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Genius Game Broadcaster Prologue

“Help you with the broadcast?”

“Um.” Lee Do-Hyun was confused at the sudden proposal of his sister.

‘I’m going to be on air?’

He knew that his sister, Lee Seung-Yeon, was doing a broadcast.

It’s a broadcast with virtual reality games as its main content, and the number of viewers is quite high, so was she making a lot of money?

‘I’ve never seen it before.’

However, Do-Hyun has never seen Seung-Yeon doing a broadcast in person.

He only knew it from her chatters.

Personally, Do-Hyun doesn’t watch broadcasts.

In fact, he doesn’t even play virtual reality games at all, let alone watch broadcasts.

It’s not that he doesn’t play games for some reason, but he hasn’t been playing games because he hasn’t been able to work on them.

Of course, it’s not like he had never played a game at all.

He has played mobile games through smartphones a few times.

However, he deleted it quickly because it didn’t suit his taste.

For Do-Hyun, even Seung-Yeon’s broadcast can only be a story of a distant country.

Perhaps, it was his family’s business, so he remember that his sister was doing a broadcast.

But she wanted him to help her with the broadcast?

Do-Hyun heard that the main content of Seung-Yeon’s broadcast was a virtual reality game.

But he had never played a virtual reality game before.

What does a person who doesn’t even know the title of the game do on a broadcast where virtual reality games were the main content?

“There’s no way you don’t know that.”

Do-Hyun has never played a virtual reality game.

His older sister Seung-Yeon wouldn’t know that.

That’s why Do-Hyun tilted his head when he heard Seung-Yeon asking for help with the broadcast.

He was curious about what kind of broadcast she was going to do with him, who doesn’t know the game.

Did she guess how he felt?

Seung-Yeon continued to talk leisurely.

“I am doing a new content this time. I need your help there. Brother.”

“New content?”

“Exploring VR games with family. Mom and dad did it once with me before. It’s your turn now.”

Do-Hyun shrugged his shoulders to Seung-Yeon.

Virtual reality game.

Do-Hyun has never done it before, but he is not uninterested at all.

He was determined to try it at some point.

But he just couldn’t tell when it would be.

It crossed his mind that it would not be so bad to enjoy virtual reality games with Seung-Yeon’s suggestion.

Anyway, there was nothing to do during the vacation season.

It takes a little bit of broadcasting, but well.

It wasn’t a TV show, it was a broadcast, and as Seung-Yeon said, their parents even came out, so it wouldn’t be a big problem.

If it was going to be a problem in the first place, Seung-Yeon wouldn’t have suggested it.

‘I think it’s gonna be okay.’

Do-Hyun thought so but did not nod immediately.

He just looked at Seung-Yeon with a lazy look.

Seung-Yeon smirked at her brother’s behavior.

Because it was an act that clearly shows what he wanted.

Seung-Yeon, who had been thinking for a while, said softly.

“100,000 won for talent fee. Plus 10 percent of video revenue. Call?”

“Okay, Call.”

A brief deal has been made.

The brother and sister laughed at each other after winning and getting what they wanted.

But they were not aware.

This is the moment where in the world of VR games, those who are called “The greatest talent of all time,” “Talentless scammers,” and “Genius,” are born.

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Genius Game Broadcaster

Genius Game Broadcaster

Status: Ongoing Released: 2020

It was just a talent.

A truly violent talent that cannot be expressed simply as overwhelming.


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Next, this novel is interesting

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