The greatest extra

The Greatest Extra Chapter 5.2- The talented fool (3)

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Character List

Raymond Pilius

Alex Tilinger, Baron Tilinger’s second son.

Ronald Pilius, emperor of the Pilias Empire.

Aloken Pilius, third Prince of Pilias Empire

Lisefield Dior, an Old Mage

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Fortunately, the pain did not last long.

The pain ended when a white spear penetrated through the chest of Raymond’s body.

– You have passed an ancient test. A spear that penetrates the enemy by sacrificing yourself is now in your heart.

-Wake up ‘The Spear of Sacrifice.

As soon as the voice ended, explosive energy erupted from his whole body.

“Oh, this is killing me.”

He thought the pain was completely gone, but it wasn’t. There was an intermittent sharp pain as if something was rubbing against his chest.

But with it, he could feel a full mana sitting near his heart.

‘Is this the mana that the spear of sacrifice has?’

Even if it was torn using the method learned from Lisefield, a large amount of mana was overflowing within his heart.

‘That’s a little difficult.’

You can’t hide all of Mana.

‘It’s only a matter of time before the rumor goes around.’

The Fifth Prince, famous for being a jerk, suddenly had a huge amount of mana? This alone makes his personal life dangerous.

In particular, the Third prince, blinded by power, may do something. With the tower behind him, if Raymond reveals that he is talented in magic, Aloken may have kept him in check.

‘This is a total mess.’

 But it’s impossible to undo everything. He has no choice but to make a full-fledged move.

And the first one will be the blue tower.

Let’s go.

When he came outside, the secret room collapsed. It would be better to remove the evidence that the stolen property was already found.

Walking along the way he came, he was able to go back to the Imperial Chamber No. 7. 

An old man in a brown robe was waiting for Raymond without a word.

It’s Lisefield Dior, the Blue Tower’s owner.

“Fifth Prince, did you get the spear of sacrifice?”

The old high-ranking wizard noticed the changes in the body of the five princes too easily.

“What if i did?”

The South Matap association has lost the magic book, the spear of sacrifice. Several complicated feelings were reflected in Lisefield’s gaze as he looked onto Raymond.

Ancient artifacts are attributed. Even if he killed the user right away, the artifact would lose its power for 50 years, so Lisefield would not dare to offend him.

Also the name of the royal family was too heavy for the blood to be buried in order to have the power 50 years later.

It was impossible to kill an imperial family member within the Pilias Empire, which values the imperial lineage so much.

He doesn’t know if he was still the same Fifth prince of the past anymore.

Lisefield’s eyes shined, and he had a faint smile.

“Now that I have the spear of sacrifice in my hand, would you have to fulfill the ancient promise?”

“Huh, do you even know the promise of two thousand years?”

Lisefield laughed in vain. He didn’t know how that the young prince in front of him knew the promise that the South Matap alliance had implemented for 2,000 years in ancient times.

‘The promise of two thousand years must be kept.’

Lisefield recalled the teachings of the Tower owners from his predecessors. A strong power lies on the word promise.

What the hell is it?

This rascal changed overnight. He even enlightened his talent enough to materialize Mana even though he didn’t teach him how to operate it, and now he even brought up a Spear of sacrifice that the wizards of the South couldn’t find even though they were looking for it so much and even mentioning a “two-thousand-year promise.”

“Old man, what are you thinking so much?”

Lisefield came to his senses with the voice of the fifth prince who awakened his deep worries.

“If you don’t mind, how did you learn about the Spear of sacrifice…….”

“Is that important?”

When asked by Raymond, the fifth prince, Lesefield was speechless.

At the moment, he blankly looked at the fifth prince, but soon shook his head with a calm smile.

“Not important at all, Your Grace the fifth.”

“Then think back to the promises you kept for two thousand years during ancient times.”

At the vanguard of the 2,000-year-old promise, there was the tower and the enemy tower of the Pilias Empire.

“Fifth Prince.”

Lisefield grinned at Raymond.

“The blue tower still remembers the promise of two thousand years.”

Listening to the voice of Lisefield, which feels faithfulness, Raymond couldn’t stop the smile spreading around his mouth. Raymond nodded and opened his mouth with a satisfied expression.

“The Blue tower must remember its promise.”

The pagoda, which was built after ancient times, may not be known, but the Red Tower may remember the promise of two thousand years.

‘What if they forgot? I will remind you.’

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