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Superstar from age 0 chapter 142

Translator: IDCboutmyusername

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Two days later, Seojun and Seo Eun-Hye headed to the practice room prepared by Whale Studio. Perhaps he came early because Director Sarah Lot and Assistant Director Emily were the only ones in the practice room.

“Hello, director!”


“Welcome, Jun!”

Emily quickly prepared a chair.

“Did I come too early?”

“No. We were about to get ready.”

As she said, Emily prepared three more chairs beside the two.

“We should be waiting for another child actor and the professor who will be teaching you. The professor’s student, who will replace Jun’s performance, will also come. Another child actor will also come to say hello. Your mother can wait in the waiting room during the practices.”

Seojun and Seo Eun-Hye nodded at Sarah Lot’s words. Soon after, the child actors and their guardians arrived. Emily guided the guardians to the waiting room.

Director Sarah Lot introduced the three children to each other.

“This is actor Seojun Lee who plays the main character, Gray.”

When she said that, the two kids took a breath!

No one knew who the main character was until now. It was actually Seojun Lee!

Among the actors attending the same acting academy, Seojun Lee was the object of envy. Everyone, whether an adult or a child, wanted to be famous like Seojun Lee.

“This is Catherine Miller, who plays Rebecca.”

Sarah Lot pointed to a blonde child slightly taller than Seojun, she waved her small hand at him.

“This is Paul Oden, who plays George.”

The boy, who looked like a mischievous boy, smiled broadly and reached out. Seojun also smiled and held hands.

“Hi. I’m Seojun Lee. You can call me Jun.”

“I’m Catherine.”

“I’m Paul. Nice to meet you!”

Seojun and the children were shaking hands when Sarah Lot’s cell phone rang. The caller was Professor Benjamin Morton.

Sarah lot got up from her seat.

“Professor must be here. I’ll bring him. You wait here.”


Catherine hesitated and then spoke.

“If it’s okay, can I get your Autograph? I really like your movie.”

“Okay. Can you tell me about the movie you starred in? I’ll look for it.”

“Hmm. The movie I appeared in it isn’t that interesting. It’s all ruined.”

At Catherine’s words, Seojun smiled and said.

“Even if it was a ruined movie, you worked hard. I want to see your acting rather than the whole movie. We have to act together from now on. I want to see Paul’s too.”

It was better to watch their movie to see their acting than to know nothing.

He didn’t mind if their roles were simple, but he needed to know more about Catherine and Paul because they were going to work with Seojun from beginning to end.

Catherine and Paul nodded at Seojun’s words. As expected, famous actors have different ways.

“I see. I see.”

“Tell me your number too.”

“Oh. Can I contact Jun? If I said this to my friends, they won’t believe me!”

Paul and Catherine took out their cell phones with excited faces. Seojun also took out his cell phone.


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After a while, director Sarah Lot came in with two men.

The middle-aged man, who probably seems to be Professor Benjamin Morton, was a person who had gray and thin hair but did not look so weak. The way he dressed in neat clothes with a smile was like a good-hearted teacher.

The man next to him was in his mid-20s and he had a stiff face. His clothes were as neat as Benjamin Morton’s, but his eyes were fierce. Catherine and Paul, who were intimidated, shut their excited mouths.

“This is the person who made the music for us.”

“I’m Benjamin Morton.”

Benjamin Morton politely said.

Catherine and Paul looked puzzled because it was the first time they receive such polite greetings from adults.

Seojun replied first.

“Hello, Mr. Morton. I am Seojun Lee. You can call me Jun.”

“Yes, Jun. Nice to meet you.”

Catherine and Paul also greeted Seojun. When Benjamin Morton raised the corner of his mouth, the atmosphere eased.

Perhaps his kindness was conveyed to the children, so when Benjamin Morton first brought up a topic to talk about, Seojun and the children spoke with him more comfortably.

Amidst the friendly atmosphere, the man in his mid-20s  stood silent. His eyes were full of disapproval, but he seemed to be trying not to reveal them on the outside and hid it quite well.

However, the problem was that this was a place where actors and directors were present. Even if he hid it well, it wouldn’t be able to escape in the eyes of professionals.

Catherine and Paul poked Seojun, who was standing in the middle, with their fingers. Seojun also looked at the person they were looking to. Even if they were children, they guessed that this person was dissatisfied with coming here

“This is my student.”

“I am Jaden Moore.”

However, Jayden Moore’s disapproving gaze quickly changed.

The director and actors were rather curious about Jason Moore’s polite attitude.

But still. Seojun shrugged. If he was liked that the whole period, it would have been a little awkward, but it was fortunate he had changed.

Seojun reached out his hand.

“I am Jun. Nice to meet you.”

“Okay. Nice to meet you.”

The children also greeted Jason Moore. Benjamin Morton was pleased with the friendly atmosphere between his student and the actor. He said.

“Then can I what you’ve practiced so far? I want to see how much you have grasped about the piece so I can know what should be improved.”


Catherine and Seojun, who have to play the violin in the movie, answered.

“Let’s play the easiest song today. I’ve recorded Jason’s performance, when I signal you one by one, you have to go in right away to make the timing. One, two. Do you get it?”


Professor Benjamin said Seojun and Catherine the song name and handed over the sheet music.

While the two children did the performance they learned while reading the score, director Sarah Lot called Paul and gave him a camera.

“You should practice filming here.”


Paul, who was curious about what his friends were doing while playing, lifted the camera excitedly. Seojun and Catherine were reflected on the camera screen.

“This side would be better, right?”

“This side?”

“Yes. If you know how a cameraman feels, it’ll help you act.”

Paul’s eyes, which he didn’t expect to hear such an explanation from the movie director, shone. He thought he should learn hard and use it when acting.

“Then let’s start with Jun. Try to match your performance with the pre-recorded sound.”


Seojun took the violin out of the violin case. Without hesitation, he put his chin on the chin rest of the violin and held a bow in his right hand. Benjamin Morton and Jason Moore’s eyes sparkled seeing his skillful appearance.

When Seojun finished preparing, there was silence in the practice room.

“One. Two.”

When Benjamin Morton turned on music with a signal, Seojun exactly matched the timing.

Seojun lowered the bow. The bow made a beautiful sound as it drew the string.

He touched the violin string strongly with his left finger and moved the bow with his right hand. The sound of flowing through the strings rang the practice room.

Jason Moore’s violin execution and Seojun’s performance matched well. Both followed the instructions of the score thoroughly.

Thanks to that, the order of the beats and strings was also appropriate. The timing was good and the sound was clean.

Yeah, that’s how the violin really should sound…


The audience who were watching Seojun’s performance looked at him with surprised eyes.

“There can’t be a clean sound like this.”

As he pretended to draw a string on the violin with a bow, the friction between the bow and the string still forced him to make a sound.

Even though he learned the posture in a short time, it was difficult to learn how to clearly play the violin.

“Since it’s a short song, it’s possible if you’ve gotten used to it…”

Professor Benjamin and Jason’s eyes were wide open at the sound of Seojun’s violin, nothing was out of tune.

Professor Benjamin turned off the speaker. Nevertheless, the beautiful performance continued.

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Spring, First Movement.

A similar level of performance to that of an expert was playing not from the speaker, but from Seojun’s violin.

The parts that were needed for the filming of the movie for the song, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Spring, First Movement, were short.

After he finished the whole performance, Seojun, who played till the end of the score, stopped and bowed.

Everyone applauded the results of the practice beyond imagination. Sarah Lot, who was immersed in applauding, recalled something and said in surprise.

“No, wait a minute.”

Everyone’s eyes were on Director Sarah Lot.

“Professor, may I ask what Jun’s posture is like?”

“There’s nothing more I can do. He did the same from the standard of textbooks.”

With a satisfied smile, Professor Benjamin said.

His posture was the standard from textbooks that he wanted to teach him right away.

Unlike Benjamin Morton, who was satisfied, Sarah Lot felt restless.

“You shouldn’t do that, Jun. Do you know the character’s settings?”

“Yes, I know.”

Seojun, who answered that way, grabbed the violin again. It was a different posture than before.

Director Sarah Lot, Catherine, and Paul: Huh?

Needless to the questioning gazes, Seojun rested his chin on the violin.

The most surprised were Benjamin Morton and Jason Moore.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

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He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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