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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% exp chapter 125

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Once again, Lokan was pushed away by the flames.

His whole body was burned and it was revealed to be tattered with shock.

If he was a hunter, not a boss monster, that deep wound would have led him to death.


Eventually, Lokan, who knelt down, breathed out a harsh breath.

No matter how much a Boss Monster uses vitality and regeneration, there was a limit for everything.

The accumulated damage and injuries were so severe that it was impossible for him to fight any more.

“Is that it?”

When Do Yoon-il noticed that the fight was over, he took back his oozing Mana.

Then he still looked at Lokan who he had thought it has the appearance of a werewolf.

“The necromancer uses transformation skills and fights like this. He’s definitely a strange one.”

A way of fighting that he had never heard of in the guild.

Nevertheless, he was still a necromancer who controlled thousands of undead corpses.

He could see at a glance that the group of monsters around here was not a summon of any ordinary necromancer.

The sudden appearance of the hunter, as well for his skill, he was sure he was extremely unusual.

‘But that’s the end of it.’

Standing in front of Lokan, Do Yun-il looked down at him.

“It’s embarrassing, to meet like this but you’ve crossed the line after such a long time. If we don’t put hold on your neck in the middle of Seoul, it’s going to ruin the guild’s name.”

“I’m sure… that’s it.”

Lokan nodded his head gently.

All the muscles in the arm were burnt out, so he didn’t even have the strength to lift them.

“Next time, I’ll bite you in the neck.”

“Next? Don’t tell me you think you can get out of here.”


There was a strong Mana in Do Yoon-il’s hand.

With that level of power, he was going to make sure that there was no room for any further revenge.

The number of summons here was not enough to reverse the situation.



The powerful magic fell upon Lokan’s head.

It was so powerful that the shock wave burst out and a huge hole was created.

The view of the entire room was obscured for a while becaused of the hazy dust.

But when the vision comes back, and the surroundings begin to show.

Only then did Do Yoon-il realize that something was wrong.

“…He is gone?”

Underneath there was only an empty pit.

It wasn’t that the body evaporated or anything.

Just before the magic was directly hit by him, he felt that all the summons in this dungeon had disappeared.

The body was not burned to ashes, but disappeared as if it had gone somewhere else.

“How can this be…….”

In a building far from the S-Class dungeon.

Sung-hyun stood on the empty rooftop there.

“Phew, there shouldn’t be any problem at this point.”

Sung-hyun, leaning against the wall, took a breather for a moment.

Sung-hyun used the power of shadow to bring Lokan back at such a dangerous moment.

Actually, Sung-hyun tried to bring in Lokan from the moment Do Yoon-il appeared.

But due to Lokan stubbornness, he let him fight more.

“The result was good, but it could have been very dangerous.”

“I’m sorry.”

“That’s enough, go ahead and finish your drink.”

Sung-hyun ordered Lokan to drink the best healing potion one after another.

Then he quickly recovered from the mess with his regenerative properties.

His body was strong for a normal Boss Monster, so there was no problem with the injuries.

‘Either way… We got away with it.’

It was a very dangerous moment.

He stepped up and chose a safe option to sneak out while Lokan distracted them.

He planned this because it’s not far from Cheongseong’s area.

It was not they were afraid of them it was

because, Do Yoon-il showed up… It would’ve been a disaster if he appeared there to knock him down.

Even though Sung-hyun got stronger quickly recently. He still don’t have enought power to stand against the top officials of Cheongseong, or the top three.

It was fortunate that they were able to escape a direct confrontion deep in the dungeon.

‘Well, at least I got a chance to estimate his power.’

It was the first time for Sung-hyun to met other S-class hunters.

Thanks to this, he also got a rough idea about their level.

This was very meaningful information.

Due to the nature of the rating, it was not easy to gauge the level of each S-class hunter until there was a direct confrontion between each other.

In other words, they collected some information through this indirect meeting.

Especially in the case of Do Yoon-il, who was still ignorant about Lokan being a monster.

He easily overwhelmed Lokan without even trying his best, but his minimum standard to move against him has been roughly set.

“Then now… I’ll have to to check them out.”

Sung-hyun got up and started planning for his next attack.

He was not good enough to just let go of his opponents.

Above all, Koo Chang-hwan and his guild had to be cleaned up anyway.

“Are you going to attack them?”

“Yes, I can’t miss this opportunity. You guys will be able to run wild outside for the first time in a while.”

Sung-hyun said with a smirk.

Although both were Sung-hyun’s works, externally, him and Aegis Guild had no contact with each other.

Therefore, it was not easy to intervene directly in the form of the masked king, even though a clash with the Biryu guild can be foreseen.

However, the situation became much simpler as Koo Chang-hwan came to fight him first.

‘You’ve given me a reason to step up.’

There is no reason not to come forward.

‘Thousands of hunters vs. 1. The scale is different, but this doesn’t make a big difference either.’

The goal is Koo Chang-hwan’s guild.

After tonight, the master of the guild will be changed.

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