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Chapter 6.2- No more foolishness (1)

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Character List

Raymond Pilius

Alex Tilinger, Baron Tilinger’s second son.

Ronald Pilius, emperor of the Pilias Empire.

Aloken Pilius, third Prince of Pilias Empire

Lisefield Dior, an Old Mage

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“Old man, what do you mean?”

“Don’t you remember?”

‘Yeah, I don’t remember. For real.’

“The spear of sacrifice used by the Fifth Prince has drilled a hole in the blue tower.”

No way.

“I’ve had a hard time putting it around to avoid people being suspicious.” Lisefield’s voice was serious.

I guess it’s not a joke.

The place where Raymond went to practice was in the Blue tower because if he were to practice on the Imperial Chamber, he may have caused ruckus with the sound. Raymond was sitting at the top of the table, and in front of him stood, Lisefield Dior, sighing.

“Do you know how powerful the tower’s defensive magic is?”

“I know most of them.”

“An ancient sage wizard, the first blue-tower master, designed it and assembled his own defensive magic. Do you know what this means? Your Majesty the Fifth…….”

Instead of answering, he shook his head. Then Lisefield opened his mouth with a serious face, taking a step closer.

“Your Majesty the Fifth has destroyed the defensive imprint from a sage. Now, It can’t be restored.”

‘Yeah, I’m sorry.’

“I will reward you when the time comes.”

“Yes, you’ll have to pay for the repairs.”

Since there was a box of precious jewels he found in Hansen’s secret room, he gladly nodded and waited for how much the tower owner would ask for the repairs.

“The repair fee is for the fifth Prince to live in the blue tower for a week.”

I didn’t expect this.

“Your Majesty…….I only ask this as a compensation Your Majesty the Fifth.” You old man, you’re so smart.

“You will learn magic from the blue tower for a week.”

Lisefield said with a soft smile. He must have been very determined that he made Raymond unable to reject the offer.

‘The Fifth Prince has God-given talent. I am not going to let him slip by.’

Lisefield thought. Lisefield’s eyes showed a strong desire as he looked at the fifth prince .

After the Great War, the only ancient country to survive was the Pilias Empire. But they lost so much in return for surviving. It has already been hundreds of years since the Sages and enemies have been cut off. The Matap Union tried to produce another Sage Wizard, but it has yet to be achieved. But hope appeared in a completely different place. And Lisefield saw the hope in Raymond.

“Old man, it’s too much.”

“Hmm! Anyway, you have to pay for the repairs!”

“Is there any other way? Even if it was not by an enemy, the Heifel Empire, the Kingdom of Mado could invite a sorcerer to repair it.” Raymond knows that there is a sage monk in the kingdom of Mado.

There were two people who officially revealed themselves, and other two secretly secluded Sages.

Raymond knew of the existence of the secluded sages who was known only by the king and the leaders of the Kingdom of Mado because he had seen the set-up book.

“Can’t you leave the repair to a foreign Sage?”

The blue tower owner raised his voice.

“Hand in the Empire then…….”

Raymond was so anxious that he quickly closed his mouth. It’s not time to take this setting out yet.

“Fifth Prince?”

“Nothing.” He shook his head, but the suspicious gaze from Lisefield also followed. Raymond felt like cold sweat was dripping. Feeling that he needed something to change the subject, Raymond hurriedly opened his mouth.

“I’ll tell the Emperor that I will spend a week in the tower.”

“It will be a pleasant time, Your Grace the fifth.”

‘That’s just for you.’ Raymond swallowed the back of his tongue lightly. With a faint smile around his mouth, he nodded and left the room to join his entourage.

“Fifth Prince, have you been acquainted with the Lord of the Blue Tower?”

Alex couldn’t resist the curiosity and asked carefully. I think Alex forgot a lot about his trauma because I’ve been nice to him lately. In the past, he would have never dared to ask a question and would not have been thought of, nor would he have been so close. “Not close enough, just being an accidental acquaintance.”

“The lord of Blue Tower is known to do little outside activity, and he is also among the Top 5 wizard.” “I’m sorry, but I have to go somewhere first.”

“Are you going to the bar?”Alex said with his head down, but Raymond shook his head. “No, I’m going to the palace.” “Hwa, are you talking about the palace?” Alex was surprised, but he was worried for no reason.

‘The Emperor loves the fifth prince.’

Knowing this is enough as a weapon to use to take the throne.

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