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The quest rewards are real chapter 25- Skills and Equipment (2)

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The health trainer was visibly embarrassed to see me perform his planned course so easily.

“I feel more muscular than I did yesterday.”
I tried to respond nonchalantly to the trainer’s question.

“Didn’t yesterday’s exercise work?”

“No, no, no. It’s hard to see such dramatic effects in just one day.”

“Then maybe I just got used to the sports equipment. I definitely feel more comfortable today.”

“Is that so?”

I only gained one strength, but I felt like I had found something wrong because of the trainer’s suspicious expression.

In the future, my skills will continue to rise, and my strength will increase accordingly, but it will be hard to deceive the eyes of an expert.

I was just wondering if weight training in real life would affect my ability level in my dreams, but the test seemed meaningless due to my ability level rising every day.

Eventually, I canceled my membership and got a refund according to the regulations after finishing my workout earlier than I expected.

And just in case the trainer got hurt, I made it clear that it’s not his problem, it’s my personal business.

“I would rather learn how to fight back. Even if it don’t use a weapon, it will help me in fight.”

So I headed to Muay Thai gym near my house.

“For practical use?”


“Are you a gangster?”

“Oh, no.”

The gym was smaller than I thought, the director was a champion and produced many professional players.

I had to grin at the director’s unexpected question.

He squinted at me, then asked me for permission, then touched my shoulders and thighs.

“It’s well balanced. Did you work them out separately?”

“Yes, well… As much as others do.”

“Okay, if you want to be so strong, I’ll give you a special lesson. But we don’t have anything separate for practical use. Instead, I’ll give you a hard workout with the athlete’s course. Would that be enough?”

I nodded with no discontent at the words of the trainer.

Bang! Bang!

“Oh, you get the hang of it. It’s loaded properly.”

It is said that I should only practice basic steps and punch for a week, but maybe because I learned it quickly, the director even taught me straight and one-two punch.

The trainer’s eyes, which showed a satisfactory response with the mitt, were filled with interest.

Thanks to this, I was able to learn how to apply one-two-punch and one-two-three-punch.

Originally, I was not particularly athletic, but he was able to show interest in me because of my increased ability.

“Power is power, but your reflex and body reaction speed are very good. I can only say that you are a natural.”

This was natural because strength from my ability directly affects my muscle strength.

It seems that reflex and reaction speed are influenced by the continuos hunt.

I quit the gym in the middle, but I had a good time at Muay Thai gym instead, so I headed to Jujitsu with a refreshing look.

And maybe it was because of its increased capability within Jujitsu sparring, I was able to receive more attention than yesterday.


The fifth trip.

It’s only been five days in real life, but it’s been 20 days that I’m here today.

So many people have recognized me back and forth on the streets, and everyone has been very fond of me for helping the wizard Gordon.

“Who is this? The young man of the Village of Karas who saved Gordon’s life.”

The Master said as soon as I entered the blacksmith’s shop.

I sighed quietly with my mouth twitching at the sight of the owner giving me a grand greeting.

“I must have received a lot of respect. How many people greeted me until I got here?”

The 20-minute encouragement of the chief reminded me of the poor principal’s admonition during my school days.

“Of course, Gordon is a symbol of our town. Not even a few could have saved him have like you, and above all, he is humble. He’s a man of great character.”

There was no sense of authority in his appearance when he took care of my baggage in return.

My impression of Gordon is that he knows how to express gratitude at face value.

Of course, that is an impression when I lacks the caution to do things without any countermeasures.

“Oh, a lot of mercenaries have been looking for you since early in the morning. Do you know that?”

Mercenaries? Me?
Why is that?

“You said you had slaughter skills?”

I nodded cautiously at the owner’s question.
Already caught by the wizard Gordon.

In an emergency situation,I was not in a position to cover up my skills, so I overused slaughter skills during the battle.

But he was quiet with no curiosity, Gordon had never questioned me even with such extraordinary powers.

“That’s why. What’s common about slaughter skills? It’s a skill that can only be gained by making a large donation to the temple that serves the hunting god, Diana. No wonder the mercenaries have their eyes on you.”

So it was because of slaughter skill.

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