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The Genius with a Healing Spirit Shop Chapter 4

Aqua covered her mouth with both hands and giggled.

[Humans are fools, and so are you!]
[You don’t know what a good human being you are, aren’t you?]
Aqua proudly raised her hand from her waist, and smacked her chest.

[I am Aqua, the supreme spirit! Do you think my eyes are wrong?]

Something began to tear up on one side of her chest.

[I like you]
[You are the only one who can be my contractor! I don’t like people who aren’t you!]

Aqua spoke plainly, as if she was saying the breakfast menu.

Like a simple truth that doesn’t need any rhetoric.

Aqua was saying that he chose a warm spirit to match her high pride, not a powerful spiritualist to match her.


Once again, I was speechless. I couldn’t say anything.

In the face of overwhelming trust in humans,

I could only be moved.

It wasn’t because I was a F-Rank spiritualist, and I spent a lonely time wanting to be contracted.

Don’t you think so?

In front of a person who recognizes and likes themselves, and in front of such an unconditional likelihood and trust, someone will become this ugly.

“I’ve been spoiled.”

That’s what I thought.

My eyes are starting to get wet. One side of my heart began to shake mercilessly, regardless of professors’ praise or my parents’ pride.

[What is it? Are you crying?]

Aqua tilted his head as if he didn’t know why he was crying.

I replied, suppressing my shaky voice.

“I’m just glad.”

[Shed water when you’re happy]

[What an excellent posture as a water Spiritualist!]

On top of that, I burst into laughter.


I laughed for a long time. My tears that came from my whole heart had all turned into excitement.

Aqua was looking at me when the laughter subsided and I lowered my head. As if to decide now.

‘I’m sure it’s better for Aqua to sign with another spiritualist, not me.’

But I couldn’t possibly repel this spirit.

I couldn’t leave this little miracle that recognized me and chose me.

Aqua slowly raised his hands at me. It was a gesture to give a hugs.

I stretched out my arms and gently held Aqua.


Aqua smiled brightly into my arms.


The soft and dry sensation unique to the Spirit of Water, and the feeling of holding a water balloon full of jelly filled the arms.

For a moment, I felt as if something were connecting with my chest, even though I was nervous about the touch.

Is this a contract?

As the thread became thicker, feelings of joy and happiness began to spread in my heart.

The joy quickly filled my chest and stretched out to my legs, making my whole body numb.

Aqua, who must be feeling the same way as me, she rubbed her cheeks against me with a bright face.

‘She is my spirit.’

I rubbed my cheeks against Aqua and got carried away with emotionally.

‘I have a contract with a spirit, too.’

How envious I have been with other spiritualist.

How long have I been comforting and comforting myself that one day I could sign a contract with a spirit and raise my <Spirit Affinity>.

Now I have a spirit, too. After six years of waiting, Aqua finally came by my side.

I hugged Aqua tightly and whispered softly.

“Thank you.”

[Hehe! That’s what I’m going to say here!]

As I took off a little, Aqua was looking up at me with a bright smile.

Her eyes sparkled as if she was so excited to spend the days with me. It was like a child’s face before a picnic.

I’m sure I would have the same face.

[I look forward to your kind cooperation!]

“I look forward to your kind cooperation, Aqua.”

I hugged Aqua once again. It was a cool body like a water spirit, but my heart was warm.

Even the sea was applauding as if it were blessing our contract.

It was then.

-New attribute acquired.-

Six years ago, when I received “Spirit Affinity,” I thought of a window I had never seen before.

-Unique properties, <Spirit Shop> opens.-

Along with the notification window, a large window came to my mind.

‘This is……?’

It was a simple interface window, like looking at a shop window in a mobile phone game. Another notification window popped up above it.

Welcome to the Spirit Shop!-

I blinked and looked at it.

[What is this?]

Aqua asked while pointing at the pop-up.

“I’ve never seen it before.”

[Is this what you call a “characteristic”?]

“I only have a characteristic of Spirit Affinity…….”

I called the characteristics window, recalling the window a little while ago that I had acquired the characteristics of a spirit shop.

-Kang Hyunwoo

-The Spirit of Water

– Characteristics: <Spirit Affinity (F-Rank), <Spirit Shop (Unique)>

-Skills: <Water shield (lower grade)>

The Spirit Shop was added to my one and only characteristic window. I looked at it with astonished eyes.

Aqua pulled her head straight up, checked the characteristics window, and said.

[Do you know about this?]

“I didn’t have this trait before.”

There was nothing clear about the characteristics, the grade of skills, or the conditions of acquisition. But one thing was for sure.

“I think it was because of some kind of trigger that I met you.”

At my words, Aqua’s shoulders rose little by little, and shouted with a flattering face, arms folded.

[You’re my contractor! Isn’t that great?]

The corners of my mouth went up automatically because of her cute look full of Pride.

I still can’t believe such a cute and lovely spirit signed with me.

I hugged Aqua once again.


Aqua hugged my neck and rubbed my cheeks in delight. A chewy ball like a jelly sticky rice cake stuck to my face.


I was groaning from her act without me realizing it.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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