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Chapter 1

Zhongyuan Domain, at Linjun Mountain.

An enormous palace covering dozens of kilometers is being built here.

It has been three hundred years.

The surroundings were in complete silence.

Several large characters are engraved on the palace.

Tomb of the Night Emperor!


This is a mausoleum. Often, after the death of an emperor or someone powerful, the descendants build an extravagant mausoleum for them.

It’s just that this Night Emperor’s Mausoleum is too big.

The above-ground buildings are just the tip of the iceberg, and the horror lies underground.

If above already looked like a palace, the underground has the entire imperial city, outer city, inner-city, side halls, dormitories, burial pits, and hundreds of other luxurious buildings.

Its scale was so large that there were many magic traps, exquisite craftsmanship, and top-notch formations. This mausoleum was unprecedented in the entire nine heavens and ten earths.

In the center of the main hall, there was a sacred wooden coffin with the carvings of Nine Dragons.

Lying in the divine wooden coffin was a boy of seventeen or eighteen years old.

[Ding!! The last apprentice of the host has broken through the Saint Rank, and the hidden function of the system has been activated!!]

After this voice, the man inside the coffin slowly opened his eyes.

A strange color emanated from him.

A few minutes later, the youth’s eyes regained their vigor.

“I’ve been resurrected?! I’ve been dead for three hundred years, but I’m still alive!”


“Dog system, you are too good at playing.”

Ye Bei cursed a few words.

He is a traveler, but not the type who is invincible at the beginning.

It’s the kind that was born to be useless and requires hard work.

After many calamities, Ye Bei finally activated the system and found his way to cultivate.

Accepting Apprentice!!

At the beginning of the universe, chaos broke down, and the three thousand dao were formed.

As long as Ye Bei accepted 108 apprentices, each apprentice will realize a complete Dao inheritance.

He can take advantage of the east wind and change his life against the heavens by making his own path.


Ye Bei began to work hard to accept apprentice, only by accepting an apprentice that he could find a way to become a cultivator.

However, the way he accepted apprentices was not at random. It must be approved by the system before he can accept them as apprentices.

After almost a hundred years, Ye Bei finally got 108 disciples.

Every time he accepts an apprentice, the system will reward him with a Dao inheritance.

What he has to do is to teach this inheritance to that disciple.


Ye Bei’s lifespan was soon exhausted. He couldn’t wait for the day when he could change his life for heaven.

The reason was… There were too many apprentices.

Even if he is extremely serious and strict, he still wants his apprentices to completely understand the Dao. That alone cannot be accomplished overnight.

The realm of cultivation in this fantasy world is divided into: Body-Refining realm, Condensed Spirit realm, Profound realm, Divine Court realm, Semi-saint realm, and Saint realm.

If one can comprehend a complete Dao, it means that the person is already qualified to become a Saint.

Simply put.

Saint realm = comprehend a complete Dao.

Ye Bei remembered nothing wrong.

When he died, most of his apprentices were in the Profound Realm and Divine Court realm.

Only nine apprentices have reached the Semi-saint realm, comprehending an almost complete Dao.

After scolding the system severely, Ye Bei closed his eyes, and finally felt that he was living again.

It can be seen that it was extremely difficult to cultivate to the Saint realm.

Just when Ye Bei fell into memory, the system prompt interrupted him.

[Because all the apprentices have broken through to the realm of saints, the Dao has been completed, and the host’s fate will be changed by the heaven in three minutes!]

Ye Bei’s eyes flickered, and his expression was complicated.

He finally waited for this day.

Unexpectedly, the moment he waited before death happened inside the coffin three hundred years later.

“By the way, System, can you tell me which apprentice broke through to the Saint Realm today!?” Ye Bei was both curious and angry.

Each of the apprentices he accepted was a genius with excellent aptitude on a certain path. If they concentrated on their cultivation and comprehend the Dao, they will become a saint within a hundred years.

But he was dead for three hundred years.

Which idiot apprentice actually took three hundred years to break through to the Saint Realm?

[Unable to tell]

Ye Bei: “…”

This system still retains the right of privacy for apprentices!

“Then tell me when was the penultimate apprentice who has broken through to the Saint Realm?!” Ye Bei asked again.

[230 years ago]

Ye Bei was stunned when he heard it.

Does that mean that if this last disciple became a Saint earlier, he would have been resurrected long ago!?

What the hell!?

Who is this guy? Get him here!

This teacher will teach him a good lesson!

[Going against heaven and changing fate begins!!!]

The next moment.

A thick and majestic spiritual energy began to wash over Ye Bei’s body.

A sour feeling in his soul swept over him.

‘After this teacher changed his fate, I will go out to find you immediately, and then let you feel the love of being three hundred years late!!’

Ye Bei snorted, closed his eyes, and entered a state of comprehension.


The movement surrounding Ye Bei began to change.

The entire Night Emperor Mausoleum was originally peaceful and serene, but the situation began to change.

An eye appeared in the sky, causing the surrounding aura to surge wildly.

If it weren’t for the fact that it was far away from the population, it would surely shock the world.

However, in the underground tomb entrance of the Night Emperor’s Mausoleum, there was a team of cultivators who are cautiously exploring forward.

夜皇= Night Emperor (夜=Ye 皇=Emperor)

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My apprentices are powerful but devils

My apprentices are powerful but devils

Status: Ongoing Author: Native Language: Chinese
Upon waking up, Ye Bei found himself resurrected! Three hundred years have passed. All the apprentices who worked so hard to cultivate at the time have now become immortals and grown-ups. However, he found that the mysterious continent at the moment has been occupied by his apprentices. The eldest apprentice became the Night Demon Sect master and commands thousands of demons all over the world.  The second apprentice, Sword Saint Realm, formed the thirteenth division to attack. The third apprentice is at the peak of martial gods, pushing the heavens in one fell swoop. Ye Bei: You've done all the compelling, so what about me?  All the apprentices knelt down instantly: The disciples dare not, the sky is big, the earth is big, and the master is the greatest!!


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