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The quest rewards are real chapter 24

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I feel like I’ve become lighter.

When I jumped as hard as I could, the scenery around me quickly changed.

The images of trees passed by quickly.

Beyond the height of the trees, I could see the view of Sadang-dong, which is located under the Kkachisan mountain.


The height at which my screams are about to leak.

However, I kept my mouth shut as I may not see where I land.

The height of the jump, ignoring gravity, is about 10 to 15 meters.

I’m not surprised that the skills were available in real life, but I’m freaked out at the fact that I was slowly free falling.

My body gradually accelerated toward the ground, and as I approached the ground, I closed my eyes regardless of my own will.


There was a heavy sound of shock, but there was no pain as I expected, so I opened my eyes, and my feet were now casually standing on the ground.

“Ha, ha, ha.”

Leap skills does not only come with jumping, but also for landing.

That’s a relief.

Well, it would be a useless skill if I can’t control myself after jumping.

“That’s nice.”

I’m also glad that I can use my skills in real life, but if I use it right now, my survival rate in my dreams will be even higher.

And leap was not only used as a jump, but also as a charge if run forward, which was very applicable.

If I take a leap forward with a spear in my hand, I will have considerable attack power even if I don’t use my skills separately because it adds weight and speed.

The next thing I’m going to try is the attack skill, mana emission, I got after completing the quest.

“Let’s try Mana Emission.”

Using skills I thought which part of the body should I use the skill.

I chose my right hand, and immediately the blue energy wrapped around my fist.

“Is this mana?”

It felt completely different from Gordon’s magic.

I wonder how powerful I am.

In order to experiment, I let it out on the tree in front of me.


Fist marks were deeply engraved on the tree with a loud crash sound.

Well, there was no dramatic effect, such as breaking a tree at once or piercing a hole, but it was a power very unlikely to appear in a human.

“The lasting effect is about 10 seconds.”

In addition, Mana Emission was not a one-off skill, but a persistence skill, which was expected to be of great help in combat.

However, there was a disadvantage in many advantages.

The consumption of Mana was too big.

With my current Mana, I can use slaughter skills up to 16 times.

In the case of leaping, slaughter and mana consumption were the same, and Mana emissions were about three times higher.

“I need to increase my mana.”

My current mana stats is 4.

It needed to be raised further for an easy battle.

Usually, completing a quest will give me bonus capabilities according to the way I proceed.

I think that if I use combat skills properly, my Mana will increase.

“I feel like I’ve become a superman.”

With the addition of skills, I had become completely out of the ordinary.

Now I feel like a superhero in a Hollywood movie.

Of course, I was a character far from the character that would always spit out the word justice in movies or comic.

“I don’t know what intuition is. Passive is not for practice, right?”

Even if I intentionally tried to feel something, there was nothing unusual.

From the name alone, I think it will be useful in a crisis, but I don’t know how it applies, so I don’t know if it’s functioning properly.

“Time will take care of this, too.”

I practiced the distance control of leap skill and the link between Mana Emission.

I ran to a nearby basketball court to check my physical abilities.

“I’m fast, but not as fast as I thought.”

Just because my abilities are doubled from the beginning, it didn’t mean I could suddenly run 100 meters from 16 seconds to about 8 seconds.

Just as the punch machine score is not twice as high as the muscle mass.

But I wasn’t too disappointed.

Because I expected this to happen in the first place.

However, if my ability rises without limitation in the future, I don’t know what will happen again.

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