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Chapter 7.2- No More Foolishness (2)

He frowned. As soon as Alex was about to step up, the old man’s eyes turned to Raymond.

He opened his mouth with an expression of unknown meaning.

“Your Highness the Fifth Prince, this is…”

“Shouldn’t he introduce himself first?”

“Oh, my God, that was rude. My name is Phillip, an elder and a Superior wizard of the tower.”

Philip introduces himself with exaggerated courtesy. His gesture was smeared with a sarcastic feeling.

“What’s going on?”

“When the Red Tower and the Yellow Tower stood behind the Third Prince, the one who was living a comfortable life suddenly came to the Blue Tower, so I came here because I was curious.”

“His Highness the Fifth Prince is in front of you!”

‘Why are you acting like the Fifth prince is an enemy when we are not even standing behind the Third prince?’

That’s what Lisefield meant.

He was obviously being sarcastic, and Alex came forward when he noticed it.

The Imperial Knights were not around because they were likely to be under the command of the Third Prince, so they were forcibly removed from the blue tower.

“Oh, you’re so arrogant. How dare you cut in here! Your Highness the Fifth, will you stay still?” Philip released his Mana and said.

Alex stumbled with a short groan as the sharp momentum came under pressure.

Raymond, who could not see it, released a little bit of the energy that the Spear of Sacrifice had. He used one of the techniques of secret technique to hide it.


Alex’s expression became comfortable, but Philip’s eyes glistened after reading the intangible energy revealed for a moment.

Seeing that, Lisefield sighed, foreshadowing that things would get complicated.

“Your Higher the Fifth must not have reached this level of energy within few days… Lisefield, did you give the secret of the tower to the Fifth Prince?”

“What if he did?” Raymond answered instead of Lisefield. However, Philip’s gaze was only briefly directed at Raymond, and was again fixed on the Master of the blue tower.

“It is said that the Master of the tower has the authority to carry out the secret techniques, but if you proceed without discussing it to others like this? Did you become crazy?”

He would have wanted to say, ‘Don’t put your hopes on the Fifth Prince.’

However, he could not say that, so Phillip asked the Master of Blue Tower if he had become crazy.

“Did you see any possibility from the Fifth Prince? If so, it should be a possibility worth turning against the Three Prince, the so-called Magic Genius.”

Rough attacks poured in. As soon as the Master of the Blue Tower tried to open his mouth, Raymond was a little faster.

“It’s not difficult.”

“Huh? Excuse me, Your Highness the fifth..…. Could you repeat that?”

There was a sneer hanging around the mouth of Phillip.

“It’s not a difficult thing. Elder Phillip.” Raymond Replied.

“His Highness the Third Prince, young in his late 20s, already rose to the level of a Superior Wizards. As far as I know, Your Highness the Fifth doesn’t have any talent for sword and magic yet.”

The more he heard it, the more he aw that he doesn’t respect him even though he is part of the Imperial Family.

‘I guess he wanted to stand behind the third Prince.’

The Red Tower and the Yellow Tower stand behind the Third Prince. He wants to have a Blue Tower with him there also.

But, the Fifth Prince suddenly popped out and learned the Secret of the Blue Tower, so he must feel like there’s a thorn in his eye.

“Do you think I’m not talented enough to learn the secret tradition?”

“How could that be?”

And then he smiled slyly. He could see Alex shaking next to him.

He opened his mouth and quietly raised his hand slightly to prevent Alex from coming forward.

“Do I just have to prove my talent?”

“Do you want to prove it?”

“Is there a Junior Wizard among your students?”

Following what Raymond remembers, there seems to be one among them.

“There is one.”

“Bring him in two days. I’ll prove it to you with a fight.”

“Are you going to be alright?”

“It doesn’t matter, so get him in two days.”

“Yes, I will.”

A smile spread around the mouth of Phillip’s mouth, thinking he could officially screw up the Fifth Prince.

“I have to train hard now.”

“Yes, Your Highness the Fifth. Good luck.”

After sneaking a displeased look, Phillip lowered his head and moved away.

“Fifth Prince, Elder Filde will send out his third disciple. He’s a Junior-level wizard, but he’s on the verge of being an intermediate-level wizard.”

“Is that so?”

“You can’t win. What do you want me to do?….”


Raymond cut off the words of Lisefield. It was so frustrating that he couldn’t listen to it anymore.

“There is no such thing as impossible.”

He paused for a moment. But his eyes are still on Lisefield.

“I keep my words. By the day of the battle, I will be in the Junior level. So get out of here.”

Lisefield had no choice but to step down due to the Prince’s order.

Raymond concentrated on training, saving time to sleep. When his Mana ran out, he recovered by taking a pill.

Even if he collapsed, he got up again and practised Mana.

He did not stop training despite the pain of his body being torn apart.

He couldn’t sleep. It was just a waste of time.

And finally amidst the pain.

He rose to the rank of a Junior Wizard.

Two days later, the morning of the seventh day since coming to the Blue Tower arrived.

After staying up all night for training, Raymond finished changing with Alex’s help and left the training camp.

As soon as he came out into the hallway, Lisefield followed him.

The Imperial knights were told not to stick too much, so they followed slowly at a certain distance.

But he could still feel their gaze as if they were watching.m every step he makes.

“Congratulations to achievibg the rank of a Junior Wizard.”

Lisefield spoke in a small, calm voice. Raymond opened his mouth with a clear smile around his mouth.

“Did you stay up all night in front of the training camp?”


“Anyway, I heard you lose sleep when you get old.”

Raymond said it as if he were complaining, but he felt good.

“Just wait and see. I will destroy Elder Phillip’s student and save your old face.”

“Can I look forward to it?”

“Of course.”

As they talked to each other, they soon arrived at the training center.

“Fifth Prince, we must accompany you this time.”

One of the four imperial knights who followed came at a quick pace and said. Raymond looked closely at his face because he looked familiar.

‘He’s under Aloken’s command’

He is one of the Imperial knights who stepped back when he met the Third Prince before. Looking at the lead in asking for company, it was clear that rumors about the Third Prince wanting all the tower behind him was true.

‘He even told them to look out for me.’

The initially cold eyes of the Imperial Knights cooled down.

The content of the battle will eventually be reported to the Third Prince, but it didn’t matter. He can just say that he had been learning how to handle mana years before.

The Third Prince will not believe that those who have not learned magic can suddenly rise to the level of a Junior Wizard in span of a week even if an Imperial article reports it.

‘All I have to do is hide the Spear of Sacrifice.’

He was already afraid of what Lisefield will charge for restoration if he drill another hole in the blue tower this time.

“Open the door.”

When Lisefield spoke with a solemn look, two Tower knights guarding the entrance opened the door of the training center. The Tower Knight were hired knight who is responsible for minimal physical labor force within the Tower.

“Let’s go in.”

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The Greatest Extra in history

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One day, when I opened my eyes, I became the 5th prince of the empire that appeared in the novel. I was supposed to be happy. But the empire fell and the 5th Prince was horribly killed.


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