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The quest rewards are real Chapter 30

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About 200 million investments have increased to 300 million won.

Many people still don’t trust news articles, but overall, they were clearly on the rise.

“Good, good.”

Today feels good from the start in many ways.

Thanks to this, I took the billiard stick that I bought for 10,000 won to practice swinging and headed to Kkachisan Park like a habit.

However, as I was moving forward pleasantly, I remembered today’s forgotten schedule and fixed my self up.

In other words, an interview was scheduled at 1 p.m. today.

Before I went to and from the Mu continent with my dream, my biggest hurdle was to get a job, but honestly, I started to think that it didn’t matter what happened to me anymore these days.

It’s inevitable with just dreaming, I can get a big profit in real life, so I wonder if I need to stick to this mediocrity.

Moreover, as many crises lurk in dreams, it is hard to know how these crisis will work in reality.

‘What if I’m killed in my dreams?’
This was my biggest concern and pressure from the dream.

Thanks to this, even if I suddenly die, I have left a suicide note in the room, a suicide note for my parents, so that they can cash out the money I put in the stock.

This brings bad luck and ominous, but my reality was that I had no choice but to prepare for it.

I’ve been fascinated by the quest reward, but this was obviously an abnormal situation far from normal.

“Let’s not think anything useless.”

After a while, arriving at Kkachisan, I disappeared in the dark wood and faced a big stone.

Then, I used the billiards stick and practiced stabbing so that can get used to it with my body.

“Let’s have attend the interview today.”

But if I fail this interview, I think it’s fate that I’m not applying for a job anymore.

After all, it would be nice to get out of the hell of employment and live as I please.

Sooner or later, I will have enough capital to enjoy my life.

So, how long I have been practicing the spear?

Suddenly, I felt unpleasant at the back of my neck, I stopped and looked around.


And facing an unexpected landscape, I was in an awkward position.

“What’s this.”

Before I knew it, there was a thick fog all over the place with a visibility of less than 1 meter.

I didn’t noticed it because I was thinking about something else for a while, but it doesn’t make sense that I didn’t notice anything wrong until it was so foggy.

Furthermore, the end of the billiard there was that the big stone, which I had been using as an opponent at until now, was not covered by fog, so I had no choice but to think that the surroundings was strange.

Odd beyond description.

If this reality was in a cartoon or movie, it seemed like a ghost would pop out at any moment.

I want to get out of here as soon as possible, but it was hard to tell which direction is the exit, so it was uncomfortable to move around.

I wish I could use a map function like in the dream.

It was then.


[The map function unfolds]

The interface that was not initially available in real life somehow worked now.

[Sadang-dong Kkachisan Mountain Park]

The map accurately marked my current location.


Thanks to this, I had to put on a dumb face.

Facing this confusion, I stood still for a moment and organized my thoughts.

My initial investigation about my dream resulted to far more complicated things.

The fog made the surrounding environment look like a Mu continent, but there was no reason in why this situation happened.

Is this a God’s whim?

What the hell does that want from me?

[Kaelon Kingdom ID]

Name: Jihoon

Gender: Man

Class: Human

Date of birth: 25 May 1076.

Place of birth: Royal Decree of Cardia.

Criminal history: None


ID, skills, skill windows and etc… All unfolded without fail.

The map clearly marks the current location as a Kkachisan mountain, but I felt that the land I stood now was not Seoul.

And then there’s was a monster running towards the end quickly.

A crude dagger suddenly appeared in front of my eyes with a familiar roar of phlegm boiling.

Frightened by him, I rolled back and swung the billiard sideways, using a mana emission to the billiard stick.

Bam! Bawwwam!


The billiard stick, which hit something hard, broke mercilessly, and at the same time the fog began to clear.


There’s noise in the map function that I left open.

Soon the fog shrunk and disappeared.

And just as if the fog that covered everywhere was a lie, the usual scenery was now visible.

Chirp chirp.

The idle chirping of sparrows.

In the peaceful day of Kkachisan Park, I looked at the blue blood buried in the broken billiard stick with a firm expression.

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