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Superstar From Age 0 Chapter 90

TL: If you are a Kpop fan you know what is the format of an Album. There is a photobook and the DVD. With the same format, the DVD of the play has also it’s own photobook, photo cards, posters and etc. Rather than using Album to represent it, I will be using DVD because it is not an album.

[Hello! We will be interviewing the actors who acted in the play “Spring” together with actor Lee Seojun.]

“An interview. Isn’t it too fast?”

Seojun, who was busy signing the DVD for the fan meeting, looked surprised as he watched the TV.

It was only 15 days ago when Najin’s real identity was known to the public, and even the news would constantly talk about it.

“This is faster than from the Wind Theater, but it’s a little late compared to usual. They probably thought about who to interview after watching the VOD that came out a few days ago.”

Sitting next to him, An Daho pushed new DVD and removed the other signed one and placed it on the floor of the living room so that the ink would dry without spreading.

There were pictures of Blue Dragon drawn by Seojun himself with autographs written on them all over the living room.

The blue ink signed on the DVD glistened.

[Ocean slime’s lucky ink – Lower Level]

It is an ink made of sea slime that can only be seen by accumulating a lot of virtue.

The myth of good luck eventually became true.

The ink used brings unexpected luck.

Usage: Hold the ink tightly with both hands.

When he discovered and read the life of [Sea Slime], he was a little reluctant. This was because the raw material of the ink would be infused with some of the slime.

Just like squeezing a soaked towel, he needed to squeeze a part of his body so he could get some slime extract.

“I’m glad that I just squeeze my finger. If I needed something like blood, I might not have used it.”

Seojun pretended to wipe off cold sweat and moved his hands again. He hope his fans who will received the autographs will become lucky. He took turned off all his abilities just to increase the probability of activation as much as possible, no matter how low-level it is. It’s ability can’t be crooked.

After a few minutes, Seojun’s hand, which had been moving skillfully since this morning, stopped.

An Daho looked at Seojun and the remaining DVD to autograph. Seojun’s eyes were on television.

There was an acting school presented on the television, and apparently, it was the academy where So-young and Da-jin attended. He remembered the two people who were always grumbling about how their classes were too hard.

On the staircase wall going up to the second floor, there was a picture taken together with Seojun. The reporter interviewed the principal of the academy, and soon Choi So-young and Lee Da-jin also appeared on the screen.

[Hello, actor Choi So-Young, actor Lee Da-jin]

The two laughed with shy faces at the reporter’s words.

It’s been 15 days since the play ended. Seojun smiled brightly at the faces of the two people he hadn’t seen for a long time.

[A few days ago, the play ‘Spring’ DVD and VOD were released. The compliments poured out on all actors were great. There was also an opinion that it felt like they weren’t watching children acting but adult acting as children. I really enjoyed watching it too.]

The two smiled broadly and thanked the reporter for the compliment. Rather than DVDs that take time to be deliver, there were many people who watched had VODs where they could be watched comfortably as long as one has internet connection.

In less than 24 hours since the sale began, both the VideoTree and Milky Way website, where the VODs could be downloaded, were surprised at the increasing amount every minutes.

Seojun and his parents also received a copy of the DVDs, but still bought the VOD. It was definitely more comfortable to watch it one the television.

VOD was uploaded under the name of [Children’s Play “Spring”, and short previews edited out of the play were free of charge, from the first to the eighth], like films this could be downloaded by paying the fee.

Not only the play but also the behind the stage documentary recorded a high number of downloads.

[We didn’t know how we were able to act good on stage, I just enjoyed acting without any pressure.]

At Lee Da-jin’s words, Choi So-Young nodded.

Seojun’s attention was on the interview of the two and stopped moving his hands.

An Daho didn’t rush him and went to watch the interview together.

The tip of Seojun’s nose turned sour for no reason at the sight of Lee Da-jin talking excitedly and Choi So-young calmly answering with a shy face.

He picked up the cell phone next to him and called them.

“Da-jin! You’re on TV now!”

“Did you watch that? No, that was airing today? Hold on!”

* * *

[Title: What happened to the 8th episode Blue Dragon?

Was that a CG? Did they edited out to make it real?

But when I look at it again, it was the same as from the other episodes, but I can’t still forget how it was when I first watch it, I thought it was really alive.

Did something wrong happened with my eyes after watching the 8th episode? Was I hallucinating? Or did computer technology develop so much that it looks like CG only when you watch it for the first time?]

-There’s no skill like that!

-But it’s really fascinating. When I first watch it too, I thought it was really a dragon.

-There’s something like that? I didn’t see it.

[Title: How about this? 8th episode was like this

I drew it. It really feels like I was watching a real dragon acting on stage.

(drawing: A dragon flying in the sky with its head inside the Milky Way and its body and tail outside the Milky Way.)

This is how I visualize the dragon. It’s head should be as big as the theater.]

– Isn’t this better than that dark one? The body and tail look like clouds

– The theater where ‘Spring’ came from was different. You have to do it the other way around.

-Like this? (Photo)

-Who drew this as a cartoon?

* * *

“Daho, did you see this?”

Seojun showed him his cell phone. Although his arm did not reach the driver’s seat because he was sitting in the car seat. An Daho made eye contact with Seojun through the driver’s mirror.

“What is it?”

“Spring cartoon!”

“Oh, I saw it too. The artist did a great job”.

“Right? Isn’t it especially cute when a blue dragon pierces the wall of the Milky Way  with his head while looking for Spring to grant his wish? He even have a bump on his head.”

“That cartoon is really popular.”

Today was Seojun’s first fan meeting day.

Sitting in the car seat, Seojun hummed while looking out the window, or reading comments from his fan cafe on his cell phone.

A comment caught his attention.

“Hyung! There are people who already arrived.”

“Really? We still have a long way to go before that fan meeting starts….”

“Hey, how’s the weather today? If they arrive earlier, they should still be outside.”

“It’s a little cloudy, but I don’t think it would be raining on the fan meeting’s location. It doesn’t matter anyway because it’s indoors, but it is another matter if they wait outside while it is still raining.

Seojun sighed a relief at An Daho’s words. It is good that there would be no rain.

Seojun stamped his feet to ease the tension. An Daho laughed at the sight of Seojun shaking his legs here and there.

He heard from Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-joon that Seojun would usually do this because he is preventing himself from sleeping.

“I heard you slept late last night. How about sleeping in the car?”

“It’s okay! I can’t sleep at all!”

Literally, Seojun’s eyes sparkled. It was all thanks to his ability.

As he approached the fan meeting venue, they could see people wearing strange hats, clothes, and bags.

Seo-jun, who had his nose attached at the black tinted window, looked outside.

“Oh, that’s uncle Hee-sung products! That’s the same as mine!”

There were also people wearing goblin-shaped bag that Seojun would usually carry to the set. There were also people with their bags that has monster doll as key chain and also those with a metal badge on their chest. Seojun’s heart start beating fast.

“Are these all my fans?”

“Yeah. I guess everyone here will be attending your fan meeting.”

One fan couldn’t take his eyes off from the badge on the fan’s bag. Seojun frowned. He can’t see what was the badge.

The fan hesitated and eventually knocked on the other fan’s shoulder and made gestures. Perhaps it was asking where the badge was bought.

Seojun smiled brightly at the interractions of the two fans heading to the fan meeting together as if they were long time friends.

‘I don’t know what badge it is, but I’m so happy that they became all close!’

Seojun’s car stopped in the underground parking lot.

Seojun got out of the car with full of energy. His uncle was waiting them in front.


“Seojun is here! Let’s go up!”

Seojun, Seo Eun-chan, and An Daho headed upstairs. They saw staff running around here and there. When they made eye contact with Seojun, they either waved or bowed.

“When you go out of the theater after the fan meeting, you will give the fans the autographed DVD, and gifts. You’ll also give them snacks during the break.” Seo Eun-Chan explained slowly to Seojun.


“Do you remember the order of events?”

Seojun nodded at Seo Eun-chan’s question.

The three entered the waiting room.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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