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The Greatest Extra Chapter 4.1- The Talented Fool (2)

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Character List

Raymond Pilius

Alex Tilinger, Baron Tilinger’s second son.

Ronald Pilius, emperor of the Pilias Empire.

Aloken Pilius, third Prince of Pilias Empire

Lisefield Dior, an Old Mage

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Raymond put the book he was pretending to read back into the bookshelf.

He felt an intense gaze behind his back. Before he knew it, the old man with a brown robe was standing against the wall.

“Old man. Do you have a lot of time to spare?”

He said indifferently, yet he couldn’t help but pay attention to the skills that the old man may do behind him.

“Now that I’m old, all I have left is time.”

The old man replied with a grin.

After turning his head and peeking at the scene, Raymond shook his head with a short sigh.

Anyway, only the royal family can enter the secret room with the “Spear of Sacrifice” magic book.

The “main character” used some kind of method to destroy the art of restricting access, but the old man, Lisefield Dior, who was now following him, doesn’t know about it.

“If you have so much time left, will you teach me how to deal with Mana, rather than doing nothing?”

“What did you just say?”

It was a stiff voice, but it was not unpleasant.

He was a little surprised by the unexpected words of the fifth prince.

‘The fifth prince wants me to teach him how to handle Mana? Was the rumor true?’

From the eyes of the elderly, shock, fear, and chaos are mixed.

Raymond shook his head again and gave a short sigh. He could have gotten used to the reactions of people around him, but it was not that easy.

‘How an asshole have you been?….’

Suddenly, he felt like he was getting tired.

‘There’s no answer. I just asked him to teach me how to handle mana.’

The Spear of sacrifice, unlike other magic books, does not consume mana. So he doesn’t really have to learn Manna.

“How did you know I was a wizard? Fifth Prince.”

His voice was quite serious.

“When I first met you, I used hiding magic.”

What, are you asking something obvious? Raymond gave him a tired look as if he was an idiot.

“I am a talented person that deals with the art of hiding.”

‘Oh, I didn’t expect this.’

“Fifth Prince, you said you didn’t know who I was, right?”

“Is there a need to know?”

“You said you weren’t interested.”

“Should I be interested? I’m sure you are a high-ranking wizard, because you used such magic…….”

The old man’s face became serious.

Raymond tried to relax with an awkward smile, but…… .

‘Did I do something wrong?’

An uneasy thought came into his mind as slowly raised his head. He was wondering if the bluff was found out, but the answer he heard was different from what I expected.

“I will take responsibility and teach you how to handle mana.”

The voice of the old man spoke with a serious face, he could even feel his determination.

On the contrary, Raymond was embarrassed.

‘No, what’s wrong with this old man all of a sudden?’

He didn’t know why.

“Well, yeah, thank you.”

“Do you want to start right away?”

“I thought I’d take a break, so I think it’d be good if you taught me now.”

When he nodded and answered, a smile spread around the old man’s mouth.

“Don’t laugh with that strange look, old man. I’m only going to learn the basics.”

‘I don’t want to go into the deep-rooted process and walk the path of a wizard yet.’

Finding the window of sacrifice is a priority, and when it comes to Mana, learning only the basics is enough.

“Let’s do that.”

The old man replied with a grin. And from that day on, the class where he learns how to handle Mana started.

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