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Chapter 9.3- Revelation (2)

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After going out of the Imperial City, Raymond headed to the slums with Lisefield. Behind them was Alex, who wore a sword unexpectedly, followed.

‘The Slums are more dangerous than you think. So take one more prosecutor to escort.’

It was a condition offered by Lesefield. However, the imperial knight he has was not reliable so he only took Alex with him.

Though he doesn’t seem to be a reliable fella, Alex still has a Knight Level of strength that has passed down from his family.

In addition, there was a high-ranking wizard, so his escorts are sufficient.

“This is the slum.” Lisefield spoke in a very small voice.

“It’s much worse than I thought.”

He had read in the setup book that describes the situation of the slums in the capital of the Pilias, but it’s the first time he had ever seen them like this.

“I didn’t expect this.”

Crows were sitting on the bodies scattered all over. There were many people who had fallen to their death. A terrible smell pricks the tip of their nose.

He had no choice but to frown. It’s not because he think it’s dirty. It’s because it’s a pity that he can’t help them.

“Fifth prince, Your Grace…….”

Alex looked around. He looked straight ahead without saying a word.

“Let’s go.”

He hurried to get out of here quickly. How much deeper did he need to get into the slums?

Unlike Raymond and Lisefield, who looked relatively relaxed, Alex was seeing his surroundings and touching the blade.

“We’re here.”

There was an old cottage in front. And there he saw a middle-aged man without his left arm.

The man, who was staring up at the sky blankly, turned his head toward Raymond and his group.

“Two wizards and one knight. What brings you to this shabby place?”

Is that because he was a high-ranking knight? He was caught at a glance. Looking to the side, Lisefield seems a little surprised. Because he was hiding his power after all.

“Captain of the Order of the Frosted Shield, Gestein.”

“Do you even know my name?”

Before he knew it, there was a sword in his right hand. He didn’t even know when it got there.

Alex was surprised and stepped forward, and Lisefield pulled Mana up with a nervous face.

“Even though I’ve lost my left arm, it won’t be easy to get ahead of me.”

“Don’t you want to go back?”

Instead of hearing an answer, he continued without stopping.

“Don’t you want to regain your lost sword skills?”

“Is that possible?”

Gestein began to show interest.

“I lost my left arm. I don’t know if there’s any skill for a single-armed swordsman, so there’s no way I can do proper swordsmanship.”

“There is such a sword skill.”

You didn’t know that, but you can know a sword skill from the ancient times.

“Let’s reveal who I am.”


Laughing, he pulled the hood back. And Raymond took out a ring of the Fifth Prince symbol.

‘This should be enough.’

Sure enough, Gestain recognized the ring of the Fifth Prince.

“I’m the Fifth Prince, Raymond Pilius. I will help you regain your lost sword skills.”

“Is that possible?”

His voice is full of doubts. Gestein’s eyes were also not favorable. Indeed, he was betrayed and lost his left arm by the Lord, who swore allegiance.

“I’ve come to see you, Baron Heinkel, but I haven’t found any other way.”

Gestein Heinkel, one of the last Swordmasters of the Pilius Empire, he was one of the five disciples of the Northern Lords. No one thought he would have gone all the way to the far north with an uncomfortable body.

“Will you follow me if I let you regain your lost sword skills?”

“Is that the price?”

Instead of answering Gestein’s question, he nodded.

“Then I’d be happy to follow.”

Raymond smiled at the answer.

‘I know how to get Gestain’s lost sword skills back. I know all the settings, so there’s no way I don’t know. This gives us the future Swordmaster.’

Taking away the main character’s helpers, the plan is going smoothly.

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