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The Greatest Extra Chapter 5.3 The Talented Fool (3)

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Character List

Raymond Pilius

Alex Tilinger, Baron Tilinger’s second son.

Ronald Pilius, emperor of the Pilias Empire.

Aloken Pilius, third Prince of Pilias Empire

Lisefield Dior, an Old Mage

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“Your Majesty the Fifth is in critical condition! The Knights of the Imperial Chamber open the door now!”

“Where are the doctor and the healers?”

“Fifth Prince, Your Grace! Hang in there! The infirmary is just around the corner!”

The imperial knight’s face came into a dim view.

Raymond squinted his eyes to see who it was, but his vision cannot be restored.

“Your Majesty the Fifth has finally woken up!”

“You have to hang in there a little longer!”

The royal knights made a fuss.

Only then did his eyesight recover a little and he could look around.

‘Did I fell down?’

He was moving somewhere while lying on a stretcher. Two servants and five royal knights were opening the way out.

Alex, the servant in charge of the fifth Imperial Palace, stands next to him with a stiff face and walks in rhythm with his servants.

“Fifth Prince, nothing will happen.”

Alex spoke in a determined voice. As soon as he was trying to remember what was going on, he coughed.

“Cough! Cough!”

Covering his mouth with his hand, he coughed out a violent cough. He feel like there was something within his palm.

“Fifth Prince!”

“How many medical rooms are left!”

The imperial knights made a fuss again.

Raymond wanted to tell why they were being so fussy, but he couldn’t. It was because as he removed the palm from his mouth, it was soaked in dark red blood.

“Oh, my God, this is crazy…….”

Now he remembered. In order to experiment with the “Spear of sacrifice,” he seems to have fainted while wandering in a private training camp together with Lisefield.

“I didn’t know it would take this much vitality…….’

He knew the setting that the “spear of sacrifice” consumes vitality instead of Mana, but he didn’t expect it to suck it up to the point of him fainting. He didn’t expect this.

‘I can’t use it often.I’m going to use it as a skill to kill someone.’

One thing he remembered is that he fainted before confirming the destructive power of the “Spear of sacrifice.”

‘The blue tower owner will explain it to me later.’

Raymond was curious, but he had to endure it, he frowned and bit his lips slightly. However, the imperial knights jumped up and down to speed up, perhaps because it seemed like he was holding back the pain.

“Bring Your Majesty the Fifth to the infirmary!”

“You mustn’t delay!”

Raymond arrived at the infirmary in the midst of the fussy imperial knights. The Healer and doctor who were contacted were on standby.

While the Healer concocted the medicine, the doctor examined Rayman’s condition.

“The condition of the Fifth Prince…….”  Alex asked a question. Raymond, who had just begun to have mana, could feel the mighty Manna gathering in front of the door.

It was such a powerful manna that he could not see the ends at all..

He wanted to take a break. What’s going on?

“Excuse me.”

A group of gold cloaks that open with a light knock and walk into the infirmary, the people inside know who they are.

The imperial Royal Guards

“Why are the Royal Guards here?”

One of the imperial knights who brought Raymond to the infirmary was surprised and unknowingly said a word.

No one answered, but everyone knows. The appearance of the Royal Guard comes with…

‘The emperor is there.’

He lifted up his tired body. Can’t I just lie down when the Emperor is coming?

“Your Majesty is coming!”

At least, the familiar, the knight shouted vigorously and stepped aside.

The emperor walked into the infirmary, escorted by royal guards wearing golden helmet.


He had a calm face until he crossed the threshold, but he forgot to save face and ran to the Fifth Prince side, who was soaked with blood.

The imperial knights hurriedly stepped aside and bowed their heads, the doctor and the healer followed.

‘When will the Doctor and the Healer start to cure me? I feel like dying because of pain.’

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