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Superstar from age 0 chapter 139

“Hahaha, Soobin is so cute!”

“Nah! Nah!”

Soobin, who put his face right in front of the cell phone, laughed at Seojun’s greeting.

Choi Soo-hee was lost in thought. She tried recalling the faces of people she knew. Some are abroad and others are busy with their concerts.

“Shouldn’t Seojun learn from a famous person if it is for a movie?”

“It doesn’t matter. The director will invite someone who will teach me about the performance. Until then, I will only need to learn the basics.”

“Then it’s okay if it is not a professor?”


“Then there’s someone I know. I’m still a student, but I’ll teach you well after tutoring a few times. It hasn’t been long since he came to Korea, so I’m looking for something short to do. I might leave next year. You might not be able to learn it next year. Are you okay?”

“Yes. You can find another teacher next year.”

“Okay. Then I’ll contact them. Oh, Soobin is upset.”


Seojun and Choi Soo-hee burst into laughter when they heard Soobin’s crying complaints across the phone.

“I thought it was quiet for some reason. Bye, Soobin!”

“Bye-bye. Soobin, say goodbye to Seojun-hyung.”

“Ah! Ba!”

“See you later, Soobin.”


“See you next time. Seojun.”


The phone was cut off with Soobin’s roar and Choi Soo-hee’s laughter. After a while, a video of Soobin holding the cell phone tightly with a slime doll beside him was sent.

Soobin was looking at the phone, calling him Hyung.

Below the video, there was a caption.

<I need to hurry up growing and play with hyung!>

Seojun burst into laughter.

* * *

Seojun fell asleep. When he opened my eyes, he saw a tightly closed library of life. When he opened the door of the library, he immediately saw the bookshelves lined up filled with books.

Books of ability that have been used so far, books that he already read, and numerous books that have not yet been read.

If there are no filming, he would busy himself by reading some books.

He could have just briefly examined them, but memories would flow to his mind on its own, spending more time reading a book.

“I need to find the ability today.”

Seojun looked around the title of each book.

The books of life in the library is classified according to the type of monsters.

His life as a slime has its own bookshelf, same as the els, goblin and etc.

To find an ability related to the violin, he had to look through the Music and Art shelves.

Seojun picked two candidates after looking through two bookshelves. He pondered.

“Should I re-classify the library of life?”

There are many classification methods, but Seojun could not change it right now. To change the library of life, he needed to be at the level when he first created the library of life.

This was too much for Seojun right now. He could only use middle and low-level skills.

“I should wait till I open the last door before I can make any changes.”

There were still many closed doors in the library of life. He still have many doors to open, but when will he be able to open them all? Seojun sighed and walked to the next bookshelf.

“Sigh. I’ll have to work hard to find a good ability.”

* * *

A few days later, Jung Yi-seul, the violin teacher introduced by Choi Soo-hee, arrived in front of Cocoa Entertainment.

Jung Yi-seul was holding her Violin case’s strap with both hands, waiting in front of Cocoa Entertainment.

There were some people who seemed to be fans of some celebrities standing outside like her.

Jung Yi-seul, who drew people’s attention for her noticeable violin case, was at a loss.

An Daho was waiting in the lobby and when he saw Jung Yi-seul holding a violin case, she came outside.

“Teacher Jung Yi-seul?”

“Oh, yes. Hello.”

“Nice to meet you. Let’s go in for now.”

Jung Yi-seul went inside Cocoa Entertainment under the guidance of An Daho.

Jung Yi-seul received a temporary pass handed over by An Daho.

“I’m An Daho, actor Lee Seojun’s manager.”

“Hello, I’m Jung Yi-seul.”

“Seojun’s practice room is this way.”

Jung Yi-seul held the strap of her violin case tightly. It was her first time coming inside a celebrity agency, she was amazed at the pictures of celebrities she saw everywhere.

The practice room they went to was a practice room dedicated to Seojun, personally prepared by Seo Eun-Chan, as soon as he signed with the agency. Seojun will only come here when he needs to practice for his acting.

“If you slide your pass here, the door will open. Try it.”

“Oh, yes!”

At the words of An Daho, Jung Yi-seul slide the pass on the machine.

Beep, there was a sound, and An Daho opened the door.

The practice room was spacious and clean.

One wall was full of mirrors. It was amazing, Jung Yi-seul was admiring the room, when she heard a bright voice. It was Seojun.


“Oh, hello.”

Jung Yi-seul also said her hello quickly. An Daho left the practice room.

Seojun guided her to sit down.

A small table and chair was placed in one side of the practice room. In addition, there were cameras, large monitors, and refrigerators with snacks and drinks to soothe hunger.

“Please sit here, Teacher.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“Speak at ease with me. I’m Lee Seojun.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Jung Yi-seul.”

“Yes, Teacher Jung Yi-seul!”

Seojun took out two glasses.

“There’s green tea and coffee. There’s orange juice too. What do you want to drink?”

“Hmm. Can I have juice?”


Seojun poured orange juice into the two glasses and placed one in front of Jung Yi-seul.

Jung Yi-seul was thirsty, she immediately drank a gulp of juice.

“I heard from the professor that you just need to learn the basic, not the performance itself. Is that right?”

“Yes. The director sent me a score music. Until the next score comes, I only have to practice the posture of this score.”

“I see. I heard you learned the violin a few years ago. For long did you learn violin?”

“Hmm. Just a few months.”

“How many months…”

Jung Yi-seul was lost in thought.

Learning violin for only a few months was no different from not learning at all.

Jung Yi-seul, who didn’t not know Seojun’s ability to learn quickly, decided to teach him from the beginning.

“Then should I teach you from the beginning?”

Seojun nodded at Jung Yi-seul’s words.

He remember the learnings from 2 years ago, but his mindset was different from that time. This time, Seojun decided to learn properly from the beginning for improving his acting.


“Shall I listen to how you play the violin first?”

At the words of Jung Yi-seul, Seojun took the violin out of his violin case.

It was the pretty expensive violin that aunt Nara gifted him before. A few years ago, the violin seemed a little big, but now it was just the right size for him.

Seojun, who was taking out a violin bow, raised his head suddenly and said, “Oh, right! Teacher, can I film this?”


“Yes. Filming it because it would help me for my acting.”

“Oh, it’s okay.”

Jung Yi-seul nodded.

What did Seojun mean it’s helpful for his acting? Will he be filming a new movie?

Seojun put down the violin and installed a camera in the front and at his side.

He skillfully adjusted and matched the camera to his height.

The camera lit up, and Seojun stood with the violin on his shoulder.

“Let’s check your posture first”.

Seojun’s violin lesson for the next movie began.


Sarah Lot was waiting for someone in a Cafe. Half of the box office is already guaranteed with Seojun as a cast, and the other half would have to rely on the music as the factor.

The door of the cafe opened and a person came in.

Sarah Lot was looking at the entrance anxiously, and when the person she was waiting for arrived, she jumped up.

“Professor Morton!”

When Sarah Lot called him, he look through the place where the voice came from. Benjamin Morton walk to Sarah Lot and sat in front of her after saying his greetings.

The waiter took their order and left.

“Nice to meet you, Professor Morton. I’m Sarah Lot, a movie director.”

“Hello. I’m Benjamin Morton.”

There are two people that director Sarah Lot wanted to work with when she first planned the film. One was the actor Seojun and the other was Benjamin Morton.

Benjamin Morton.

He was a known violinist and musician. He made his name known as a composer.

Until a decade ago, he continued his active activities but retired due to personal reasons. Now, he became a professor in a Music college close to his home.

He would only held a special lecture once a week, but more and more people applied to the composition and violin departments because Benjamin Morton only taught in those department.

Benjamin Morton possess excellent violin skills, but it was his song that people were more enthusiastic about.

The songs composed by Benjamin Morton touched people’s hearts and was enough to be someone’s life song.

Even after years have passed, musicians would still perform songs by Benjamin Morton, and their concert would still sell out every day.

Among the advantages of Benjamin Morton’s songs, was the ’emotions’ each people can perceived when they listen to his songs.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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