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Superstar From Age 0 Chapter 83

(TL note: The theater has those large Screen usually used on kpop concerts so that they could see their idols face even from afar.)

The spacious Audience seats weren’t even half full. And the majority of the audience are either their family or friends.

The only audience who had nothing to do with the actors were the two male students who came to watch the play as homework.

Unlike the actors’ parents, looking at the empty auditorium with disappointed eyes, the children looked nervous ever since they came to know that people were coming inside the empty auditorium during practice.

To ease the tension they were feeling, the children were chatting and laughing at each other. After a while, Director Park Ji-soo caught the children’s attention with a clap as per usual.

“Are you ready?”


The children, who were wearing modern hanbok, answered.


There was also a change in the children’s clothes due to the generous amount of budget. When they first organized this play, they just wanted it to end moderately, but from some point, they wanted to make an impact with a “real” story.

“Then shall we say our cheer?”

At the words of Director Park, the main character Choi So-young put her hands down. On top of it, Seojun and the other children put their hands as they gathered around in a circle.

The staff took turns taking a video of Seojun and the other children, shoulder to shoulder while smiling at each other.

This could be used as a material for the DVD.




The stage will begin soon.

Seojun looked around the audience with a turned-off microphone. Every child on the stage looked excited with tension and expectation. But no one looked worried.

Seojun smiled at their appearance. Seojun and the children knew that the stage they made is great.

“Let’s get started!”

The beep- sound rang and the theater became dark.

Clap clap-

Everyone was amazed at the stage. They thought it would be a simple background like those from fairy tales because it was a children’s play, but it was a real background that expressed the shaking of the houses and trees that would usually appear in fantasy movies.

The hometown of the main character, Spring, has been hit by drought for the past several years. Eventually, when his younger brother collapsed, she traveled in search of the Blue Dragon. She was hoping that the legend told by their ancestors was real.

Spring traveled from place to place and helped people, but in return, she would only receive some unknown glass ball. It was useless, but she thought she should give it to her younger brother as a gift once he is cured, so she kept it on herself.

(TL: The play’s reference is Dragon Ball.)

The audience rubbed their eyes without realizing it. Are they really kids?

The stage equipment and props didn’t stand out but everything seemed very real.

In particular, the children’s natural acting, no, they seemed to be watching the daily lives of people living in a foreign country on the television.

There were some children among the audience who were new to plays. Their guardians thought, ‘If I let my kids act on stage, would they be able to improve their acting skills?’

However, they realized that this play was a special case because on the other project where the children acted were very amateurish.

Finally, Spring arrived in front of the cave of Blue Dragon.

“Blue Dragon, Blue Dragon! Please grant my wish.”

Spring prayed earnestly with her hands together.

“Please save my brother. Please save my village.”

The desperate appearance surprised the children who were attending the same acting academy as Choi So-young. She was good, but she wasn’t that good.

Spring reminded the audience of the people she met while traveling and her family’s suffering from drought.

Spring helped with the urgent task that needed to be solved right away, but she couldn’t do anything about inhuman happenings.

This is when the thought of the Blue Dragon legend of granting a wish came.

“Blue Dragon, Blue Dragon! Everyone is having a hard time.”

At that time, a loud noise rang in the whole theater. The stage director trembled at the sound from the newly installed speaker.

‘As expected, expensive things are really worth it!’

The clear sky, which was full of clouds and sun at the side earlier, disappeared.

The stage got darker and darker. Then, lightning struck.

Seojun’s eyes, standing behind the props in the center of the stage, sparkled blue like the ocean.

Now that no one was looking at Seojun, he was able to use his ability freely.

[Hatchling Blue Dragon’s aura Low Level]

Together with Seojun’s eyes, the color of his hair also changed. Small horns also grew, and dragon scales sprouted on his cheeks and hands.

Although the lighting was strong, Seojun, in a dragonized form, could see the facial expressions and faces of each person sitting among the audience.

Just like any play, there were people crossing their arms watching the play seriously. There were also others talking to the person next to them. There were children who enjoyed watching, but there were also those who were still on their phones.

This is why he liked plays. Being able to see people’s reactions in person is the best feeling.

He was looking forward to seeing these people surprised later on.

Seojun smiled.

Here is the Blue Dragon that no one would be able to ignore.

Seojun opened his mouth.

Through the voice transformation machine prepared by the stage director, it was filtered once.

[You are too noisy.]

It was only one sentence.

An unknown voice. A voice where others would not be able to distinguish between an adult or a child.

The audience naturally opened their mouths to such an overwhelming aura.

Because Spring was near where the aura originated, she felt as if she were standing in front of a tremendous being.

Now, the Children’s play looked like it wasn’t really a Children’s play.

The cave reflected on the screen grew bigger and bigger. And a large blue dragon appeared in the cave.

After exiting the cave, the blue dragon flew in the wide sky.

Spring and the audience looked up and saw the blue dragon coming down from the ceiling.

And the Blue dragon came down to Spring.

Spring went closer.

Very close enough to meet his big eyes.

“Oh? Oh!”

As the adults saw the Blue Dragon getting closer and closer on the screen, they stepped back without realizing it.

However, they were blocked by the back of the chair and could not move anymore. Everyone crouched down and buried themselves in their knees.

The blue dragon’s head took the whole screen and was now right above the stage.


The audience breathed in and buried themselves deeply in the chairs.

Unlike overwhelmed adults, the children were shocked and just looked at the Blue dragon.

Blue Dragon’s long beard waved like an ocean wave, reaching up to the floor, and his sharp eyes looked down at Spring and the audience alternately.

Like a real blue dragon, everyone in front of Seojun felt small. His reinforced vision could see all the audience.

Adults have stepped back in a strange sense of awe, and children’s eyes were twinkling as tears couldn’t get down due to extreme fear.

Seojun opened his mouth, recalling the Blue Drago Hatchling’s grandfather who was defending a human kingdom.

[You are too noisy, kid]

At the voice, the audience unknowingly gathered held their hands. It was not even cold, but they got goosebumps.

This was something outside of Korea that have had never seen in their life.

But that didn’t mean it was scary. It was huge and supernatural that could only be unimaginable.

Kim Hee-sung suddenly realized that he had felt this similar feeling.

The devil.

Of course, it’s a little different. If his acting on the Devil was full of playfulness, it felt more humane. However, this feeling seemed to be like facing something other than human beings.

“Blue Dragon! Please help me.”

Not everyone in the audience could even open their mouths, but Spring, which got used to it when practicing, opened her trembling mouth to mutter her line.

She let Blue Dragon know what she had experienced while traveling so far.

After finishing her narration, the Blue Dragon felt kind of sorry.

[Hmm. I’m sorry]


[Someone stole my magic pearl. I need that to make rain…….]

Spring jumped up at the words of the Blue Dragon.

“I’ll be back! All you need is your magic pearls, right?”

[Yes, but I don’t know where are they. I think the magic pearls are broken.]

“It’s okay! I’ll be back soon! Please tell me how it looks like!”

The blue dragon slowly opened its mouth.

[It’s blue and pretty. These patterns are engraved.]

A polka dot pattern appeared in front of spring. Spring was amazed by the power of the Blue Dragon. Her eyes sparkled with admiration. Suddenly, Spring thought that the pattern was familiar.

“My bag!”




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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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