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The Greatest Extra Chapter 35- If you pull out the sword (1)

The whole camp was surrounded with magic. A red light that flew to the sky was now descending at a high speed towards them.

Even assassins with little knowledge of magic, could see that this spell was casted by Wizard of a higher level.

“Avoid it!”

“The, the ground is frozen!”

The sky was red and the ground was covered with a layer of thin white ice. The assassins failed to avoid it and the rain of fire poured over their heads.

“God, High-ranking magic…….”

Sylvia, who was watching the scene from afar, was astonished.

Growing up in the woods, she never had a chance to encounter a High-ranking magic spell in her entire life.

“This is the fear of battle…….”

They were the servants of the Second Prince, the same servants who slaughtered her fellow elves in the green forest. Now, all of them fell helplessly in front of an unexpected high-ranking magic spell.

“Madam, I think we need to step down.”

Siadin approached Sylvia carefully and whispered. But the assassin next to them heard it and pulled out a sharp dagger.

“You must secure our retreat in case of emergency! If you make an unauthorized move, you’ll lose your life!”

Sylvia noticed that these two people’s voices were full of fear.

“I’m not going anywhere, so don’t worry.”

Sylvia turned her head back to the battlefield after stating her answer.

She hope all the servant of the Second Prince, who slaughtered the elves right in front of her, will die, but right now she had no choice but to pray for their victory if she wanted to survive. If the servants of the Second Prince were killed and captured, not only her but also her whole tribe will be in danger.

“The Wizard!”

Among the servants sent by the Second Prince, there was a High-ranking wizard. As he lifted the staff together with a flap of his robe, the cold white ice covering the ground melted away.


Although he is said to be a High-ranking wizard, cancelling a high-ranking magic still caused a burden on his body.

He staggered with blood pouring from his nose and mouth. In cancelling the magic spell alone he already exhausted all his Mana.


“Find the High-ranking Wizard. We need to get rid of him first!”

Their feet were freed thanks to the sacrifice of their companion. The Moon Knights and assassins scattered.

They kept their eyes alert looking for their goal, but it was neither the blue nor the red tower masters that appeared in front of them, rather it was hundreds of men were heading towards them.

“For the Pilias!”

Imperial soldiers and knights were marching towards them while intermediate wizards from the tower supported them behind with magic.

“Lightning Arrow!”

“Ice Spear.”

Mana fluctuated and their magic was soon complete. Sharp pieces of ice poured out and a lighting arrow headed towards them.

The Second Prince’s men fell helplessly. They are assassins, they were supposed to be secret blades that hide in the dark and stealthily kill the enemies. There was no way they could have countered attack properly in this situation.

“What, what is our wizard doing!”

The assassins rushed to find the wizard that went with them, but except for the old exhausted High-ranking wizard, there was only one quasi High-ranking and three intermediate wizards. They all used their mana with all their might, but the magic power led by the Fifth Prince’s men was too good.

“What the hell is Fifth Prince doing? When did he bring such great wizards from?”

While the Second Prince’s men collapsed and died in the chaos, the Moon Knights used their “complete hiding” to hide themselves in the shadows.


“Where in the world are the moon knights…!”

The Second Prince’s men slowly died searching for the missing Moon Knights. As their last hope disappeared, the assassins had fallen faster.

“The Second Prince’s men are falling.”

“I don’t care. We only have to kill the Fifth Prince.”

They have a reason for helping the Second Prince today, but the real goal was the assassination of Raymond Pilias, the Fifth Prince, whose name was written on the black book.

It didn’t matter if all the servants of the Second Prince died. Moon Knights will only achieve their purpose.

At some distance away from the battlefield, the Moon Knights gathered together for a brief conversation and scattered to find the Fifth Prince again.

* * *

“Don’t stand back and fight! We are the proud Imperial Army of the Great Pilias Empire!”

Raymond was watching a little further from the battlefield, and the voice of the Imperial Commander, Casillas, was heard all the way to where he was.

It seems like he increased his volume using his Aura.

“Don’t you think it’s time for you to come out?”

“Do you mind if the Tower Masters are gone on your side?”

Gesteine, who heard Raymond’s words, approached cautiously and expressed his concern.

The most powerful men the Fifth Prince have are the two tower masters. But now they were ravaging assassins on the front line.

With the Moon Knight suddenly disappearing, the only stronger ones standing by the Fifth Prince was the retired Imperial Guard.

Gesteine, Desia, and the Shadow Squad would always remain on his side, but right now it was not known exactly how many Moon Knights were there, so they can’t let their guard down even for a second.

“The Shadow Squad commander is worrying too much.”

Desia tried to continue the conversation further, but soon noticed someone approaching in the dark.


Gesteine also pulled out his sword immediately at the scream of Desia. A clear Aura started surrounding the sword.

“Fifth Prince, do not get away from my side.”

The red-masked Jace stood closely to Raymond.

“They’re here.”

A cold smile spread around Raymond’s mouth. Despite being the Moon Knight’s targets, he did not lose his composure.

“They are coming.”

A black figure soared from the shadow.Β  Soon there were Moon knights around them.

“Seven people?”

There were seven who showed up, but it wasn’t known how many Moon Knights were still in hiding. The Moon Knights were all scheming people.

Raymond shifted his gaze to the side without saying a word. Desia, who received his eye signal, spread her Mana to search all over the place.

“There are a few more hiding beyond the shadow.”

She must at least be at the level of a Supreme Wizard to completely see through their Hiding. Since Desia was close to becoming a Supreme Wizard, it was possible for her to vaguely detect how many people were hidden in the shroud of complete hiding.

“You can think of more than five people, given the strong energy beyond the shadow.

Was Raymond’s relaxed atmosphere contagious? Desia remained calm despite more than 10 hostile Moon Knights surrounding her.

Was it because of the conviction that the shield will not breached?

As her level of magic gradually rose, her confidence was also getting higher.

She don’t need to bother herself from thinking anymore. She should be facing the Moon knights now.

“I don’t remember inviting you here.”

“You won’t say long, Fifth Prince.”

Was there no room for further conversation?

Moon knights soared into the sky.

Half of them went back into the darkness, and those still showing up threw their daggers.

Some hid into darkness, some used black manna, and some cloned themselves. It could be seen how advance was the techniques of the Moon Knights were.

“Step back!”

Desia exclaimed in a shrill voice. The Shadow Squad members, who were trying to run forward, stepped back at her order and a shield was created in front of them with a blue mana.

The blue-colored giant shield prevented the Moon Knights from throwing daggers. It wasn’t over yet.

Three Moon Knights jumped over the shield, by hiding in the shadows.

Appearing right below their tents, they threw daggers at the nearby Shadow Squad members.


Two members of the Shadow Squad have fallen. Then, as shadow split to other places, five moon knights appeared and attacked. Two more members of the Shadow Squad collapsed.

By the time the other Shadow Squad members rushed to intercept, the Moon Knights had already disappeared into the shadows.


“But Prince, that’s what they want.”

Scattering around should be done to reduce damage. Raymond ordered in a calm voice, but Gesteine opposed it.

Spreading narrows the range of action of the Moon Knights because the Shadow Squad members are deployed in a wider range, however, the defense of Raymond will weaken.

“I don’t intend to survive alone.”

At Raymond’s answer, Gesteine chewed his lips and ordered the Shadow Squad to scatter around.

As the Shadow Squad members scattered, the Moon Knights were no longer able to make their way back.

“Fifth Prince…….”

“Desia, prepare your shield.”

They’re coming.

Blood spurted from the neck of the Shadow Squad member who was guarding in front of them.

Four black shadows were seen jumping over the body of the Shadow Squad member, who couldn’t even scream and fell helplessly.

“The blood of the Emperor Pilius’s family! How dare you point a weapon at safety!”

Gesteine set off from the ground and swung his sword forward. The wielded blade cut the neck of a Moon Knight who was taking the lead.

“Be careful, a high-ranking knight!”


A shadow of darkness was torn and another Moon Knight appeared. Another Shadow Squad dust had collapsed, and five moon knights rushed towards Gesteine to occupy him.

“The rest attack the Fifth Prince.”

The Moon Knights moved quickly. One onthe left, one in front and one in the right sides, 3 dark blade aimed at Raymond’s vital point.


“I know, Your Majesty the Fifth.”

Again, the blue shield prevented each dagger from advancing.

“Distant attacks don’t seem to work!”

“Close! Closer and closer!”

Aura rose from the daggers drawn by the Moon Knights. Jace, who was sitting still beside Raymond, also moved.

The moment he had moved, the two Moon Knights collapsed.

“Moo, what happened!”

“There’s seems to be another high-ranking knight!”

Feeling a sense of crisis, all the Moon Knights tore up the darkness and appeared.

“There are more enemies than I thought.”

Under the mask, Jace’s face hardened. Contrary to what Desia said, there were more hidden Moon Knights.

There are six new moon knights, so there were eleven except for those Gesteins were dealing with.

Although he was an excellent knight enough to be selected as the Imperial Guard, he was already retired due to his old age.

Eleven Moon Knights with ferocious spirit, if they all attack him at once, Jace wasn’t sure if he could protect the Fifth Prince.

“Dame Desia, I ask you to protect his Highness the Fifth Prince!”

Jace shouted as he rushed toward a Moon Knight. He made a move first because he knew well that he couldn’t win if he was defending.

He showed off his strength attacking seven of them, but the remaining four rushed toward Raymond and Desia.

Seeing the shadow running toward them, Raymond created a fire spell.

“Fire Spear!”

“Ice arrow!”

The fire spear penetrated the darkness and soon there was no more shadows.

The distance between the three Moon Knights was too close to complete a High-ranking magic.

The ice arrows that Desia hurriedly completed pierced into the body of a Moon Knight.

Their number is reduced by one, but there are 2 more and their distance was getting closer.

Desia tried too hard to gather Mana, but before the spell was completed, she was attacked and the magic scattered like a mirage.

A destruction scroll, Raymond didn’t expect them to bring that expensive disposable artifact.

Raymond didn’t even think of this. The corners of Raymond’s mouth twisted and the Moon Knights rushed towards him like a flock who found their prey.

“The Fifth Prince! Cough!”

Desia collapsed coughing up a handful of dark red blood.

“Your Highness….”

Even as she collapsed, Desia reached out her bloody hand to complete the spell.

If it weren’t for Raymond, it wouldn’t have been easy for her to get to this point so quickly. She was very afraid that he would suddenly disappear in front of her eyes.

“We’ve got the shield!”

“There’s no energy from Mana!”

“The Fifth Prince is left alone! Attack him now!”

The Moon knights moved. Raymond did not back down, despite the appearance of the Moon Knights rushing towards him.

Raymond raised his right hand as he took a step forward to confront them.

“Did you think I was alone…”

Aura started gathering on his right hand. It soon became a sword.


“Wasn’t the Fifth Prince a wizard?”

Raymond kicked the ground and narrowed the distance between him and the Moon Knights, who were taken a back for a moment.

“One thousand knights are with me…….”

Both his eyes glowed sharply together with the Soul Sword.

“I am by no means alone.”

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The Greatest Extra in history

The Greatest Extra in history

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
One day, when I opened my eyes, I became the 5th prince of the empire that appeared in the novel. I was supposed to be happy. But the empire fell and the 5th Prince was horribly killed.


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11 months ago

Thanks for the chapter. πŸ™ Looking forward to the next chapter!

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