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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 2

(Note: in every new sentence the author’s added a drinking sound. Because it was too repetitive, I took it down. Just think about someone talking while drinking beer while reading the following monologue of the MC.)

Unable to sleep, I left home with a can of beer.

As I walked out the front door of the house, I heard the sound of waves.

Three minutes on foot to the sea, my house was using this accessibility to stay at home.

It was a solution for my parents’ retirement who barely managed to save their children while taking care of them until they reached their 50s.

I walked to the sea as if I were sleepwalking.

It was a night with no stars.

It was such a pitch-black night that I couldn’t even tell where the sea ended and where the sky started.

I climbed onto the sand and sat on my butt in the right place.
I could feel the sand crushing under the clothes.

The blurry waves greeted me and waved white hands.

I stared blankly at the sea.

My hometown.
It was the same sea I see as an old friend who always waits for me and welcomes me in the same place.

The sound of the waves soaked my heart slowly. Listening to the sound of waves for a long time, I picked up the can of beer, and the beer was already lukewarm.

“……Should I be a graduate student?”

I sighed at my own thoughts.

All the professors’ suggestions were the same, but I knew well that that was the only way.

The future of awakeners depends on their skills and characteristics.

All I have is being F-Rank with some “Spirit Affinity”.

The way I could go on was limited by the low affinity. I couldn’t even sign with spirits.

But that wasn’t the way I wanted it to be.

“Should I head to a life of only studying?”’

No, my grades in high school were in the middle.

“I am a good student at school?’

No, I was just trying to kill myself.

Because studying theory was the battlefield where I could be equal to everyone, and grades were the only weapon I had.


I heard the laughter of a spirit nearby. I turned my head and found Undine, the spirit of water, and the spirit temple were walking on a walk on the beach.

In the arms of the spirits, the Undine looked very happy. The same was true for the other spirits.

I looked at the scene quietly.

Even F-Rank spirits can be seen. That was the only point of contact with the spirit allowed to me.

“I want to sign a contract with a spirit.”

I spat out my old wish.

It’s always been my dream for the past six years. Having my own spirit. I always dreamed of a future together spirits.

There was no particular reason. It was because I’m a spiritualist. That was a good reason.

“Can I at least sign a contract with a grade E……?”

But I’ve been F for the past six years. Maybe, continuously.

Crunch, before I knew it, the empty beer can was crushed in my hand.

I was the one who did what I wanted. Anyone can think of it as saying it, but I’ve really achieved all the goals.

“I won the Taekwondo competition when I was in elementary school, won the election for the student president when I was in middle school, went to the university of awakening when I was a test taker, and won the top place for 3 1/2 years at the academy.”’

There is nothing that I have not achieved in my life that I have sincerely hoped for and tried. Except for a contract with a spirit.

The first failure was very painful and bitter.

‘It’s time to see the reality the professors said.

Senior F-Rank spiritualist, who was in a similar situation advised, “Until when will you live chasing only dreams?”

‘How much more support do you want from your parents?’ asked my mid-twenties.

I know. I knew everything. I am pathetic, stupid, and a bad son.

But I could hardly give up. My dream, the spirit.

I put the crushed can of beer down at my foot and thought.

‘Let’s just do it until this vacation.’

Isn’t vacation a season of growth?
Maybe this time there will be some improvement.

A despondent smile came out.

The faint happiness and anticipation made me forget all the pain that permeated between my self-shame and my parents’ apology.

“I like spirits, too.”

The sea was the only thing that stuck out without me knowing. But I felt better as if I had been comforted by someone.

This was why I came out to the sea when I had a problem. The sea was so wide that my worries used to feel like nothing.

The sea never answered me, but it was the listener who heard the most about me.

It was then.

[Is that so?]]

The sea answered me.

A pair of stars rose in the night sea. I looked at it like I was possessed.

The star slowly approached me.


The identity of the star was the eye of a spirit.

I stared blankly at the sky-blue water spirit approaching me.

The spirit stopped at the end of the wave and stared up at me.

We looked at each other like that for a moment.


The Spirit of Water noded as if she liked something and put her hands up at his waist. And said.

[Then raise me, human!]


[Raise me!]

That’s how everything started.

Note: Aqua has no definite gender, is just in the next chapter she was described as a girl so I will be using Female Pronoun.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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