Chapter 9.1- Revelation (2)

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“Should I say that myself? I want to hear you say it yourself.”

Raymond said in a sharp voice. Desia opened her small red lips, perhaps because she thought it was not wrong.

“Fifth Prince, is it true that you have reached the rank of a junior wizard in a week?”

‘Was that what she was curious about? It’s just as I expected. Desia Helly, she is of the lineage of a sage wizard. I know that fact myself.’

‘Dessia Helly moves with a deep longing for the level of the Sage Wizard.’

In order to revive the collapsed family, she must become a sage.

Three years after she learned magic, she was regarded as a genius wizard just around the corner, but she thought she was still lacking.

In the meantime, he met the fifth prince and lost.

‘I know the answer she wants.’

It’s really simple.

“Are you asking me if it’s true that I’ve reached the level of a junior wizard in a week?”

She opened her mouth with a calm expression as she slightly expressed her positive intention by nodding her head.

“That’s true. I fought you about a week after I learned proper magic.”

That’s the answer she wants. Also it was the truth.

“Fifth Prince, how did you do that?”

It sounded rude to the royal family, but it doesn’t matter.

Raymond could read her desire for high ground from her eyes.

“Do you want to know?” He asked quietly.

Desia nodded silently. At the end of his straight gaze, there was a smiling fifth prince.

What is so interesting about it?

“You don’t want to tell me for free, right?”Desia’s face hardened when she recalled another title for the fifth prince.

‘The Prince of Foolishness.’

He may make an unreasonable demand.

‘But if I could get to a higher level…….’

“Do whatever you want.”

“Be my man, Desia Helly. I want you to join the soon-to-be-organized Secret Squad.”

“I’m just a Junior-level wizard with the power of an mid-level wizard.”

No matter how absurd it may be, the position is like that for a Royal Guard. Is there any need for a Mid-Level Wizard? Desia thought so.

“Don’t be mistaken.”

The atmosphere has changed.

“I’m not suggesting to a wizard who’s about to be in the Mid-Level.”

The air freezes cold.

“I’m suggesting to Desia Helly, the lineage of the Great Wizard.”

“Oh, how…….”

“Does it matter now?”

There’s something else important.

“I can turn you into a Great Wizard. I can help you raise your family.”

If we’re together,

“I’ll make sure you’ll become a great wizard.”

Desia closed her eyes quietly at the suggestion.

“I told you, I keep my word.”

The fifth prince, who has achieved great achievements of becoming a Junior-Level Wizard within a week, even though Lisefield has handed down the “secret transmission” He is still greater than a genius.

‘Maybe it could be possible.’

“Ffith Prince.”

Desia slowly knelt down on one knee, speaking in a calm voice.

“May my magic shine upon the future of the Fifth Prince.”

The future Magician has joined us.

* * *

Lisefield Dior, secretly moved on. He was good at climbing over the fence of the Fifth Imperial Palace.

Arriving at the study, Lisefield took off his hiding spell and appeared before the fifth prince.

“Fifth Prince.”

“Has the old man come?”

At the sight of the eye, there was a Lisefield wearing the robe with the pattern that represents the Blue Tower.

“You’re not even surprised now.”

“Have I ever been surprised?”

“Yes, I won’t ask.”

Lisefield nodded with a faint smile around his mouth.

He was old but he was confident in his own memory. And he remembered that the Fifth Prince was sometimes surprised when he lifted the hiding spell, but now he thought it would be better to be quiet.

“Did you deliver what I said to Desia?”

“Yes, Your Grace the Fifth.”

According to the original development of the novel, some of the magic books that the main character should have delivered to Desia are from the Imperial Chamber No. 7.

Raymond asked Lisefield as the middleman to deliver the books to Desia.

In the novel, Desia reads the magic books given by the main character and becomes stronger.

It may be earlier than the plot, but the fact that she will grow will not change.

Desia is a talented wizard.

‘According to the setting in the novel.’

Organizing his thoughts, Raymond took the glass to his mouth without saying a word.

Did he seem to be seriously agonizing? Lisefield carefully took a step closer and opened his mouth.

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