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Superstar From Age 0 Chapter 82


Seojun was with a meeting with the president of the Milky Way Center in the conference room.

“Yes. Musicals and plays are also made into DVDs and sold. It’s a waste for us to not let others know about your acting in a play, so I’d like to make it into a DVD. VOD too if possible.”

The President was ecstatic on his idea on making this Play as a DVD because of Seojun. It was the same script, the same stage, and the same props, but his aura and synergy was different each time. There was definitely a difference when he was just practicing.

Seojun thought it would be nice to film this and make it available in DVD. Also, it was very good to capture someone burst into genuine laughter. It would really feels like the stage is alive.

The closer the performance date approached, the more he visualize the stage where he act together with his peers in front of the audience.

‘I can’t believe I’m recording such a performance!’ Seojun nodded one after another at his suggestions.

“I like it, but what about others?”

The President smiled brightly at Seojun’s question. As soon as the DVD recording was brought up, the actors and their guardians all agreed without any opposition.

“Everyone agreed.”

“Then I’m fine, too.”

When Seojun said yes, An Daho also nodded. Whatever Seojun wants to do, it was clear that Cocoa Entertainment would support it, but the discussions on the terms and distribution of profits was still needed.

“Then I’ll call you soon.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

“What picture and stage name would you like to use for the pamphlet?”

The performance is just around the corner. Now, they had to create promotional materials and pamphlets to distribute to the audience.

“I’m going to use the blue dragon picture that I used in the last practice stage. For the stage name…uhmm”

Seojun was a little shy regarding his stage name. His Mom, dad, uncle Hee-sing, and uncle Chan gathered to talk about what would his stage name be.

Among the many suggested names, Seojun chose a fitting name for his role.

“Najin.” (TL: A north Korean war ship. Very strong and sturdy.)

The President blinked. He recalled something with the same name.


“Do you get it?”

Seojun laughed so hard.

* * *

From the day the topic of the DVD is brought out, the stage began to become colorful.

It was as if they were showing the power of their budget, the children’s practice has become more perfect with background and the moving props.

Choi So-young look at the stage with an excited face.

She already acted in six plays at the age of 8th grade. Among them, there was also a musical for children.

However, she have never seen a stage designed so beautifully. The same was true for Lee Da-jin, her classmate in the acting academy.

“I think I’ll be able to act my best with this kind of stage.”

“I know. But we can’t act like him?”

“Are you talking about Seojun?”

“Really, he is incredible. I don’t know how he can really do that with just his voice.”

Choi So-young recalled the time during their practice. The two-week practice for individual scene was great, but the group practice was the most crucial one.

“Do I have to be that good, as an actor, to enter Hollywood?”


“Sigh. Than, I would never be able to achieve it.”

Lee Da-jin laughed at the appearance of Choi So-young.

“He is really amazing. He really looked like a dragon that makes wishes come true.”

“Da-jin…do you really want to make a wish?”


Lee Da-jin nodded without any delay at Choi So-young’s words. His answer made the two children giggle.

* * *

Lee Da-jin, who was eating snacks, raised his hand.

Choi So-young become more skilled at acting whenever the blue dragon appeared.

Like she was really desperate to make a wish. And as if answering, the Blue Dragon also exuded a tremendous atmosphere.

When he saw the scene, he really felt like a blue dragon would grant his wish.

When he went to a temple or church, Lee Da-jin would pray that he could really make a wish to the Blue Dragon.

“I want to make a wish, too!”


Director Park Ji-soo asked back at the words of Lee Da-jin.

Lee Da-jin, who spoke his mind without realizing it, quickly put his hands on his mouth.

“Seojun’s acting was so real. I wonder how it would feel to act with him! Also, So-Young’s skills have improved a lot, too!”

At that, the other children raised their hands and their guardians applauded at Lee Da-jin’s words silently.

Director Park Ji-soo saw Seojun eating pizza. Seojun, who was eating the pizza deliciously, also raised his head to see what was happening.

‘If Seojun’s acting skills increase So-young’s acting skills, what if he acts with other children?’

Director Park Ji-soo suddenly put down the pizza and asked Seojun, who was looking at him.

“What do you think, Seojun?”

“It’s okay.”

Seojun replied like that and looked back at the script. Well, there are 14 people except for So-Young. But it’s too much to do it for 14 times.

Seojun skillfully checked the lines and asked again.

“Can we do it four people at a time?”



Everyone nodded. After the break, the stage was set up again. The blue dragon appeared on the stage.

The Blue Dragon wasn’t just a piece of cloth anymore. This prop was completed first by the stage director, but is still being revised. The current blue dragon model seems to have been removed from an amusement park parade.

It’s long tail could reach the end of the stage, and his large, sharp eyes looked down at the stage and the audience.

It’s long body was swaying like a wave.

The stage got darker, and Seojun, who stood behind the thin board, grabbed the microphone. Then, he pressed the switch made by the stage director with all his heart and soul.


Blue Dragon’s eyes closed and opened.


“After that day, I think the children’s skills have improved a lot.”

“Well, it’s limited to this play only.”

“This kind of experience is the best.”

Guardians and academy instructor chatted to each other quietly. As the academy instructor said, children became more skilled in acting after the practice with Seojun.

“When I asked him how he could do that, he said that there seems to be a real blue dragon above him, so he seems to think that there is really a blue dragon on the stage.”

“My kid was just staring at the prop box last time.”

“Prop box?”

“Yes. Those were the pieces of magic pearl collected by the protagonist.”

“Oh, I think I know.”

“Yes. He was like ‘If I really take this and make a wish, it will come true. Should I make a wish?’ He was still thinking bout it even at home.”

“Children tend to not be able to distinguish between reality and imagination.”

“That’s true…”

By discussing how to keep confidentiality about Seojun and buying snacks in order, guardians also became close to each other.

“I also want to make a wish whenever So-young makes a wish while watching their group practice.”

“The blue dragon is really amazing.”

The chatter of the guardians reached the president’s ear through the employee. Once again, the president’s eyes went wide.


“Hey, are you really going to watch it?”

“This was the cheapest. Let’s go to the PC room with the rest of the money.”

“Really, I’m embarrassed.”

At Kim Soo-han’s words, his friend face palmed himself. There was homework for summer vacation to watch plays or musicals. The school provided money, so any work at an affordable price could be watched free of charge.

“We’re high school students now. Isn’t a children’s play too much?”

“Everything else was sold out. Let’s watch this quickly and have fun later.”

That’s true, but his friend sighed again.

“You know we have to write a review of this, right?”

“I know. Well, I could just write ‘I found my childhood innocence.’ Furthermore, this is not a very well-known play, so the teacher won’t even ask for the price of the ticket.”

“Okay, I got it.”

They had already come all the way to the Milky Way theater to watch the play. Kim Soo-han and his friend entered the Milky Way Center.

“Is this really a children’s play?”

“That’s right…”

There were many adults. There were even some people who seemed to have come as a group. The audience was currently Half children, half adults.

“It’s a play with only children, so their family and friends must have come to watch it.”

“Oh, that’s true.”

“Well, this is better than just the two of us.”

There was an exceptionally noticeable group among the audience.

There were no children and only adults.

Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-joon was looking at the pamphlet. They were here together with Kim Hee-sung, Seo Eun-chan, Seojun’s grandmother and grandfathers. All of them came together to watch their Seojun’s first play.

“I guess this is Seojun.”

Under the well-drawn dragon picture, theree was written “Najin/8 years old.”

While everyone was focusing on the pamphlet, Seo Eun-chan looked around.

“But there are more people than I thought”.

“I think they are all from the acting academies.”

An Daho popped up from somewhere and surprised his boss.

Seo Eun-chan grabbed his heart.

“I thought I received an heart attack!”

She ignored her younger brother’s acting and asked An Daho.

“Acting academy?”

“I think some instructors told some people that Seojun will appear.”

An Daho’s eyes turned towards the academy principals and those who looked like instructors.

They seemed to know that Seojun would be acting here.

It was clear that the guardians all choose to be under the umbrella Lee Seojun’s name value after the Children’s play showing than being a prey for the reporters.

Fortunately, there were still no articles or rumors about Seojun acting here. Even the children who came with us don’t seem to know.”

The children they brought to watch Seojun’s performance were bored. Some only looked at their cell phones.

Seo Eun-chan, who barely calmed down his beating heart, asked.

“That’s okay, right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“DAHO, what about Seojun?”

When asked by Lee Min-joon, An Daho pointed towards the entrance of the backstage.

“He have to focus from now on, so he asked me to get out of his way.”

“I see.”

“I heard it’s going to be released as a DVD later on. When will it be released?”

“First of all, we decided to sell the recorded version of the best performance out of the eight performances. So we’ll probably sell it at the end of the play.”

“There are still two months left.”

Lee Min-joon and Seo Eun-hye counted their fingers and enlisted people who would they present the DVDs.

They had to send it to the Brown Black and to the acquaintances in the United States.

[The play “Spring” is about to begin. I hope all the audience will begin to enter.]

The staff pressed a button that lift up the curtains.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter!

Yemane afom
Yemane afom
1 year ago

so seojun was actually a real blue dragon in one of his past lives. cool. good chapter

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