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It was not easy for Kaham to admit his defeat.

He place great pride in his swordsmanship.

He has grown up hearing that he is the eldest son prodigy of the Luhaman family.

‘Kaham Luhaman won against a knight.’

When he beat a knight only with sword techniques, his confidence and pride grew out of control.

Within his peers, he thought that even Selina may not be able to beat him.

When others flattered him, he thought it was natural.

However, an uninvited guest came between his conversation with Selina. This was the first time he face a person that ignored him.

The uninvited guest even insulted him in front of everyone. He dared to insult, Kaham Luhaman? He must have been tired of living!

He was angry and annoyed.

He didn’t want to see this person, who couldn’t even advance above 1st class, getting ahead of himself.

So he suggested a Duel.

And Raymond accepted the Duel.

Everything went according to his plans, he even imagined how to humiliate Raymond in front of everyone.

He didn’t think he’d lose to Raymond, in the first place, he already won against a knight with swordsmanship alone.

But he will never have thought that Raymond has also won against a knight, and overwhelming at that.

He prepared himself, he tried to strike, yet, why did it become like this?

His whole body aches.

His thighs, shoulders, and face were burning with pain.

But what Kaham can’t stand the most was…

Raymond’s gaze looking down at him.

Those indifferent eyes, as if he already expected such results.

Silence surrounded them.

The gaze of the people filled with surprise slowly returned to themselves and praised the winner.

Clap, clap, clap, clap.

Even Selina’s applauded.

All that going towards Raymond right now, should have him instead.

It had to be himself, not him, not others, only him.

This can’t be happening.

‘I’m sure he had done something.’

This shouldn’t have happen if he didn’t cheat.

A wizards must have given him a buff magic so he could overpower him.


How can you let others help you in a fair game?

“How dare you.”

As he was staring at Raymond, he saw Count Warlug approaching.

Did he come here to announce the real winner?

‘Yeah, who is Raymond? I am confident that I would become great with my sword techniques in the future.’

However, Count Warlug did now head towards him, but Raymond.

“What do you think of Selina?”

There was a spark in his eyes.

‘Why, why are you saying that to that guy?’

What suits Selina is him!

He’s never like that.

“Without him, without him.”

If it weren’t for Raymond, he’d be the one in the eyes of Count Warlug.

‘I will never forget this.’

Kaham didn’t like the guy who took what it was meant for him.

‘I’ll take my revenge.

It will make you regret everything you’ve done.’

“Young master, are you okay?”

As Kaham was busy with his own thoughts, his servant hurriedly approached and helped him.

His legs kept trembling, so he stood leaning against him.

“Go to our Lahaman’s Estate right now and get the stuff on the bookshelf.”

“Young master, that’s…”

The face of his servant stiffened. He looked as if he had heard something he shouldn’t have heard.

“Don’t say anything, go get it right away.”


The practitioner, who hesitated, nodded.

‘We can’t move on like this.’

He stared at Raymond.

‘You have to pay back for this.’


On the last day of the banquet, the biggest event will be held.

They will divided into a teams and only the noble’s children will participate and hunt.

It may be divided into teams but there was still a competition between swordsmen and wizards.

The winning prize wasn’t very good, but this was a perfect event for Young Masters who wanted to show off.

In addition, it was an opportunity for the children from each prestigious family to get closer.

Most of the children must have waited for this day, and it was clear that they already created their own team.

“The most ideal for me is to team up with Beatrice.”

Raymond from the Millennium and Beatrice from the Skylar family.

It could be said to be the best combination.


There’s no way to get close.’

Trauma is something like that.

His brother sacrificed himself to protect Raymond, so it is not easy for him to reach out to her.

Furthermore, it has been rumored that the person who he protected was not a good boy, but an incompetent jerk.

Of course she’ll hate me.’

Without me, her brother wouldn’t have been hurt.

I think it’ll work out somehow if it is Selina.’

He had a conversation with her at the banquet, and they’re situation was not bad either. Also, the probability of attracting her to his side increased a little.

‘Hunting events does not allow swordsmen and wizards to be together.’

That was the main problem.

Selina was a swordsman, so it was hard for him to team up with her.

If he break such rule and try to team up with her, other children would be wary if him.

Honestly, it didn’t matter.

But If didn’t have to step up and work it out…

Will be there anyone who want to be in same team as me?’

Other children are reluctant to go with him.

It’s much better to go around alone than to be interfered by others for no reason and argue.

But the place we’re going to is the habitat of Orcs.’

The home place of the orcs. Although knights went around the day before and killed the Orcs. Still, one or two orcs could still appear.

‘Can I handle an Orc alone?’

Even if he won against a knight with swordsmanship, it was still impossible for him to face an Orc

The difference between the knight and him was in Mana.

Using and not using mana.

He can’t use mana with his swordsmanship.

He had never done it.

There is a clear difference between how a wizard and a knight used Mana.

‘I’ve never even learned swordsmanship properly.’

What he did was simply ‘acting’.

He didn’t think it would be possible to do that essential thing.

“Then what should I do?”

If there’s no one who wanted to team up with him, he may have to remain alone.

“I can’t be accompanied by a family knight.”

He wanted to hunt on his own power.

Therefore, there is no point on asking a family knight to accompanying him.

Furthermore, he didn’t think they would listen to him.

He treated them so bad, so no one would want to help him. Well, unless they are perverts who like to be beaten up.

“First, bring a sword.”

He looked at the sword from the commander again.

This time, he would be able to handle a ‘real’ sword.

“I hope to do well.”

Wielding a wooden sword and wielding a real sword. Fighting to spar and fighting to save his life were completely different things.

No matter how much he acted, will it be possible for him to kill?

“U have to do it even if it doesn’t work.”

Make the impossible become possible.

There was a reason that this quotation existed.

He mustn’t show his weakness from the start.

“I have to prepare properly.”’

The hunting ground was a dangerous space where one wouldn’t know when and what danger would come out

So he had to prepare as much as possible.

He went to the Knights and got leather armor.

He armed himself enough to cover only important parts that does not interfere with his movement at all.

As he tied his shoelaces, he suddenly remembered something from yesterday.

‘What did that mean?’

The words of Count Warlug still lingered in his head.

“What do you think of Selina?”

What did he mean by asking that?

Did he like him for her daughter? Was his meaning to be more than friends with Selina?

“That can’t be true.”

It didn’t make sense even when he think about it.

Selina was a natural swordsmanship genius.

On the other hand, he was a fool whose rumors were not good.

The count was trying to connect him to Selina?

If others heard it, they would only laugh.

Maybe it’s because he is curious about the changed in my temperament.’

The original Raymond and him were completely different.

In addition, the relationship between Millennium and Count Warlug could be said close, so they would have met often.

Then, he would have seen how Raymond acted previously.

‘Was he doubting that I became someone else?’

Even Raymond would be suspicious is someone he knew would suddenly change.

Well, it’s not a bad thing though.

“Was it just a joke?”

It would be good if what the count said was only heard by me, but there others too.

The impact of his words wasn’t small either.

“Why did he say that?”

Thanks to that, be had to return home without having a proper conversation with Selina.

“Is there any other way?”

Is there other ways he could hang out with Selina?

If he doesn’t get closer with her, it may become more difficult to rope her in his side.

“I really hope it’ll work out somehow.”

After hunting, there will be a big problem on teams.

Raymond and her would be in different teams, so they would fight each other.

“It’s hard.”

He tied a sword to his waist and put a robe over it.

Wearing the robe with the patterns of the Millennium family, it symbolizes that he was a Wizard himself.

Knock, knock, knock.

“Young master, I’m here to pick you up.”

He heard the voice of a man, for the first time, it was not Alice who came to starve him.

Alice did say she had a lot of work to do.’

On banquet day, the maids becomes busier than usual.

Although Alice was his maid in charge, she still needed to help the other maid.

You don’t have to make her work hard for my convenience.’

Just because she’s not here, doesn’t mean he cannot do anything.

“Let’s go.”

The servant looked at him and took the lead.

Unlike in the past, when the servant looked at him with contempt, now they looked at him as if they were looking at a mysterious animal.

“This is a better treatment than the beginning.”

It was a better response than before.

The entrance to the hunting ground was noisy.

The children were busy bragging about themselves surrounding to others.

And among them, there were many children gathered next to Selina and Beatrice.


Why is she here?

Shouldn’t she have been busy at the Magic Tower?

What happened?

“Was there such a content in the original work?”

Beatrice has not attended the banquet since “That Day.”

Because the “banquet” itself became a trauma to her.

But the fact that she appeared at the banquet means that there was a reason.

“No way…”

Just once Beatrice appeared at the banquet after that day, to be exact, only on the hunting day.

‘The Master of the Tower she belongs to must have told her to go out to overcome her trauma.’

Almost semi-forced, she went hunting.

In the original work, he didn’t know the exact day because it was only describe briefly.

Was that today?

Having made eye contact with him, she turned her head away.

He knew that she hated him.

But still he walked away with a bitter smile.


When he arrived at the meeting place, it became quiet everywhere.

The Initially noisy surrounding it become quiet within an instant.

‘Yesterday result must have shocked them.’

People’s reactions have been like that since Kaham was defeated by him.

“It’s not bad.”

Rather than cursing at him and mocking him, avoiding him was better.

It suited him.

“Did you sleep well? I’m worried if you couldn’t sleep well because it’s a strange place.”

Passing by them, he smiled and talked to Selina.

“Oh, Raymond.”

She looked back at him with a tired face.

Unlike the banquet hall, she was dressed like a female knight.

Wearing iron armor that covers her important parts, she was like a painting in itself.

‘I didn’t expect a woman in armor would look cool.’

As before, she was unrealistically beautiful.

“Thanks to your consideration, I had a comfortable night.”

Saying that, she looked behind his back.

And seeing that no one was left, he slightly frowned.

“By the way, where’s your teammate?”

Who can be on his team?

Someone called him when he shook his head and tried to say no.

“Young Master Raymond.”

Looking back, he frowned without realizing it.

“Will you team up with me?”

Because Kaham Luhaman stood there.

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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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