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Healer in Nord World Chapter 1- Prologue

TL: The MC is girl but in game she has a male character, so the author uses the pronoun He before the game become reality and then she uses her real appearance.


The University he went to after graduating from high school did not fit him.

He would always be alone because he was shy, and luckily, the members of the group formed for the first task were irresponsible egoists.

Since everyone showed an uncooperative attitude, in the end, the task had to be taken individually.

‘Yeah, you can just do it with a person who has time.’

He tried to accept it with a positive mind. However, no one helped him even when the deadline was approaching.

The seniors said something, but the team members drove him to a strange situation.

“When did we say we won’t do this? I said I’d help you later because I was busy.”

“Did you tell the seniors that you don’t want to do it alone?”

“So funny, really. I didn’t see it like that. Totally….”

Rumors spread strangely, and he suddenly had a strange title “fox-like X.”

The gaze he received was full of malice, and whenever he passed by, some groups whined and giggled  while looking at him. At first, he didn’t care much, but the intensity got worse.

If he had endured it with a dull personality, he would have managed to.

However, the stress reached its peak.

Eventually, he had to decide to take a leave of absence.

Human relationships quickly went wrong.

His motivation to face the society disappeared at once.

He naturally took the unemployed route.

One by one, few high school of his friends became difficult to contact due to academic and employment problems. Lonely, he gradually fell into the Internet and games.

A little more time later, the virtual reality game “Nord World,” which started when he was 21, made him a complete NEET.

It was just commercialized, so there were many players. He could easily raise his level and enjoy a leisurely life as a nuisance.

* * *

And three years later, at the age of 24, he was still unemployed and still playing Nord World.

After having an early dinner, he headed to the bedroom and went inside a VR capsule, like a habit, and run the program. Along with a clear notification sound, the loading screen appeared in sight, and several icons became visible.

“Nord World.”

Since it was a device equipped with voice recognition, the game execution procedure was simple. As soon as he those words, the screen slowly changed with a beep. System messages began to appear one after another on the screen that turned black.

[Receives biometric signals to verify the player]

[If you use a separate tool, please log in with a safety login]

[Identified the user]

[Check the connection environment for smooth play]

[Finished checking the connection environment]

[Link with the player’s cell phone]

[Check the biometric connection option]

[The five senses function is normal]

[Checking the user’s condition according to the Game Industry Promotion Act.]

[Checking his vitals] For an accurate diagnosis, do not move your body.]


[Finished checking]

[Check the normal range of the user’s vitals]

[Loading player information]

After a while…

[Access to Nord World.]


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I’m Living as a Healer in Nord World

I’m Living as a Healer in Nord World

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Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Nord World, a game that is being ruined by the production company’s neglect. One day, an event notice suddenly appeared. [Pre-Booking for the Winter Monster Invasion Event]] [If you accept, go to the waiting room. If you refuse, you’ll be logged out immediately.] [Will you make a reservation in advance reservation?] [Yes | No] All players who pressed Yes for the event are now trapped in the game.


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