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The Quest Rewards Are Real! Chapter 28

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Arriving in town a moment later, I headed to the market, leaving behind a lost guard in a pile of Werehyena’s leather.

“Really, I’m speechless. Are you the same one that was kicked out by three goblins a month ago?”

“I think I have a talent for hunting.”

“It’s not worth writing off as talent.”


“As far as Goblin was concerned, you hunted Werehyen after the level of Goblin…….”

A young woman named Mary, the owner of a general store, shook her head and handed me four copper coins of money and six silver coins to dealt with the by-products of the Werehyena.

“It’s nice to have quality leather trimmed with Slaughter skills. I’m afraid you’re overdoing it.”

I grinned at the sincerity I felt in her words.

“I’m being careful.”

Mary’s face turned red with my response, but I already  left her behind and left the general store.

Then I returned to the inn room, washed up, and lay down on the bed. Feeling like I was going to wake up from my dream, I closed my eyes.

‘Come to think of it, these days, I wake up when I’m back at the inn after completing my quest.’

And I got out of the fantasy world expecting the contents of the reward card.

[Hello. SBN morning news. First, I’ll tell you the news of an accident abroad.

At around 12 o’clock last night, a murder without question occurred in Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan, which is shocking. It’s sad news that as many as 13 people were killed and none of the victims survived.

The criminal has yet to be arrested, and somehow the CCTV in the area has been suspended for 20 minutes and there are no witnesses, making the investigation difficult.

Citizens are accusing police of thoroughly investigate foreigners entering and leaving the area, saying the planned terrorist attacks was clear.]

I turned on the TV to break the silence, and it was the most ferocious news that greeted me.

I turned off the TV frowning.

It’s unfortunate news, but that’s it.

It had nothing to do with me anyway.

I picked up two Lower reward cards to get the vibe up.


But suddenly.

I just thought I’d seen the content of the news somewhere.

Just like deja vu.


My eyes naturally turned to the Article A newspaper folded in the corner of the room, and as I unfolded it, the most provocative article caught my eye.

[A serial murder on K University campus, the police checked CCTV, but the investigation was difficult because the video was not saved for an hour before and after the incident.]

The future newspaper that was recently rewarded.
This would happen about three weeks from now.


CCTV that doesn’t work.

Mass murder without witnesses.

It was too coincidental to dismiss it as a mere coincidence.

“What’s this.”

Same criminal?

Or really planned terrorism?

It is difficult to verify the facts only with these reported data.

The truth will only be known by those who committed the crime anyway.

However, it could only be considered relevant at this point.

“It’s like it is asking me to solve the case.”
A movie or cartoon character might think like that.

‘There’s a good reason why I’m given special powers! We must bring justice and strive for world peace!’

Sadly, however, I’m not nice enough to go around spitting out these cheesy lines.

I have no desire to take risks for others, who I don’t even know their faces, as if I were one of the few friends and family members that would stretch out their arms and embrace them.

A very selfish way of thinking.

But in the first place, I was that kind of person.

When I first saw the newspaper’s article, I was only going to report to the police that there was a suspicious person rather than thinking that I should come forward to save the students myself.

“I don’t want to go out and get attention.”

If it’s the same criminal, people around me might be in danger because of me.

Being involved with psychos, who kill people indiscriminately, did more harm than good.

Shaking my head and covering the newspaper, I immediately used a reward card.

[Stamina increases by 2.]

[Luck increases by 2.]

Is it because I’m being too mean?

The reward was also half of what I got yesterday.

If these goes up frequently, I would like more of strength, mana, and Luck.….

Especially, I don’t know what luck is used for.
Originally, my luck was only one, but now it is four.

Does that mean I’ll get four times as much luck?

“I don’t know. But let’s get some exercise.”
I glanced at the newspaper and tried to distract myself.

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