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Superstar from age 0 chapter 116

It’s time.

First, the veteran soldier, who will be at the forefront, came out. There were a lot of people. And the outfit…… It was not the usual modernized hanbok with shiny gold or pastel colors.


The Gwanbok is a general term that refers to the historical official attire.

Regardless of the people puzzled by his clothes, the soldier’s feet moved forward on their own.

They soon heard the sound of music.

On the speaker that KBC has installed earlier, the OST of My clinic was being played.

Many people were waiting full of expectation, perhaps because of the announcement on SNS, fan cafe, and KBC website.

Prince Seongnyeong and Heo Yoo-Seon were seen among the soldiers dressed as soldiers.

Seojun’s eyes were surprised. He never thought he would see many people wearing hanbok here.

“Seongnyeong! Prince Seongnyeong!”

Lee Ji-Seok and Seojun burst into laughter at that voice.

“I thought they’d recognized me as Seojun.”


If they’re looking for a grand prince, he has to respond!

Seojun tapped the back of his hand twice with his finger.

[The dignity of the young lion king is activated]

[E.L.F’s basic breathing is activated]

Lee Ji-Seok and Seojun waved at the people around them. People cheered in each of their movements.

There was a splendid procession of the great soldiers and the grand prince who seems to have just popped out from the drama.

Seeing the dignity that flows from Seojun, everyone recalled the scene of Prince Seongnyeong’s first appearance.

“This is the royal aura!”

“Grand Prince Seongnyeong is alive!”

“Grow up healthy!”

“Doctor Heo! Please treat me!”

People shouted as if the sad development of My clinic didn’t really happen. For foreigners, who came to sightsee, were confused on why the local reaction was so intense.

“Oh, Your highness! Your Highness”

“Your Highness?”

Emma tilted her head at the sight of her friend screaming. Emma, who had watched historical drama in order to study Korean history, knew that she was screaming a word referring to the royal family. Everyone here was shouting Your Highness as soon as they saw a small child.

“What are they doing? There is No royal family in Korea, right?”

“Oh, there isn’t. There is drama very popular these days, so they held a special event today. I’ll let you watch it later. It’s so much fun.”

She will definitely if she watches it, especially that episode! It’s not fun if I tell her in advance, Hahaha. Cho Min-young smiled brightly at the thought of seeing her friend crying as soon as she watch the drama.

“Really? That kid is a child actor?”

“Emma you know him!”


“It’s the reason why you started to be interested in Korea. Jin Natra! Remember? You will see him immediately on your second day of sightseeing in Korea…….”

“Jin natra? Seojun Lee!”

That voice… What kind of Luck is this? Emma, who still cherishes the angel picture, grabbed Cho Min-young’s shoulder and shook her hard.

“Really? It’s Jin Natra? Seojun Lee… No, Lee Seojun?”

“Yeah… Can you stop now? I feel like throwing up.”

“Where is he? I don’t see his face!”

Other foreigners also began to ask Koreans standing next to them one by one. When everyone asked if that child was Seojun Lee, who acted as Jin Natra, everyone started to show more interest.

The parade of the great army stopped for a moment. Seojun and Lee Ji-seok went up to the already prepared stage.

Everyone’s hearts pounded as if they were seeing Prince Seongnyeong and Heo Yoo-seon in from the drama were really standing in front of them wearing their Purple and White costume respectively.

“Hello! I’m Lee Seojun!”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Lee Ji-Seok.”

When the two actors bowed, applause burst out. Fans’ cameras and KBC’s large camera lenses started shooting at the two.

“We’re here at Gwanghwamun to celebrate together with the viewers who watched ‘My Clinic’.”

“There are people who haven’t watched it yet, so don’t give spoilers!”


“Did you all enjoy the drama?”

When Seojun asked, many people shouted altogether “Yes!” and “Yes!”

“I haven’t watched all episodes yet because I always missed them.”

“Thank you so much for loving us that much.”

Amidst the large crowd, a louder voice came out.

“To be honest, we wanted to see Prince Seongnyeong the king, right?”

People burst into laughter as soon as they heard the shout. Seojun and Lee Ji-seok also burst into laughter.

“Ahahaha. I won’t comment!”

After a while of conversation, it was time for them to go back. They had to get out quickly in order to be mobbed by the tourist that wanted to visit the palace.

When Seojun and Lee Ji-seok waved their hands and said goodbye, the people in the front seat and the people in Gwanbok clothes shouted loudly.

“Prince Seongnyeong!”

“Please live a long life!”

Lee Ji-seok and Seojun were surprised by the loud voice and looked at the people. Then, they look up to see what they were looking at. Large letters were written on a large banner.

[From Lee Seojun’s fan cafe: Prince Seongnyeong, please live a long life!]

It was a special message from Lee Seojun’s fan cafe members. When the news of the special event became known, fans who could go decided to deliver a message as a representative of the whole fandom.

Among the phrases set by vote on the fan cafe, “Great Prince Seongnyeong, please live a long life!” was selected as number one with an overwhelming difference to the second place.

This is why most of the people decided to wear similar clothes to the drama. Seo Eun-chan, president of Cocoa Entertainment, helped them in executing this small event from the fans.

“Stay healthy!”

“Take your time in between your acting schedule!”

“You are so good at acting, don’t get sick!”

“We will cheer you on!”

Seojun smiled and waved at the fans’ support.

And soon, all the topics relating to the event became trading news on the internet.

[Your Highness Prince Seongnyeong, I wish you a long life!]

[Gwanghwamun Gate, the alive Prince Seongnyeong enters!]

[Lee Seojun and Lee Jiseok appeared at a special event of My clinic!]

A few days later, a video was uploaded on YouTube.

[Title: I showed My clinic to a foreign friend.]

“Hello, I’m Jojo. Today, I showed Emma, a friend that I met during my trip to England, a drama that is a hot topic these days, My Clinic. Of course, it would take long to watch all of them, so I only showed important parts first!”

Cho Min-Young and Emma appeared on the screen and waved their hands to greet the viewers.

“I put together the scene where Prince Seongnyeong appears. Aren’t you curious about her reaction to the cute and lovely Prince Seongnyeong? Also, Emma is a big fan of Jin Natra, so I’m really looking forward to it! She also works hard in studying Korean to keep up with Lee Seojun’s Korean works!”

There were subtitles along with Cho Min-young’s words.

‘Emma can already understand Korean and she is studying Korean history now. She is still studying Goryeo Dynasty. ;)’

“I can’t wait!”

Emma’s eyes sparkled at the thought of seeing cute and lovely Seojun Lee.

The viewers could feel her expectation so well beyond the screen.

Along with Emma and Cho Min-young watching the video, the title of My Clinic appeared in the corner of the video.

The sound of a drum rang.

Heo Yoo-seon entered the place of Prince Seongnyeong. And the camera slowly went up on the shining on the yellow floor.

Wooden tables, hard-covered books, purple official uniforms with golden threads, and soon… Prince Seongnyeong. Emma’s eyes got rounder. Her mouth opened on its own.

The first scene where Seojun appeared is really the best.

The drum sound was in line with the scene shown.

The video after that was heart-warming. As Cho Min-young said, the daily life of Prince Seongnyeong was cute, lovely, and active

Emma’s expression softened. People watching the video recalled the past at the smile on Emma’s face.

She looked like exactly like them three weeks ago. They were still innocent viewers enjoying the daily life of the prince.

The same feeling that didn’t expect a very sad ending.

The scene appearing on the screen is when Prince Seongnyeong started to show the symptoms of smallpox.

-That thing…

[This is Changjin!]

Doctor Yang Hong-dal’s voice rang on the royal hall.


Emma was confused because she didn’t know what it was, Cho Min-young said it was a disease.

‘Disease?’ Emma’s expression changed subtly.

The situation went very quickly. There were people were running around.

Prince Seongnyeong was lying on the bed very sickly.

Anxiety hit Emma.

Emma held her hands tightly as she watched the video. Most of the scene on Episode 14 was almost added as a whole.

Cho Min-young couldn’t miss a single thing.



Emma covered her mouth. She couldn’t take her eyes off on the screen. The voices of the parents full of grief was hitting her heart so hard. Emma’s eyes are wide open.

The doctor, who had been smiling with Seojun, knelt down and fell down.

[Prince Seongnyeong Lee Jong, is dead!]

Cho Min-young added subtitle in English. Dead. Those letters pressed down heavily on her chest.


Cho Min-young was still heartbroken even though she already watched the video.

She handed Emma a tissue. The YouTube video ended with Emma and Cho Min-young, surrounded by a lot of tissues, and began watching the first episode.

-Oh, they’re going to watch it again.

-If I watch it again from the first episode, I think my mood will be full of sadness because I will think of that scene whenever Prince Seongnyeong comes out.

-Tsk tsk. I’m already binge-watching it for the third time.

-Is the aftermath happy?

-When they announced Lee Seojun and Lee Ji-Seok will an event, I immediately took a half-day leave and went to Gwanghwamun. I treated him as the living Prince Seongnyeong.

There were many foreign reaction videos about Korean dramas and music videos uploaded, but Cho Min-young was the first to have a reaction video of Mu Clinic.

As the number of views rose to the speed of light, foreign YouTubers, who were attracted by the number of views, began to pay attention to it one by one.

Some watched the edited version that Cho Min-young did, and others watched it step by step from the first episode.

As they watched the drama, the foreigners didn’t understand why Prince Seongnyeong died.

‘Why did he die? Wasn’t the drama about this kid becoming a king?’ This was the question commonly asked by foreigners.

They really feel like he is going to become a king.

-This really happened in history, they can’t distort it for the sake of drama.

– Oh, I see.

-Also, the kid acting there is Jin natra 😉


Since then, reaction videos have been created with the title always having”feat. Jin Natra.”

Many foreign video streaming sites started being interested in “My Clinic” and have begun to actively launch it.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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Nice, seojun becoming a worldwide sensation again

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