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The Quest Are Real! Chapter 21- Unexpected quest (2)

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This is the first quest with a penalty.
And it was also the first time that another quest appeared while completing another quest.

This incident made me think that the system quest was making up me move toward a set storyline.

I don’t know what the ending of the story is like, whether it was done by a god or an alien, but I’m annoyed by the situation where I have no choice but to complete it.

“Darn it!”

A wizard is said to be very strong. Why did he even need my help?

I don’t know why.

I was forced to move quickly to where the explosion came from.

However, for a while, my busy step was forced to slow down.

The reason is that there are more and more red dots appearing on the map.

At a rough estimate, there are more than 30 red dots around the person named Gordon.

Also, as there were also Hobgoblin, Ogre, and Orcs as well as some Goblin, I felt a sense of crisis.

If I knew such an unexpected quest would happen, I should have prepared the equipment in advance.

I like to be cautious about this, but I realized that if there is an opportunity to become strong, I have to be strong.


No matter how reluctant I was, I cannot avoid the quest’s penalty as it is.

I set up a lot of traps to create my own safety zone, and first ran toward the three Goblin that stood out.

They were distracted by Gordon and didn’t notice me approaching from behind.

Now a completely sharp stab with the spear penetrated and they died instantly, and I immediately cut the second one, who faltered using Slaughter.

Not an immediate death wound, but now tge Goblin were screaming and rolling on the floor. I could feel no fighting spirit from them.

I shot Goblin’s loud throat with a spear and fired a crossbow at the last one running away.

The bolt of the crossbow was neatly cooped up in the back of Goblin’s head, and three Goblin were now dead.

The sound of the explosion echoed again.
Looking away, I noticed a middle-aged man wearing a blue-colored robed between the fallen trees.

His gaze glanced this way, but I already left my place and prepared a bolt on the crossbow.

Gordon no longer cared about me because of the Orcs swinging their graves at him.

Different species of monsters are hard to find them together.

But now, perhaps because they have a powerful common enemy, Goblin, Ogre and Orcs were pouring hostility against Gordon.

“How did he get into this mess?”

No matter how great as wizard Gordon was, he didn’t seem powerful enough to overwhelm three weapon-wielding monster everywhere.

Since this has happened, I should first target Hobgoblin, who was distracted by Gordon, with the goal of completing the quest simultaneously.

Don’t you think I should take care of my own business first?

“Maybe this quest itself is for it.”

I hid myself in the bushes and shot myself on his stomach, it was the most stable way to shoot.

Unless it is a military exemption, there is no South Korean man who can’t shoot himself.
Target is the big Hobgoblin, who is pushing the Goblins.

The distance is about 50 meters.

If I have a rifle in my hand, it is fool’s level of difficulty, so there is no way I can’t get it right.
Although the weapon is crossbow, not rifles, and bolts are heavily influenced by air, it was not a big problem.

He has already mastered the trajectory of bolts from zero and distance in pre-practice.

With a cheerful sound, the bolt flew at great speed and stuck in the back of Hobgoblin’s head.


Even if Hobgoblin had a stronger leather and skeleton than Goblin, it was not enough to protect himself from the bolt.

[Goblin 50/50, Hobgoblin: 1/5]

Even if it’s portable, it’s a crossbow that pierces even iron armor nearby.

Other Hobgoblin and Goblin screamed in bewilderment when a colleague died.

Then the other monsters looked around for a moment, and then the aggro turned to Gordon again in the flames burning before his eyes.

The Goblin troops were scrambling to find the man who killed their colleague, but there was a long way to go in finding me because of the smoke from the explosion and the smell of various monsters.

I put a bolt on the crossbow and then went after another Hobgoblin again.


Again this time, I pulled the trigger to his head, but the target moved at the last minute.

But perhaps heaven helped.

The bolt penetrated the Hobgoblin’s short neck.

The monster squealed and rolled around the floor.

[Goblin 50/50, Hobgoblin: 2/5]

And the second Hobgoblin counts.


Some goblins pointed exactly at the bushes I was hiding in.

No matter how fast Bolt is, it was not invisible.

Eventually, that’s how my position was revealed, and I quickly got out of my place and ran away.

The number of enemies following me is 8 Goblin and 1 Hobgoblin.

It was a dangerous number to confront with my current me.

I moved towards my pre-built trap area.

Traps would be better than nothing, with spikes and hoof ropes.


In conclusion, I didn’t have to go all the way to the trap area.


The reason is that a Fire Ball fell into the gap between the careless goblins.


A threatening explosion stimulates my eardrums as if a grenade had exploded.

I felt this was an opportunity and immediately turned away, and as expected the Goblins were in serious condition.

The biggest obstacle, Hobgoblin, groaned in an ugly skinned state, three Goblin were shattered and the rest looked seriously injured.

In the meantime, when I saw Hobgoblin raising his body, I certainly felt a different barbarity and strength on it from humans.

But the bolt fired from the crossbow stuck between his brow, and I brutally shot the other pain-stricken Goblins.

[Goblin 50/50, Hobgoblin:3/5]
With the help of someone else, the Hobgoblin was counted.

Thanks to this, I rolled up the corners of my mouth without realizing it in front of a group of monsters that I didn’t dare to rush into.
Maybe this is a honey pot quest.

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