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The Overpowered Hero has lost his memory Prologue

I opened my eyes.

“Where am I?”

As my senses returned, I started feeling the humidity and coolness unique to a basement. I blinked and suddenly questioned.

“I… Who am I?”

I don’t remember anything. My head was empty.

On my empty memory, only one word appeared.

“Ro… An…”

What does this name mean?

“My name?”

The moment I tried to remember what was connected to the name, my head suddenly started aching.

A terrible headache struck me, it was as if a needle was piercing my temple constantly.

I waited for the pain to go away and tried to remember, but it was still the same.

Pain comes whenever I tried to recall my memories.

Eventually, I had no choice but to give up.

When I stopped thinking, the pain started subsiding.

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