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The first class Raymond took after entering the academy was very confusing.

The bullies were playing on their own in the corner, and some of the students were dozing off or doing something else.

Yes, this was a common classroom even in his original world.

It was a scene he was very familiar with.

However, the problem was the reaction of the teacher.

The teacher acted as if it didn’t matter whether the students were being noisy or sleeping.

It seems like he was already accustomed to it, the teacher only said what he had to say and did not stop the students doing their own things.

Raymond realized the reason why.

‘This was a world where nobles existed.’

The teacher doesn’t have power in front of nobles.

Although there were few commoners, the class A-2 was mostly for aristocrats.

Among them, there were sons of a baron or viscount. The very few commoners were either the son of commoner working for the nobles or the son of a rich merchant.

On the other hand, the teacher was a commoner with decent abilities.

No matter how famous the teacher is, he or she cannot treat the aristocracy recklessly as long as he or she is a commoner.

Rather, what he is doing now by ignoring the students, he wouldn’t be suspected if anything happened.

That’s why they leave it like that.

To be honest, it will take a lot of courage for a teacher to speak informally to the son of a noble.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

The bells started ringing throughout the school.

The teacher, who was conducting the class amid countless disturbances, said:

“…Class dismissed.”

The class is over.

Raymond was a little disappointed with that.

The class this time was about what happened on the continent and what kind of person the Emperor was. They were all contents that Raymond hadn’t read in the original novel.

It would have been better if it weren’t for the noisy bullies.

“It’s him, isn’t?”

“Oh, that’s right.”

After class, an annoying fly came.

“This is getting crazy.”

This is because everyone’s eyes were on Raymond as soon as the class was over.

“You’re the one I know, right? The incompetent jerk.”

“Why are you here? Leaving that good family alone.”

Alice is currently away beside Raymond to perform what he ordered.

Raymond didn’t want to talk to anyone, and for him, who was the seed of interest, it was a pain to sit still and feel the gaze.

The gaze felt from all sides was quite burdensome.

“Really? Raymond?”

” That sucks, I can’t believe that incompetent jerk is so handsome.”

They might have been whispering to each other, but Raymond heard everything.

“This is driving me crazy.”

The name Raymond Millennium showed a tremendous influence beyond imagination.

However, it was in a bad way.

As Raymond already felt at the banquet, no one looked at him in a good way.

Who would like someone who is known to be an incompetent jerk?


Raymond looked around.

Those who made eye contact with him freaked out and turned their heads away from him immediately.

The Raymond, who they knew, was a bad guy who would quarrel with everyone he make eye contact of.

Raymond was strong only to the weak, and at least there was no one here who could confront him.

So now, he needed to try not to stand out even more.

‘The previous Raymond was strong for the weak.’

The people here must have heard rumors and similar things often about him.

For commoners, rumors of a noble was the truth.

Furthermore, Raymond was of the same age as them.

That’s why they can’t talk to him while showing curiosity.

They were afraid he’ll pick a fight with them like what rumors have said.

Nevertheless, looking at him because of curiosity, cannot be hidden even in fear.

But soon, even that will disappear soon.

“Wow. That’s the end of them.”

“Right. The Count’s son is here. What can they do with being fallen nobles?”

If there’s anything good Raymond brought was that the existing bullies were unable to rush at him.

This was a place where son of fallen nobles and his servants reign like kings.

But with Raymond here, that was bound to disappear. Unlike them, Raymond was a full fledge noble.

Being the son of a count alone is tremendous, but he was also the son of a Master Wizard that even the continent recognizes.

No matter how incompetent Raymond is, he remain untouchable.

No one can take away his surname, Millennium, even if he was incompetent.

However, they were even more wary of the idea that he could be in a team with the existing bullies.

If he become a team with the bullies, the academy will be completely dominated by the bullies.

“Oh, hi.”

A group of people came to Raymond while waiting for the next class.

These are the same guys from yesterday.

Trash guys who bullies others using their name.

Looking at them, no one was a full fledge noble.

Anyway, Raymond wasn’t interested with them.

He looked though the whole room, Mahol couldn’t be seen anywhere. He might be in another class room.

Even though they were humiliated yesterday, he was amazed at the people who approached him without a leader, so he stared at them.

They flinched and shivered at Raymond gaze.

They remembered the memory of being beaten by him yesterday.

Nevertheless, they still approached Raymond with a smile.

“We are sorry yesterday.”

They rubbed their hands and apologize.

“You should’ve told us earlier.”

They are asking if they misunderstood him because he didn’t tell them.

“If we knew that you were the son of Count Millennium, we wouldn’t have done that! Don’t you think so?”

“Of course! Would you say we’re crazy?”

The other bullies agreed with him.

Hehe, there was a hidden anger at the way they smiled and looked at him.

If he weren’t Raymond Millennium, wouldn’t it mean that they would take revenge?

“So what?”

Of course, there was no way he would be saying good words.

One of the people that he despise the most are those who are greedy of power and money.

And they are included in that category.

“Are you angry? I really didn’t know.”

“Is there anything you want? We’ll listen to everything. Huh?”

Their voices were not small.

Their voice was loud enough that everyone in the classroom could hear them.

Everyone was looking at them with contempt, but they didn’t care about such eyes.

Raymond doesn’t have anything to say or want to say to them.

“Get lost.”

Just one sentence.

It was the first and last thing he said to them.

They said other things, but Raymond already closed his eyes and ears.

He thought about Mahol.

How to embrace him, how to lure him in his team.

Thinking about it, the noise slowly disappeared around him.


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“Everyone, gather at the training ground!”

A voice was heard asking for student to come out while waiting for class.

Unlike learning theory classes inside the classroom, outdoor classes were held this time outside.

All the students of the swordsmanship department gathered, regardless of class, in a training ground wide enough to embrace the entire swordsmanship department.

“Do you want to try this? This…”

The bullies clung next to Raymond, while heading to the training ground. They were trying to flatter him.

‘They are annoying. They are really annoying.’

Raymond was annoyed that useless people, who only knew how to lick others feet, bothered others and stuck together.

“Hey, I told you to lick it. Do you think it is funny?”

“You didn’t get hit enough.”

Entering the training ground, Raymond once again felt a deep resentment.

He saw a few bullies sticking next to Mahol and playing a game.

Among them, Mahol crouched down without any rebellion as he did when he first saw him.

“These punks…”

Raymond was really angry.

What kind of person was he?

Raymond was angry to see that the person he save yesterday was being played by such people.

‘I think I warned them yesterday, but that wasn’t enough.’

Raymond shouldn’t have defeated them with words, he should have made them suffer.


It was time to approach them, clenching his fist, he approached them.

“What are you doing there?”

He then heard a loud voice.

He is the teacher who introduced him to his classmates.

Yeah, at least the teacher wouldn’t stay still in front of blatant bullying.

Raymond thought he might be different from the students who watched quietly because they were scared of the bullies.

However, he was wrong.

The teacher only glaced at them.

That was all.

He only looked at the bullies gathered and that was it.

There was no admonition or disciplinary action. As if it was natural, he ignored the bullies harassing Mahol.

‘How should I accept this?’

“He is really like a jerk.”

Since the teacher was a commoner, he would have had no choice but to ignore them.

If the teacher step in for no reason, he will just bring bad luck to himself.

It’s not that Raymond didn’t know that, but he was more angry than what he imagined when he actually went through it.

Raymond wanted to relieve this anger.

At times like this, it’s best for bullies to pick a fight.

No matter how high ranking their family is, they can’t think of picking a fight with him, the son of the count.

“As everyone knows, there is a new classmate who entered this school. Come forward, Raymond.”

He went forward at the teacher’s call.

The teacher wanted to make him say hello to the students.

After he said hello, he will go back.

“There is new classmates, so we can’t miss out on letting him see your skills. You can duel with each other from now on, as there will be additional points on the test.”

These words make the students excited.

The teacher looked through the students and pointed to one student.

“You there. Come forward and point at the other person.”

A man of a strong a physique to be a student stood in the Duel Ring.

As the teacher said, he looks through the students once and called another student as his opponent.

That’s how the duel started.

However, Raymond wasn’t interested in the Duel. His attention was only directed at Mahol.

In the meantime, a poor guy got hit so much that his whole body is bruised and swollen.

“Hey, bugs. Come out.”

It’s already the turn for the bullies.

A bully pointed to Mahol.

He said while holding a wooden sword.

“I’ll teach you properly. Wow, you should be honored to have me here as your sparring partner.”

“Hahaha! That’s right! Go up, bug!”

“What are you doing? Jones wants you to come up!”

The bullies forced Mahol to stand up and go to the Duel Ring.

The teacher just watches it still.

“I will go.”

Raymond grabbed the shoulders of the bullies and pushed them to the side, taking the wooden sword from Mahol.

The bullies looked at him and was embarrassed.

He turned his back on him and stared at Jones.

His face, was embarrassed as if he had not expected this situation, came into view.

‘You punk! I’m going to kill you.’

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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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