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Chapter 8.1- Revelation (1)

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Elder Phillip’s third disciple, Desia Helly, collapsed on the cold floor and she was unable to move.

So did the elders. They stood up from the stands, stiffened and could not even blink. Their eyes were rolling around as if they were crazy.

Their eyes were alternating between Desia, who fell on the battlefield, and the Fifth Prince, the cause of Desia’s defeat.

“We didn’t see anything wrong, did we?”

“Mee, I can’t believe it…….”

Raymond opened his mouth and look at the noisy elders.

“Is this enough?”

It was short, but the meaning has been fully conveyed to the elders. Someone nodded at Raymond then turned to Desia without saying a word.

Desia looked up with difficulty. She lowered her head again without energy.

Desia was a talented wizard who pursues the magical truth.

“Elder Phillip, is this enough?”

Soon all the eyes were directed to a single place.

He could hardly shut his open mouth with his eyes wide open as if he could not believe the current situation.

“Fifth Prince, what the hell is this…….”

“I don’t think you are required to hear my answer.”

He turned away from Phillip after saying his words.

He left the field as the eyes of the elders followed him.

When the Fifth Prince disappeared, all the elders attention were directed to Lisefield, who trained the Fifth Prince for week.

“Lisefield, what’s going on?”

“Master Lisefield, please explain.”

Elders surrounded in. However, the Master of the Blue Tower, Lisefield Dior, did not answer any questions.

* * *

“I’ve issued an order to all the elders. The order from the Master of the tower has never been taken lightly, no one will report anything to the Third Prince. Not even Phillip.” Lisefield Dior, said with a calm voice.

He thought he had perfect control of the Blue Tower.

“The problem is the imperial knights who came from the Imperial court in the name of escorting the Fifth prince.”

“I know, it’ll probably leak out. To be exact, the information will eventually be reported to Aloken.”

“You’re making a pretty specific guess.”

Raymond then gave him a brief account of what had happened.

Listening to the brief explanation for five minutes, Lisefield nodded with a serious face.

“That’s what happened.”

“When I went to the palace after five years, I wouldn’t live a quiet life.”

Even if he had not encountered the Third Prince that day, he would still know all of his movements from reports of his men.

The Imperial Palace is surrounded by the eyes and ears of the all the Princes competing for the succession of the throne. It was their daily routine to watch each other out.

“I’ve been a fool in the past, but there’s no reason to continue being so.”

If he continues to live in a mess, he will die at the end of the first volume as soon as the story unfolds.

‘I’m sorry, but I don’t intend to die, so I have to survive.’

“Fifth Prince, Your Highness…….”

Lisefield, who did not know the details of the situation, continued to correct his assessment of the Fifth Prince, feeling that he was quite different from the rumors.

“Elder Phillip’s gonna be quiet for a while, right?”

When asked by Raymond, Lifield grinned and opened his mouth.

“He can’t say anything because he have seen it with his own eyes.”

“I’m glad then.”

He replied with a nod.

“Are you going back to the Imperial Palace now?”

“That’s right. There’s still work to be done.”

“Come to the Blue Tower from time to time.”

“I’m thinking of visiting often even if they try to stop me.”

He said with a smile on his face. Lifield looked a little surprised.

“I’m a little interested in magic.”

Lisefield smiled at his answer, removing his surprised look.

“I’m glad.”

He didn’t want to miss out on the Fifth Prince who had excellent magical talents.

He wanted to watch him rise to the Highest level of a Sage even if he could not make him a disciple. This was the most honest feeling, Lisefield felt now.

* * *

Raymond is back at the Fifth Palace. Then, an Imperial knight secretly headed to the palace of the Third Prince.

Those who guarded the palace opened the way for the Imperial knight as if they were already expecting him.

As he came deep inside, a shadow dressed in black popped out from the dark.

“This way.”

As the Imperial Knight nodded.

The two entered the lounge of the Third Prince’s Palace.

“Your Highness, the Third Prince will be here soon.”


The wait was not long.


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Great prediction
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Lisefield best waifu
Thanks for the chapter

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Thanks for the chapter

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Thanks for the chapter

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