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The Quest Rewards are real Chapter 23- Skills and Equipment (1)

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Perhaps because I stayed in my dream longer than in reality recently, my room felt a little strange.

Now I’m more familiar with the ceiling of the inn with its wood and yellow soil.

As I got out of the bed scratching my head, I stretched out loudly.

“I’m refreshed, too.”

It is unpleasant to carry out a forced quest in a dream because it feels like being played by someone’s trick, but when I felt freshness and see the reward card when I wake up, my dissatisfaction has subsided.

I picked up the four Lower reward cards that had been placed at the bedside and looked pleased.

“It may not be a reality, but it’s a dream that pays off as much as it does here.”

If there is nothing wrong with being killed in a dream, I would feel better, but I don’t dare to test it.

[Lower Rewards]
[Do you want to use a card?]

Shaking off unnecessary thoughts, I happily used the reward card.

I hope something like the winning numbers of lotto appears this time.

My expectations were high because it was the first time that four rewards were opened at a time.


White light popped one after another.

[You earned 200,000 won]
[Mana and Luck Increased by 2.]

At first, I thought it was good to be able to hold cash just by dreaming, but after getting a huge reward last time, I felt like this was a bummer.

To be honest, this is not a bad thing, but I think human greed is inevitable.

At the moment I felt so sorry.

As if it was too early to be disappointed, a special reinforced effect occurred.


I clenched my fists and cheered.

But the effect didn’t end once, but it happened one after another.

[Acquired Active Skill Leap]
[Acquired passive skill intuition]

This time it wasn’t a material reward like last time.

Although I was steaming for worldly compensation, I nodded, thinking that this was not bad either.

The more skills I have, the better for my safety.

“I think this is better in the long run than in an immediate interest.”

I put four 50,000 won bills into my wallet, the only material reward, and checked my current status.

Strength: 7 ->8
Stamina: 4 ->5
Agility: 4 ->7
Intelligence: 25 ->26
Mana: 4 (Note I don’t know why this isn’t increased)
Luck: 2

This is the rate of increase in capability.
In reality, the ID could not be activated, but I remember this much even if I don’t have to look at it.

With the completion of the quest, four skills obtained and six ability increased by acquiring two more agility with a reward card.

Considering that at first strength was five, agility and stamina were three, I think I will become Superman at this rate.

Moreover, Mana and Luck has increased by 2 compared to the first 3, so I don’t know how they function, but I think I am comparable to an athlete.

I’ll go around the park a little later.

Slaughter (Active / LV-)
Mana Emission(Active / LV1)
Leap (Active / LV Not Verified)
Intuition (Passive / LV Not Verified)

I just learned from the Mana Emission that the skill are leveled according to their type.

Slaughter is a level-free skill, and Mana Emission is 1 and the other 2 can be identified only by opening the ID.

Skill levels may get higher with use, or they have a set grade from the beginning. I will find out naturally over time.

And first of all, there’s something I need to check.

It was the availability of skills in real life.

I forgot to experiment with slaughter yesterday, but I’ll have to check it out today.

If I can use thee skills in real life, I feel like a psychic.

“Well, when I think about what’s going on, I’m half as powerful as I used to be?”

I washed my face lightly and wore a hat and a mask, I left home in a training suit.
It’s 8:30 right now.

Moreover, since I live in Sadang-dong, I could see many office workers on the street.

It’s not bad to walk alone in the opposite direction amid a busy crowd on their way to work.

Should I say that I feel like I’m a pioneer away from the common rules?

I was having a very peaceful day now, although some of the eyes that glanced towards me were unpleasant. It was by other’s that I got to get out of that group.

I walked for about 20 minutes and arrived at Kkachisan Park near Namseong Station.

For a park in the middle of the city, it was a very large and woody mountain, so it is perfect for hiding and doing something.

Moreover, I felt like I rented the whole mountain because there were fewer people as it was rush hour on weekdays.

Finding a fairly cozy vacant lot hidden by the bushes, I inhaled the grassy air.

Thanks to my increased ability, I didn’t feel that it was hard to climb the mountain path.

I lightly loosened my hands and feet, I twisted my body and muttered, looking up at the clear sky.


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4 months ago

Shouldn’t Mana be 6 and Luck 4 because on chapter 15 – investment-1. Mana was raised from 3 to 4 and Luck from 1 to 2. This chapter increased them both by 2.

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Good chapter

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— Thanks for the chapter!

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