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Chapter 10.1- Revelation (3)

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He was wise. He did not act hastily because he already knew the feeling of being betrayed.

He thought the fifth prince might lie, so he expressed his intention to join after regaining his sword skills.

A knight who swore allegiance but was eventually betrayed.

The Fifth prince, Raymond nodded silently because he could guess how hurt he must be.

“When I regain my lost sword skills, I must join your secret squad. I swear on my sword.”

The oath of the knight. It might be simple but this is a heavy oath that must be followed.

“Old man.” Raymond quietly called the blue-tower.

“Yes, Your Grace the Fifth.”

Lisefield, bowed his head as he approached.

“Give it to Lord Gestein.”

“Yes, sir.”

It opened in the open space. When Lisefield gestured lightly, an old book escaped and was placed in front of Gestein, a middle-aged knight.

“What is this?”

“This is a written sword test. You have a talent for swordsmanship, so you can learn by yourself.”

“Of course.”

Several complicated feelings were buried in Gestein’s gaze toward the sword book at the foot.

‘Is that a single-armed sword skill written down in that sword book? Is that what the Fifth Prince refers to? Maybe he’s lying?’

Various thoughts were mixed up as he was surrounded by the confusion.

“I think you have a lot of doubts. If you don’t believe it, read it first.”

There was anxiety and suspicion. 

Raymond recommended confidently. He was sure any talented person like Gestein would change mind as soon as he opened the sword book.

“I’ll read it.”

Gestain briefly laid down the sword and opened the sword book.

“Hey, this is….”

It’s a reaction as I expected. I managed to endure the smile spreading around my mouth. It’s going as planned.

“Do you feel it?”

Raymond asked a question, but there was no answer for a long time. Instead, Gestein was searching through the pages of the sword book like a haunted man.

He was about to be sucked into a book.

“Fifth Prince, where did you get this?”

He trained the sword for over 30 years. He had never heard of such a sword skill before so naturally he got curious.

“I’ll let you know that slowly.”

It was better to keep silent because it was clear that if he told a lie, Gestein would notice and doubt him, and that he would not believe it even if he honestly told the truth.

“I’ll give you three months. Can you get back the sword skill that you lost?”

Gestein was a talented Knight who could rise to the level of Swordmaster.

Raymond thought it wouldn’t take long to get back his lost sword skills.

“Enough, Your Grace the fifth.”

“I’ll look forward to the day you come to me.”

Finishing his speech, he turned away from Gestein. Alex and Lisefield followed as they began to step toward the Slum’s Fortress.

“I didn’t know Lord Gestein would be in the slums.”

Gestein, the captain of the Frosted Shield, was one of the few high-ranking knights and was a celebrity in the Empire.

It was also widespread that he was betrayed, but everyone involved was silent because the other party involved was from the powerhouse.

“He must have wanted to get out of the mountain duke’s grasp.”

That’s probably why he hid in the slums of the capital.

“How did you know the Five Princes?”

“I have my ways.”Raymond doesn’t have to tell them. They wouldn’t believe him even if he told them.

“May I ask you a question, Your Grace the Fifth?”

Alex, who had been quiet so far, couldn’t resist his curiosity and spoke carefully.

“If only I could answer.”

“May I know why you have him for three months?”

He must have been very curious when he skipped etiquette and asked questions.

“The feast to celebrate the victory of the Great War.”


“I’m going to throw off the stigma of being an asshole there.”

Yeah, everything will start at the banquet in three months.

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