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Chapter 8.2

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The third prince, Aloken, opened the drawing room door and appeared. Looking at the two guards accompanying him, the royal knight unknowingly swallowed dry saliva.

It was because they felt a very sharp and refined livelihood. It felt different from the usual three princes’ minions.

“I’ll report.”

The imperial article delivered exactly what he saw and heard. But right after hearing the story, Aloken’s expression was not good.

“Are you asking me to believe that?”

His voice was filled with distrust.

“Third Prince, Your Grace! What kind of safety would I lie about?”

The imperial knight was unjust. The third prince still showed a cold response, although they complained of unfairness with blood vomiting.

“He defeated Desia Helly, who is close to the mid-level wizard, in a week? It doesn’t make sense!”

It can be explained that his Junior-level wizard’s ability has been hidden so far, but it was hard to believe that he defeated someone close to the mid-level wizard in the battle.

“No matter how much I think about it, it doesn’t make sense…….”

“I swear I’m not lying!”

The eyes of the third princes touched the imperial knight. He didn’t think he was lying, but he couldn’t believe it easily.

“For now, I understand. Go away.”

“Yes, Your Grace the Third Prince.”

The imperial knight bowed his head and left the drawing room with courtesy. The three princes looked at the place where he stayed for a long time and opened his mouth with a calm expression.


“Yes, Your Grace the Third Prince. Give your order.”

“Call your brother. You’ll understand if you ask me to taste it one more time before you start serving.”

“I’ll do that.”

That night, one of the third prince guards secretly escaped from the Imperial City.

* * *

‘You’ll be up against the Fifth Prince.’ said her teacher, Filde.

Is there any reason to fight the famous prince?’

She was always following her teacher, but this time she didn’t quite understand.

‘I don’t have a hobby of trampling on weak people.’

She knew that the fifth prince had no talent for either sword or magic.

‘I felt Mana’s flow from the Fifth Prince. He’s probably hiding the power of a junior wizard.’

‘The fifth prince is a Junior-level wizard?’

It was an unexpected answer. Despite a slight change in the perception of the fifth prince, his title as a fool was not easily broken.

‘Go and defeat the Fifth Prince, and we must stand behind the Third Prince.’

‘… Junior-level wizards have the least qualifications.’

She thought 10 minutes would be enough. However, it was her who collapsed in 10 minutes.

“What do you think?”

She thought it was a mess. However, there was no mana at the center of the bomb blasting with the blue glow.

“This is the power of a junior-level wizard……?”

She wanted to hit her teacher, but she couldn’t put strength in her body.

Eventually, she lost her mind.

When she regained consciousness, the first thing she did was to find a teacher who didn’t even come to visit her.

He was walking toward the elevator connected to the top floor, which has the main office of Blue Tower

“Miss Desia Helly?”

As soon as she stood in front of the elevator directly connected to the top floor, a Matap knight approached and asked a question.

Desia nodded positively, but she looked nervous about being restricted from entering.

Looking at her, the Matap knight opened his mouth with a faint smile.

“The Lord of the Blue Tower is waiting.”

“The Lord of the Blue Tower is waiting for me?”

It was a different development than expected. Desia asked with her eyes round.

The Matap knight nodded with a calm look and guided her with a lift, but there was no explanation.

The Matap knight accompanied her to the front of the main office .

“We’re here.”

After saying so, he backed away. Desia knocked on the door with a nervous look.

There was a voice of a Lisefield who said it was okay to come inside. She opened the door vigorously.

“Welcome, Miss Desia.”

Lisefield, the blue tower owner, slowly rose from his chair and welcomed her.

‘As the Fifth Prince said.’

Raymond said Desia would be here in a few days. When he first heard it, Lisefield never imagined that his prediction would become true.

He was a little surprised, but it couldn’t be seen on his face since he had lived for a long time. He was good at hiding his feelings.

“Did you know I was coming?”

“Your Majesty the Fifth knows everything.”

“Everything was an act?”

There was no subject, but Lisefield could easily tell who she was talking to.

‘That’s what I also thought.’

The first time I met the fifth princes he was calm and far from being a troublemaker.

When he materialized Mana and gained the spear of sacrifice, I thought all the absurdities so far might be just his acting.

And when the Fifth Prince defeated Desia, who was considered a genius, Lisefield was convinced.

‘He acts as a fool to fool everyone.’

He must have been forced to make a fool of himself to survive the battle for succession to the throne. There was a big difference from the actual situation, but this wha Lisefield thought so.

“Miss Desia.”

“Yes, Lord of the Blue Tower.”

“Do you think that’s important now?

Lisefiled hit the nail on the head. A smile spread around Desia’s mouth.

It wasn’t because of that that she came today.

“It’s not important.”

“Then go ahead and tell me what you need, Miss Desia.”

‘What will she say? Is this what the Fifth Prince expected?

She opened her mouth in light tension.

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