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Chapter 7.1- No More Foolishness (2)

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Character List

Raymond Pilius

Alex Tilinger, Baron Tilinger’s second son.

Ronald Pilius, emperor of the Pilias Empire.

Aloken Pilius, third Prince of Pilias Empire

Lisefield Dior, an Old Mage

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“The old man must know my talent……?”

Raymond paused for a moment. The moment the word “talent” came out, he didn’t miss the sparkle of Lisefield’s eyes. He grinned and opened his mouth to continue.

“Wouldn’t you like to make the youngest man of all time to become a Great Sage?”

It would be such a sweet suggestion. The gaze of the blue tower was shaken. What if the Fifth prince’s talent is added to his “secret transmission”?

“And I have to fulfill my two-thousand-year commitment.”

At the moment, Lisefield, who highly regarded the fifth prince, gave a short sigh at the following words.

* * *

On the first day, it was decided to pass only some of the ‘secret Transmission’ of the Blue Tower, such as Mana’s technique of controlling mana and techniques.

Contrary to the rumor that the fifth prince was a mess, he had excellent understanding. If he teaches him one, he will not only know the theory, but he can also apply it.

On the second day, the 5th prince fully understood what he had given Mana’s technique from “the secret transmission of the Blue Tower.”

Raymond tried practicing them full-fledge, but he fell down because he released more mana than he can handle.

He even asked Lisefield to not tell this to the Emperor .

On the third day, the technique he tried was perfected.

It takes more than 6 months even if one was a genius.

Unlike the first time, Lisefield had no choice but to revise his own views. The confidence shown by the Fifth Crown Prince was not excessive. It wasn’t groundless to begin with.

Fourth Day, unbelievable.

The fifth Prince was about to become a junior wizard.

On the fifth day, he found out that Filde, an elder of the blue tower, came to know that Lisefield had been teaching Raymond the Secret transmission of the tower.

Things have become more troublesome now.

* * *

Raymond hardly slept for four days. He was so absorbed in training that he could barely eat one meal a day.

Each tower has its own secret temple. It is a secret tradition that it is passed on to only one student of the direct line of the owner or one among his recognized students.

As they are passed on in secret, there are things that can cause a great stir if they are known one by one.

The blue tower owner didn’t teach him everything. He just taught him the secret tradition of manna, the technique of the tower, and a few basics.


‘I think I know why you call it a secret transmission.’

The secret transmission of Mana was maximizing Raymond’s talent. It seems that the level of the Junior wizard is already in front of him.

He can’t share these good things with others, so it will be keeping this as a secret.

‘You should use good things alone.’

Others can curse at me for being selfish, I will do anything if I can just survive.

“Fifth Prince.” He was called out in the middle of his training.

He stopped training for a while and turned his head in the direction where he heard the call.

“Old man, what’s going on?”

It seemed to be interrupted by training, but it wasn’t.

It wasn’t a big disturbance because Lisefield had been waiting for three hours before talking to Raymond at a time when his concentration was going to be disrupted and his focus was going to be sluggish.

“You haven’t had a proper meal for days already. If you fall down again, I’ll be in trouble.”

Lisefield spoke frankly. If the fifth princes’ health deteriorates, he would be ashamed to see the emperor.

He was also genuinely concerned about the health of the fifth prince.

He sleeps less than 2 hours a day. And he barely managed to eat a meal a day with a slice of bread.

All the time left is for training. Even Lisefield and other elders, who once lived like hell to become a sage, were shocked at the training method of the fifth prince.

“Is it lunch time already?”

“Yes, Your Grace the Fifth.”

“I’m gonna have to eat something real today. Show me the way to the dining room.”

Today is the fifth day. As the level of a junior wizard is just around the corner, Raymond thought he could at least enjoy a proper meal.

“There’s a restaurant upstairs for the tower members and the elders. I’ll take you there.”

As I went from the top floor to the upper section, I could see the elders of the blue tower and the high-ranking wizards from time to time.

All of them were at least superior to the top level, and very few high-ranking wizards were seen at the elder level.

The meal was excellent. It wasn’t as good as the fifth royal palace, but it was quite delicious. After enjoying a light dessert, he left the restaurant and went back to the training center.

However, there was a person guarding the training center.

“Have you come to Blue Tower?”

He greeted the blue tower owner before Raymond, the fifth prince.

‘I don’t like this.’

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