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Genius with a Healing Spirit Shop Chapter 1

“Hyunwoo, do you know what a spiritless spiritualist is called?”

The professor who was interviewing asked.
“Anko without steamed buns,” I answered calmly.

“Yes, it’s like ssamjang without pork belly and kimchi without ramen.”

It wasn’t anything strange.

Spirits are as good as ghosts.

The professor continued.

“And you’re an F-Rank spiritualist. To compare you are kimchi without ramen, it’s not even ripen. But it’s not like I’m not going to eat you or anything. You’re just a cabbage. Cabbage that is not even salted, let alone have kimchi sauce.”

It was mean, but I didn’t feel offended by the professor’s words.

F-Rank spiritualist without any contracted spirits.

It was to show me the reality and make sense of the situation.

I took a sip from the cold coffee and laughed softly.

I was used to talking about this with the professor.

“At least it’s comforting to have a domestic cabbage.”

At my joke, the professor looked at me with dumbfounded eyes and smirked.

“Yes, that’s the best cabbage grown in the highlands of cabbage land.”

The professor turned on the monitor he was watching.
My report card was floating.
– Deep understanding of spirits A+
– Spirit and Taoist ideas A+
– Understanding the Spirit A+
– Spirit and Child Psychology A+
– Spirit in modern society A+
– Introduction to crime and crime prevention A+
– Gate Structural A+
– Guild Management and Administration Management A+
– …….

It was a perfect report card that didn’t allow any other alphabets other than A.

The professor who saw it said it was regrettable.

“High-end talent. You’re smart, you can pull them off, your grades are good. But you are an F-class spiritualist that doesn’t even have a spirit. You are a perfect cabbage that will never become kimchi.”

I looked at my report card without saying a word. A perfect report card that didn’t mean anything else was looking at me.

Hunter Academy, officially known as the Awakening College of Education.

I’ve been in this school for three and a half years and have never missed a position at the top of the department.

‘But grades are of little use in Hunter’s society.’

Hunters’ employment is not determined by intelligence alone.

It depends on your “skill” and “grade”. No matter how much you study at the academy, it is meaningless if you have a low grade.

No, but there was one use of it.

“Because of it, I have the scholarship.”

“Scholarship. Yes, scholarship sounds good.”

The professor smirked at my words, shook his head, and asked again with a serious face.

“Hyunwoo. You are a good lad. This sense of humor, this sense of relaxation, but don’t you think you should think about the future after graduation?”

“There’s still two and a half years left until sixth grade.”

“A year and a half apart from an internship. And before you know it going to be over in a year and a half.”

I looked down at the cold coffee cup. Now it was the professor’s turn to bring up the main point.

“Hyunwoo, go to a graduate school. If kimchi doesn’t work, there are still other ways to be cooked. That’s the only way cabbages like us can live on in this barbaric awakening society where power dominates everything.”

The professor brought it up as I expected.

Did the professors talk about something?

No matter how much the final exam week ended, it was the seventh graduate school offer this week alone.

I gave the same answer several times.

“I’ll think about it a little bit. I’m going down to my hometown during the vacation anyway.”

“Yes, you are done with your final exams, so don’t be too hasty and think about it slowly. Are you taking my class next semester, too?”

“Sure. I’ll see you when the semester starts.”

I left the professor’s room with a smile.

It was when I was walking in the dark hallway because there was no light to go back to the dormitory that something grazed near the window and flew away.



The impact shook the window.

I wasn’t surprised. This always happened here at Hunter Academy.

I turned my eyes away from the window. And I stopped walking without realizing it.

Under the bright sky of summer sunshine, countless students were flying around.

Academy students flying out of school.

Academy students’ exit scene was spectacular enough to be given a TV show.

A student with angel wings flew softly over the sky.

The flying student quickly grazed near the window, spraying air from his feet.

The spirit, floating in the air by the power of the spirit, was already plunging toward another tree with a bunch of branches on his head, I wonder if he could not control himself.

Of course, there were not only delinquent awakeners at the Academy.

“Here we go, gather up!”

Teleportation awakeners were gathering friends around themselves. With a flash of light, a dozen students disappeared in an instant.

Next to it, the body-reinforcing spirits were racing at a speed comparable to that of a motorcycle.

All the students who were using their abilities to their heart’s content in the bright sunlight looked happy.

Gazing at the sight, I sighed.

* * *

Immediately after the meeting with the professor, I packed my luggage and was able to set foot in my hometown before sunset.

“Mom! Dad!”

My parents were running a small lodging house at Samcheok beach.


“Hyunwoo, You are here!”

My parents welcomed me with a big smile.

“Let’s go in. I’ve got your favorite saury stew.”

I sat down at the table without having to put my luggage down.

When I cooked a few glasses of rice, my parents asked me with anticipated eyes.

“Son, how did you do on your test?”

I replied with a smile.

“My grades haven’t been officially released yet, but my professors say I’m the best.”

There was a big smile around my parents’ mouths.

“Good job, son! I can’t believe you at the top for seven consecutive semesters!”

“Haha. Sometimes I don’t know if you’re really my son. I can’t believe you went to that great university and I’m a chief!”

My parents smiled happily. My parents who lived in Samcheok all their lives were naive people.

He was happy and satisfied with his child’s grades and scholarships.

“Thanks to my parents.”

“Who is it to look like to talk like?”

“Hyunwoo, you are the pride of our family. We need to show off!”

I finished the plate with a smile. I had a bit of a bad appetite.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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1 year ago

Thank for chapter. Nothing much to go in yet but will continue to read.

Correction: conservative —- consecutive

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