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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% exp chapter 124


It was a Werewolf with a big body.

Koo Chang-hwan was dazed by the appearance of the man with a pitch-black appearance.

It wasn’t a summon or any other trick.

He was now a masked Werewolf king who changed his appearance from being a human.

(TL: he was still stinking Lokan was the Necromance Hunter and the changes in his appearance is caused by a skill.)

‘What the…’

This was the first time in his whole entire Hunter life that he didn’t know what was happening.

Even though he was facing him, he didn’t even know what kind of skill was that.

Aside from that, what kind of skill is it in the first place? Why does a necromancer, not a warrior, have that ability?

When all kinds of question marks kept popping up in Chang-hwan’s head.

Lokan stepped out with a thump.



Then Lokan’s claw, which approached in an instant, met him.

A different level of movement from the speed he just saw.

There was nothing to say about power.

After the complete reveal of the Werewolf appearance, the power soared to the point where he felt like he was facing someone else.

No, he wasn’t actually a human being in the first place.


‘What the fuck is wrong with this necromancer……?!’

Koo Chang-hwan grinned his teeth at the sight of Lokan rushing towards him more aggressively.

This was no different than fighting a ferocious beast boss monster than a human being.

But there was no time to be surprised.

If he don’t deal with it properly, he’ll be punished.

His calm appearance had long disappeared.

They were now having a fierce battle against each other.


“You sons of bitch!”

Koo Chang-Hwan nervously shook off the ironclad spider that ran behind his back.

Confronting against an even opponent, the crowds of monsters around them had no choice but to get on his nerves.

‘This is……?’

But the hard cobwebs spewed out by the ironclad spider clenched his ankle.

Koo Chang-hwan stepped out at once, but in that short time it created an opportunity for Lokan.

A simple carelessness between S class Hunters’ fight was a moment of crisis that could cost lives.

Lokan’s Punch were exactly aiming for Koo Chang-hwan’s vital point.

“Don’t be ridiculous!”


Koo Chang-hwan deflected the hit with a sword against Lokan, who rushed in.

Thanks to the same amount of power collision, each other bounced off, and dust rose in the aftermath.

“Oh, hell, there is too much to deal with.”

Koo Chang-hwan, frowning, stumbled up.

Lokan’s sharp nails dug deep within the flesh of Koo Chang-Hwan.

It was just a basic attack from the Werewolf, but the wound caused from it weren’t as it was deep enough to reveal the bones.

Koo Chang-hwan tried to balance himself, but his body staggered due to the big wound.


Lokan was also wounded and tried to stand.

There was bood spilling from the deep stab wound.

However, he was not as agitated as much as Koo Chang-hwan.

It was something that Koo Chang-hwan couldn’t even imagine, but Lokan was a boss monster, not a hunter.

Their physical strength to attacked was no match for human hunters.


Above all, there was the regeneration skill of Lokan.

The deep stab wound was healed quickly.

“Now I’m going to wrap this up.”

“What, what? Such a cheeky bastard.…! Don’t blame yourself for being careless!”

Koo Chang-hwan’s face turned red.

‘How dare a kid who’s just entered the S-level talk like that. Even if I die here, I’ll tear him with me to death.’


But at that moment.

An explosion occurred at the entrance of the room with a loud explosion.

A blow massive enough to sweep monsters by the rising flames.

The eyes of Lokan and Koo Chang-hwan, who were confronting each other, also turned their attention to that loud noise.

“There you are.”


Inside the boss room, there came out a hunters with coat.

They were the dozens of high-ranking hunters who had been contacted by Koo Chang-hwan.

The summon outside couldn’t stop the intruders.

Above all, among hunters, there was a man who stood in the middle of a powerful spell.

“Koo Chang-hwan, I asked you to guard the entrance, and yet you were making a fuss.”


Do Yoon-Il, the chief executive of Cheongseong Guild.

His appearance made Koo Chang-Hwan frown.

“You people, don’t interfere! I’ll take care of him no matter what happen!”

“Really? I don’t think you are in an advantage situation.”

“Shut up! Wait for me to go back with the neck I cut.”

Koo Chang-hwan growled.

But Do Yoon-il only snorted.

“I appreciate your efforts… Don’t even think about talking nonsense. We can bury them together here.”

“Hey, you son of a……!”

Koo Chang-hwan grinned his teeth.

He had to call Cheongseong for help, but he didn’t expect Do Yoon-il to show up.

Do Yoon-Il was not just an executive, but also one of the three members of Cheongseong’s top hunters.

One of the strongest wizards in the world with the title ‘Sage’.

Except for the guild master, viper Han In-ho, he was the second best hunter in Cheongseong.

Even Koo Chang-hwan, who had strong self-esteem, was stuck in front of him.


With the arrival of a new enemy, the Lokan moved faster.

If he had to deal with a powerful wizard, he had to catch the enemy off guard and and attack.

Lokan, which narrowed the distance at once, stretched out his arms.

“But you’re not who I was thinking you were, weren’t you?”

Do Yoon-il’s eyes quickly turned towards Lokan.

He release a powerful mana.



Lokan, who received such a powerful explosive attack, was pushed back.

One of his arms, flew away.

Lokan showed his teeth and immediately got up again. He ran towards Do Yoon-il, but the result was the same.

Quagua! Quagua!

The Lokan couldn’t even approach an inch of him.

Class hunters from class S-class Mages were not the same as those from lower class.

They are those who have surpassed the limitations and perceptions of an ordinary wizard.

Do Yoon-il was also not just a wizard with strong attackpower. He was also extremely fast at casting and thinking.

No matter what moves Lokan makes and tried to disturb him, Do Yoon-il would completely blocked his opponent’s approach.

Of course, not only did the single blow show that his magical power was so powerful, it also restricted his movements.


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