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Chapter 6.3- No more foolishness (1)

Raymond got the Emperor’s permission.

When he expressed his intention to live in the Blue Tower for a week to train his Mana, the Emperor nodded with a rather relieved look rather than objecting.

‘I can’t believe my son, who’s been a troublemaker for five years, has suddenly come to his senses and will train magic. This is good news.’ The Emperor thought.

Learning how to deal with Mana also opens his way to a high-ranking position dealing with powerful people, even if Raymond does not become a wizard.

If Raymond develops further, he might as well become a swordsman using Aura.

“You go to the palace often these days, Raymond.”

“Oh, Brother Aloken?”

As soon as he came out of the imperial study with the permission of the Emperor, the Third Prince, Aloken, walked out from the corner.

“I told you not to pay attention to the throne, but you still didn’t listen to me.”

He showed a soft smile, but it contained a threatening tone.

“I’ll take care of it.” Raymond answered coldly. Did that sound like rebellion?

Alaken’s face, which had a good-looking smile initially, distorted.

“Are you going back at me?”

He turned his head slightly toward the attendants behind him.

“Do you believe in the Imperial Knights behind you? Do you really think they are really your knights?”

The Third Prince spoke with an insidious voice. The Imperial Knights took three steps back without saying a word.

Alex kept his position, but now Raymond was shaking to the point of regret.

‘This Third Prince…he is scarier than what he is in the novel.’

He didn’t expect that he would plant spies even among the Imperial Knights of the Fifth Prince.

Although the power of the Third Prince is strong, this cannot be achieved in a short period of time. Maybe he had been preparing it for a few years now.

“How is it?”

Aloken shrugged his shoulders with a villain-like look.

He seems to have hoped for Raymond to tremble with fear, but unfortunately, he was not very shaken.

The only thought Raymond had is that he should build up his power as soon as possible and organize his own escorts.

‘I need to have my own people.’

The current Emperor, Ronald Pilius, was an excellent Emperor, but he is now old and ill.

Just by looking at the spies the Third Prince sent among his own people, one can see how weak the Emperor’s power has become.

“I’ll take your advice into consideration.”

“If you want to live long, you have no choice but to follow.”

The Third Prince spouted in a cold voice and walked leisurely with his entourage.

“Fifth prince, Your Highness…….”

Alex approached. Raymond opened his mouth while his gaze was on the back of Aloken.

“Don’t say anything right now.”

After saying that, he headed to the Fifth Palace first. He needed time to organize his own thoughts.

“Fifth Prince, we’re all set.”

Walking through the garden of the Fifth Palace, Alex approached and reported from somewhere.

He said he would stay for a week, but Alex had a lot to pack because it was an Imperial family member who was moving.

That’s why it took longer than expected.

“Yes, thank you.”

It’s time to go to the Blue Tower.

As he moved, imperial knights waiting in and out of the garden moved in unison.

‘Too many.’

The number was over ten. Perhaps, because the imperial palace attack just happened recently, the Emperor ordered 10 Imperial knights with a good condition that they were allowed to stay within the Blue Tower for a week.

The closest escort to him will only be two to three, including Alex, and the rest of the Imperial Knights will be on standby near the tower.

“I’ll lead you to the carriage.”


There was a carriage ready in order to go to the Blue Tower.

The Blue Tower was near the capital, so it did not take much time to travel.

The carriage was comfortable because it belonged to the imperial family.

In front of the tower, Lisefield with some of the tower’s elders came to meet the Fifth Prince.

The carriage stopped and Raymond got off.

“His Highness the Fifth Prince is here…”

“Old man, let’s go to the office.” This was the first thing Raymond said, as he got down from the carriage.

The Master of the Blue Tower, Lisefield, followed with a puzzled look.

Soon, he arrived at the office of the Blue Tower on the top floor. He sat in the top seat and opened his mouth with a serious expression on his face.

“Old man.”

“Yes, Your Highness the Fifth. Go ahead.”

“I’ve changed my mind.”

‘I thought that becoming a wizard is not that important as I have most of the information in the book and I control the Blue Tower… But now I changed my mind.’

“Junior wizard.”


“What are you talking about?”
With a confused look on his face, Lisefield asked again.

Oh, is that too much? Then Raymond explained it to him properly.

“In a week, I’ll be at least a Junior wizard.”

“Fifth Prince, even a genius will take more than a year. On average, the average person needs to clean up their mana channel for more than four years just to become a junior wizard.”

Lisefield carefully expressed his concern.

No matter how talented Raymond is, he has never learned magic before, so he may not become a junior wizard within a week.

“With the cooperation of the old man, it’s possible.”


Lisefield’s eyes trembled with anxiety.

“Give me.”


All that Lisefield can say right now was, “What?” when facing Raymond.

“Give me all the secrets of the tower.”

Lisefield now has lost all his strength and almost fainted at the words of the Fifth Prince.

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The Greatest Extra in history

The Greatest Extra in history

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