

“Look who’s at the center of them.”

There is a knight who lost his left arm, Gestein.

It was only then that Lisefield realized that they were lined up around Gestein.

“I’ve forgotten that Lord Gestein was the Captain of the Frosted Shield.”

“It’s okay, I’ve read in a book that older people can’t remember.”

“Your Majesty the Fifth……. Really likes to joke around.”

It wasn’t a joke, but he stopped talking moderately because in front of him there was Gestein before he knew it.

“Ffith Prince.”

As he got closer, Gestein took a step forward and bowed his head and showed courtesy.

As a knight, this was a disciplined military ordinance. The same was true for other men.

They held a salute to the fifth prince in unison.

“It’s a little late.”

Unlike before, his eyes were now filled with respect towards the fifth Prince. 

“Have you recovered your lost sword skills?”

“It’s not intact yet, but I can swing the sword again.”

Losing his left arm ended his life as a Knight. He failed to kill those who betrayed him and abandoned him, also he couldn’t even kill himself.

But now he has recovered some of his lost swords skills. Right now, it’s nothing compared to before, but this is enough.

He was beginning to see hope for a full recovery.

“It’s all thanks to the Fifth Prince.”

Gestain bowed his head once again. Shortly after he was convinced that he had regained his sword skills, he vowed to dedicate everything to the Fifth so he showed the utmost courtesy he could.

As a former high-ranking knight, he was well versed in etiquette.

Raymond thought it was too much, but he doesn’t have to say it now.

Hee can fix it gradually. More important than that was Gestein and about 20 men standing behind him.

‘You are not planning to set me a trap don’t you?’’

Half of the imperial knights here are from the three princes, but even if they were told to step down, they would try not to fall more than a certain distance under the pretext of stability.

At present, there is no place for more than 20 people to hold a secret meeting at the Fifth Imperial Palace.

‘But it’ll be different soon.’

The gaze on the imperial knights, which were mixed with the three princes, cooled off.

About 20 talented knights will now join, so the inside of the Fifth Imperial Palace can be guarded only by the Secre Squad.

The scope of being able to act secretly has increased significantly.

“Sir Gestein.”

“Yes, Your Grace the Fifth.”

“Is the Order of the Frosted Shield coming under my command?”

Sure enough, a smile was spreading around Gestein’s mouth.

“You knew it was the Order of the Frosted Shield, you were indeed the Fifth Prince.”

“Don’t let it go too far, I’m just pointing it out. Can you answer the question rather than that?”

“Everyone has decided to follow the Fifth Prince.”

Gestein spoke with his voice as if he had declared. Among the imperial knights, the eyes of those under the command of the third prince wriggled.

Gestein and the Frosted Shield knights didn’t miss it. Each of them remembered the faces of the imperial knights who responded in their own sight like ghosts.

If he informs the fifth princes about them, his horizons will be wider.

It was a small gift with a pledge of loyalty.


He nodded with a satisfied expression. Soon the eyes were on Alex.

“Alex, give them a Secret Squad uniform and call someone from the imperial family to go through the verification process.”

Although all authority over the formation of the Secret Squad is said to be for the imperial family, it had to undergo minimal identification procedures inside the imperial family as it was to select those who stood by the imperial family with weapons.

“When Lord Gestein is in uniform, Alex will guide you to find me.”

“Yes, Your Grace the Fifth.”

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