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IAW- Chapter 1- Wizard Cafe

Ban Tae-Soo, the owner of Wizard Café, was spending the day the same as usual.

It’s only been about a year since the café opened, yet the Wizard Café was already famous in the area.

First of all, the part-timers, including the owner, Ban Tae-Soo, possessed excellent appearance.

The best visual was, of course, Ban Tae-Soo.

Ban Tae-Soo was very handsome because he is a wizard.

The greater his magic skills as a wizard is, the better his appearance would be.

This is because as his mana capacity grows, his body will be more enhanced, and his skin will improve as impurities leaves his body.

Due to that, he also became taller.

Ban Tae-Soo felt the gazes staring at him, however, he still finished what he was doing without being bothered as much as possible.

The core of Wizard Cafe was the coffee formula made by Ban Tae-soo.

The coffee beans was granulated and then through the coffee machine, it will become the liquid brown coffee everyone recognized.

Ban Tae-Soo put the coffee beans in a large container.

“And now we add Magic here.”

After filling the bucket with coffee beans, he put his hand above, and soon mana gathered. The amount of Magic he put in the container should be evenly distributed to each coffee beans. He had some trials and errors before finding the right quantities.

Anyway, after the coffee beans was coated with magic in this way and it will have great flavor.

Adding a few sips of machine-finished coffee drastically changes the taste and flavor of the coffee they sell.

Of course, it is important to keep the quantity there. Anyone can simply adjust the amount of milk and coffee because they have prepared a perfect cup in advance.

Once a person have a drink with mana, they will continue to look for it.

It’s not addiction, it’s just what the body wants.

The right amount of mana draws a fairly positive response from the general public, not the wizard.

For example, it relieves fatigue, discharges waste, or burns excessively accumulated fat to convert into energy.

Of course, it doesn’t affect a person immediately. It had to be consumed steadily for a very long time to see the best effects.

It has been a year since the cafe was founded, and its operation has now entered to a stable period.

That meant, Ban Tae-Soo didn’t have much to do.

If it were someone else, they would usually branch out at this point or sell franchise.

However, Ban Tae-Soo had no intention of doing so.

It was better to study magic on his free time.

On his 17th birthday, Ban Tae-Soo entered the magical path. However, he didn’t know if that birthday was really his birthday. Because Ban Tae-Soo was an orphan.

In exchange for entering the magical path, Ban Tae-Soo lost all his 17 years worth of memories. After that, he naturally gained knowledge about magic.

The first knowledge that came to his mind was the basics of magic.

After learning it perfectly, strangely, the knowledge that corresponds to the next step naturally came to his mind.

After completing each step perfectly, the next step appeared.

To be honest, the 17 years of memories that disappeared were not that wasteful.

Looking at himself, he was sure he didn’t have many happy memories.

The only downside he could think of was the fact that his knowledge of the world has disappeared, but that wasn’t important enough to feel any regrets. After collecting information, it seems that he was not a model student who could study without any difficulties.

Anyway, to study magic, one person shouldn’t just possess mana. A wide variety of knowledge was needed.

Since then, he had been studying like crazy for all the knowledge he had lost.

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The moment Ban Tae-Soo first used magic, he was fascinated by it. And he had a hunch that he would never be able to get over the feeling of it.

He really studied all sorts of things to study magic.

As he became a wizard, gained mana, and developed mana through training, he didn’t just improve his body. His logical and analytical skills has also improved.

As a result, Ban Tae-Soo entered college.

He did not attend the best university in Korea, but he entered the physics department of a quite famous university.

While attending college, Ban Tae-Soo focused on part-time jobs and his studies.

The power of the wizard was great.

Whenever he did something, he did a good job. Nothing difficult because he had a powerful body and an excellent brain due to mana.

Most of his analytical thinking was biased toward magic.

Except for magic, there was no one who could keep up with Ban Tae-Soo’s ability in studying.

After attending college for about two years, he suddenly thought he needed stability to study magic earnestly.

So what he prepared was the Wizard Café that he was running right now.

Wizard Café’s start-up was carried out under a perfect plan.

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Imagination is as important as mathematical ability and conceptual theorem.

Because it is the wizard who brings what he imagines into reality.

“Will this thesis be helpful?”

He always had this feeling that the breakthrough was just right at the tip of his thumb, but he still couldn’t breakthrough, so he kept feeling impatient.

“I can’t keep doing this.”

Ban Tae-Soo took a deep breath for a while to calm himself down.

And he looked around.

Before he knew it, the store was now full of customers.

Everyone was either talking, reading books, or doing something with their laptops open.

It was a peaceful daily life. This sight was no different from usual.

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However, he always thought that maybe there was some better wizard than him, so they were able to escape from his detection.

Using his detection magic means that he was also risking himself to be detected by another wizard. It was a very dangerous and risky move, recalling what he had done in the previous years.

Anyway, fortunately, nothing happened, and Ban Tae-Soo slowly thought that he was the only wizard in the world.

If he thinks about it, isn’t the process of learning magic really strange? When he is done with a level of magic, the next step naturally comes to his mind.

He was able to open the cafe like this because he was very confident that there was no other wizard.

The magic that he had been honing has thoroughly engraved throughout the cafe.

The sign is engraved with magic that attracts people’s attention and aroused their likings.

He also engraved magic to maintain cleanliness in the safe and magic to prevent damage.

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“X Dgpcny?”

Taq igxhqngxh fvqxl bo zcxc jcffqy mr laq lgj bo agf xbfq.


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I am Wizard

I am Wizard

나는 마법사다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Ban Tae-soo, who lost his memories before the age of 17, became a wizard. While running a cafe and leading a peaceful life devoted to magic research, he arrives at a parallel world. As he goes back and forth between the earth and the parallel world, he goes through various events and approaches the secrets of the world little by little…


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