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The Greatest Extra Chapter 5.1- The Talented Fool (3)

“Fifth Prince!”

‘Did he instinctively realize something was asleep inside?’

The Master of the Blue Tower, Lisefield Dior, screamed with the top of his lungs as he called the Fifth Prince anxiously, but he disappeared within the darkness of the passage without looking back.

“Oh, my God!”

Under such circumstances, there was a high possibility that the “Spear of sacrifice” was asleep beyond that boundary. But there was no way in, so Lisefield can only stand in front of the barrier.

Whether he did it deliberately or not, Raymond did not stop walking.

‘How much did I walk? Now I can’t even hear Lisefield.’

Did he give up because he had a sore throat?

Or did Raymond go so deep that he couldn’t even hear his cry?

Considering the southern wizards desire for the Spear of Sacrifice, it was likely the latter.

[As he walked in a hectic way, the light leaked through the darkness. As soon as he turned around the corner, he saw a door made of gold.]

It was according to the contents of the novel. As the main character walked along the long passage and turned around the corner, a golden door appeared.

‘And There’s no trap.’

There was no mention of a trap in the novel or setting book he read. It was something that only the Royal Family could pass in the first place, so the barrier was the last trap.

‘There’s the Spear of sacrifice in there.’

He opened the golden door with a nervous look.

For hundreds of years, the door, which had been closed motionlessly, opened with the sound of old iron.

At the same time, the magic lamp on the ceiling lit. Unlike the ones on the passage way earlier, it was as bright as if it had been light up yesterday.

[On the old table in the center, he saw a book, a small pocket, and a wooden box with a size that was hard to lift alone.]

He recalled the contents of the novel by imagining the image of the secret room in his eyes.

They are magic books, subspace bags, and various rare jewels imprinted with “Change of Sacrifice.”

And surprisingly, all of these are stolen goods.

‘The Thief Emperor.’

Raymond shook his head with a short sigh, recalling the story of Hansen from the Novel.

The story of his thievery was not described in detail, but the thief of the “Spear of sacrifice” shows that the scale of his robbery was not small.

It seems that the secret room was also made to hide his stolen goods.

What’s more interesting is that these secret rooms are scattered throughout the Empire besides the Imperial City.


‘I know about everything.’

He had seen the map that was drawn within the book.

There were red dots all over the poorly drawn map of the Empire that indicated that there were the secret rooms was.

Raymond could still remember the location, all of them.

‘I also know what’s hidden in each chamber.’
They would be his reward when he visit them and open them one by one.

Raymond picked up the old parchment on the table.

[A small tribute to my descendants for finding the secret room, and this small gift is left by Hansen, your predecessor. Additionally, the Spear of sacrifice may hurt you a little, so use it carefully.]- Hansen’s note.

It was the note that made Raymond laugh.
After finishing reading his ancestors’ words, he took a step toward the old table and reached for the magic book.

Even if it is a magic book, there was no need to inject mana. The moment the finger touched, the “Spear of sacrifice” opened its eyes.

<<The Spear of sacrifice recognizes your existence.>>

At the same time as the soft voice rang, the magic book became a white powder and scattered in the air.

But Raymond wasn’t startled.

He already expected it.

To gain the power of an ancient artifacts, one must pass the test. And he knows the content of the test where the Spear of Sacrifice falls.

<<Are you ready to sacrifice?>>

Instead of a concrete answer, he nodded, and the white powder hovering in the air gathered to form a long Spear.

<<If so, sacrifice.>>

“I’m happy.”

He picked up the white spear. He knew what to do because he had already read the novel.

“One time is enough.”

Mumbling to himself with determination, Raymond stabbed himself in the heart with the white spear.

There was no hesitation. The tip of the spear penetrated his chest and pierced through his bone, but Raymond did not shed a single drop of blood.

“Huh, hahah!

There was no scar, but he felt an excruciating pain. The sharp pain burst out from his chest like a bomb.

His breathing became rough and his body, which couldn’t overcome the pain, stumbled nervously.

‘Oh, not yet?’

In the novel, there was no description of how long the pain lasted.

‘I let my guard down. This hurts a lot.’

It’s a terrible pain he had never felt before. With this pain, he felt like dying.

How long would he last? Finally, his whole body was exhausted and Raymond collapsed.

“Shit, Shit!”

He groaned and cursed Hansen, who he didn’t even know.

“This isn’t something a ‘little’ painful!”

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The Greatest Extra in history

The Greatest Extra in history

Score 7.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
One day, when I opened my eyes, I became the 5th prince of the empire that appeared in the novel. I was supposed to be happy. But the empire fell and the 5th Prince was horribly killed.


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Ok this is interesting

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Thanks for the chapter ฅ ^ • ﻌ • ^ ฅ
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Thanks for the chapter

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This is making me remember tcf/lcf xD

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