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Orcs staggered its head when hit by the Mana bullet.

I didn’t miss the gap and stuck a spear on its back.


However, the endurance of the macho monster Orcs was greatly different than the Hobgoblin and Orge.

The muscled Orc twisted the spear in his back.

A threatening influx of glaives with harsh wind pressure.

I stepped back, leaving no lingering feelings in the Spear, abandoning my weapon.
I wasn’t the only one he was after anyway.

The electric attack magic, which is too weak to be called lightning, had electrocuted the Orc and spasm within the blue spark and rattled like a squint.

In the meantime, I relax the bolt on the crossbow and pulled the trigger toward his temple.


The big Orc stepped back.

When there were no more red dots on the map, I sank into the forest that had become a mess.


It looked like he was almost out of mana, but Gordon approached the big Orc body and began cutting his belly.

His magic is powerful, but his physical strength was poor and his whining and cutting seems quite precarious.

Standing up with a sigh, I used Slaughter skill for that Orc.

These was no secret now, as Slaughter had already been used in several emergencies.

“Thank you.”

Then he quickly found a red marbles amidst the pile of the decomposed bodies and packed them into his inner pocket.

“It was nice to find a mutant Orc in the forest, but I didn’t expect it to get this big.”

Of course he didn’t know.

He held my hand and shake it with a sour look.

“I’m Gordon the Wizard. A regular wizard within the Royal Tower of Kaelon.”

“I’m Jihoon. I live in the village of Karas as a free man.”

“Huh? Alas, you’re the young man the chief mentioned. I heard you helped him with the list of authentic products.”

“Yes, well…”

“Thank you very much for your help. Without you, Jihoon, it would have been dangerous. This is a big debt.”

[Quest completed successfully]
[Completed the battle using Wisdom and quickness]
[Intelligence and agility increases by 1]

There was no additional message, but I can feel Gordon’s eyes were filled with fondness for me.

Wouldn’t it be close to MAX if a stats for friendliness from NPCs appeared.

Clearing the quests involved with Gordon secured two extra lower-level rewards cards.
What’s unfortunate is that I only hunted four Hobgoblin.

If I had one more, I could have cleared all the quests.

“What’s wrong with you? You look troubled.”

Is he caring for me because I’m his lifesaver?

He looked at my complexion and showed a cautious attitude.

With Gordon’s appearance, I said, “Just in case. I have to catch another Hobgoblin for a reason. If you don’t mind…….”

“Really? Then I’ll step up and help you. I can find it right away using my magic search.”

I secretly expected help, but when he stepped up, my feelings that I felt sorry for him disappeared like it was washed away.

“Thank you!”

“What, this much is incomparable to your before .”

And a few moments later, with Gordon’s help of finding Hobgoblin not far away, I was able to easily complete the quest that tied me here for 10 days.

[Quest completed successfully]
[A series of bloody battles, high fighting spirit]
[Strength and stamina increases by 1.]
[You have acquired Mana emission skill as a reward]

Finally, a combat skill.

I’ll try it later in my free time of course.

I wonder if it can be used in real life, as it may have been the effect of increasing attack power using Mana with only a rough name.

Search and Gordon’s beguiling magic lured Hobgoblin, but now the bodies of Hobgoblin and the Goblin were added to the dead hunting grounds, making it even more difficult to touch them.

But a monster body is money.

In particular, this time, there were a lot of monsters that made quite a lot of money, such as Hobgoblin, Ogre, and Orc, so I couldn’t leave it as it was.

I decided to use Slaughter to make leather first.

“What are you doing?”

Gordon asked as I diligently sorted the by-products.

“I’m going to the town.”

By any chance, he didn’t intend to hog these?
No matter how much he was above the common people, I was entitled to claim my shares.

But Gordon grinned and beckoned.



The dead body of the monster, colored with blood in the forest, disappeared into thin air.
Gordon pointed to his bracelet as I looked surprised.

“It’s a subspace artifact.”

“That’s great.”

“It’s my sign of gratitude.”

“Thanks to you, I can move lightly.”

We arrived at Karas village after an hour’s journey.

“Here, take this.”

Also, while I was worried that I might collapse as soon as I arrived in town, he handed me a heavy purse.

“What is it?”

“It’s worth the monster carcass here in bracelet. I’ll buy it for the experiment.”

It contained four gold coins, 11 silver coins and 25 copper coins.

There were too many bodies, such as Orcs and Hobgoblin.

That’s enough to buy all the bodies.

“Just take it. It’s my sign of gratitude.”

Thanks to that, my assessment of Gordon has been further upgraded.

“Well, I won’t say no.”

I squeezed the corners of my mouth and packed my purse.

Thanks to this, I was able to prepare higher-quality equipment than expected.

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