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The Genius with a Healing Spirit Shop Chapter 3


I stared blankly at the spirit in front of me.

Is this real?

The sky blue translucent body was the most distinctive feature of the water spirits, the Undines.

The common Undines had a fractional dwarf-like body with a head as big as two fists.

“This spirit is different.”

About 60cm tall, short, chubby arms and legs, fluffy cheeks.

And her eyes seem to have been created by gathering all the innocence and curiosity of the world.

It was the image of a three or four-year-old girl.

I asked carefully.

“The Spirit of Water, right?”

[Of course!]

“Are you an Undine?”

[I’m Aqua!]

“Aqua? Not Undine?”

The spirit, Aqua, crossed her arms and raised her nose.

[I am Aqua, the supreme of the spirit of water!]

As far as I’m concerned there was no such thing as a supreme spirit.

Lower spirits, intermediate spirits, superior spirits, and king spirits.

That was the end of the class of spirits, and all the water spirits, except the king, were unified under the name Undine.

‘Did the Spirit of Water change their names in the meantime?’

It couldn’t have been possible. If so, the news could have come to the awakening education college at the forefront of the spirit study.

[No, I’m the highest-ranking spirit!]

With the mana, the water rose like a fountain from Aqua’s shoulder.

I could easily see that that was a sign of Aqua being in a good mood.

Aqua seemed to have great pride in herself.

‘Hagi, the spirit world, is still a mysterious place.’

It’s only been about 10 years since they have started interacting with humans, and humans have never stepped into the spirit world.

It wouldn’t be surprising if there was a supreme spirit we didn’t know.

‘That’s not the point now.’

It didn’t matter if the spirit in front of me was the lowest, not the highest.

I asked in a trembling voice.

“You mean, you want to sign with me, right?”

[That’s it!]

Aqua nodded loudly.

“A contract.”

My heart trembled.

A contract with a spirit. A spirit who wants to sign with me.

My heart was pounding and my hands and feet were shaking.


And it came to my mind lately. There was a reason why I couldn’t sign a contract with a spirit.

“Aqua, my Spirit Affinity is F.”

Aqua tilted her head.

[I know]

Spirits could feel the Spirit Affinity within the Spiritual Temple.

I explained with a stabbing pain in my chest.

“Even if we sign a contract, I can’t make you last living here.”

For spirits to leave their world and exist in the human world, they had to pay with “spiritual power,” the magic of spirits.

The Spirit Affinity trait of the Spiritual Temple was what humans had to pay for the cost of living in the modern world.

The higher the grade spirits, the greater the cost humans had to pay.

If Aqua were really a top-class spirit, it would be hard to last just a few hours on a contract with me, who was level F.

[Don’t worry!]

But Aqua cried out as if there were no problems.

[This body is a supreme spirit!]
[The spirit power I have is enough for a few months!]

In fact, spirits without contractors used to pay with their own spiritual power and stay in the human world for a few weeks before returning to the spirit world.

But that’s the way wild spirits usually use it, which is taboo for contracted spirits.

“If you run out of spirits, you’ll be deported to the spirit world.”

Unlike wild spirits, if a contracted spirit is deported to the spirit world, the contract with the spiritual temple is forcibly torn off, causing enormous damage to the spirit.

“I can’t cause you that kind of pain.”

Contracting with a spirit was my old dream. However, I did not want to achieve it by making an unaffordable contract and hurting the spirits.

Aqua poked out her lips at my words.

[What, you don’t like me?]

Putting a plump ball on a child’s face like a water balloon and smearing her lips was nothing short of a weapon.

My heart ached with that sulky face.

I squatted in front of Aqua in a hurry and set my eye to her level.

“There’s no way I don’t like it.”

[But why won’t you sign a contract?]

“If a contracted spirit is deported to the spirit world, the damage to you is too great.”

[I’m a supreme spirit]
[I’m not afraid of anything like that!]

The spirit was a pure being. Innocence often overlaps with ignorance.

That’s what Aqua is now. Aqua was looking away from the fruit in front of her eyes.

At times like this, I had to be human and adult.


But I couldn’t do that.

It was because Aqua’s eyes were so clear.
It was because her eyes were full of me.

While I was hesitating, Aqua said.

[I like you! If you like me, don’t hesitate for that reason!]

I struggled between my own greed and dreams, between Aqua’s innocence and safety, and barely asked.

“Why do you want to sign me?”

Aqua crossed his arms with a whimper.

[I am a supreme spirit]
[Shouldn’t I sign a contract with a spiritualist that fits my level?]

I couldn’t understand her words.

I was an F-Rank spirit.

[I’ve been looking around the human world for a long time, but you’re the only one with warm energy to my liking!]


As soon as I understood what Aqua meant, I couldn’t say anything.

There is a saying that no one is bad among the Spiritualist. It was because spirits read the human energy and only choose those with good spirits.

And Aqua was saying I was in good spirits.

“I know I’ll be deported, but I’m good enough to risk it.”

For that reason, Aqua chose a half-finished spiritualist that couldn’t even afford her.


I couldn’t find anything to say for a moment.

“I’m not such a great person.”

I wasn’t such a warm or nice person. It was just the same person as anyone else.

Live equally angry, try equally, and yield equally.
I was a man of no distinction.

Even if I was different from others, the fact that I was an F-Rank spiritualist didn’t change. She was not a spirit I could choose from.

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[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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