The greatest extra

Chapter 8.3- Revelation (1)

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“Fifth Prince!”

As soon as Raymond finished eating, his vision shook and his body lost strength.

If it weren’t for Alex’s help, he might have collapsed unexpectedly.

“Fifth Prince, are you all right?”

Alex asked carefully. Raymond nodded slowly with a stiff face.

His Mana flow seems to be a little twisted because of the excessive use of the secret transmission of the blue tower.

“I’m fine.”

Raymond shook his hand and roughly answered and headed toward the bedroom. He felt like he had to take a rest and untangle the twisted mana flow today.

When he left the restaurant, three imperial knights followed him.

When he first saw them, he felt reassured, but after he found out that some were the eyes and ears of the three princes, he felt bothered.

“I need to create a secret squad soon.’

The necessity of a secret squad, a direct escort allowed only to the royal family, was what he desperately needed today.

‘I need a single-armed swordmaster.’

He is a high-ranking knight who lost his left arm after being betrayed, and if it is a normal development, he will meet the main character in the second book and grow into a swordmaster.

‘I can do what he wants.’

In other words, there is a bait to attract a single-armed swordmaster.

When Alex was out of the room, Lisefield Dior appeared.

“As Your Majesty the Fifth said, Desia came to you.”

“So what happened?”

“She’ll be be here soon.”

Lisefield disappeared after leaving the words.

knock, knock

“Fifth Prince, may I come in for a moment?”

Alex’s voice was heard with a light knock.

“Come on in.”

“Fifth Prince.”

“Which wizard came to see me?”

“How can I…….”

“It’s not important, bring the wizard here.”

Alex stepped down without adding any more words. When he appeared again, he was with a blonde female wizard in a blue robe.

“Alex, go get some rest.”

“Yes, Your Grace the Fifth.”

Alex left.

“Sit down.”

Raymond recommended that you sit facing Desia, who was staring at him.

She nodded her head small and sat on the sofa rather modestly.

“Why did you come to me?”

“I think you already know.”

He smiled at Desia, who spoke boldly.

As was the case in the royal court, the royal family was well-mannered but not intimidated. He seemed to be the type to say what he wanted to say.

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