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The Greatest Extra Chapter 3.2- The talented Fool (1)

You want to enter the Imperial chamber no.7?”

The Emperor, Ronald, asked in a curious voice. His eyes were covered with tears from age and sickness.

Raymond slowly raised his head.

“Yes, His Majesty. I’d like to enter the Imperial Chamber no. 7 freely.”

“Number 7…….”

The Imperial Chambers were full of treasures and valuable books. However, most of them are naturally low proficiency.

But there were also many rare historical books, so wizards and scholars came in and out frequently from there. So naturally, Ronald thought that any from the Imperial family would not b interested.

“Can you tell me why?”

“I want to forget about the past where I’ve been called a scoundrel and start anew.”

Ronald nodded with a satisfied look. It was an answer enough to change his mind.


“Yes, His Majesty. Give me your orders.”

“I want you to issue a pass to the Fifth Prince for the Imperial Chamber no.7.”

The Minister bowed his head politely and stepped down. Raymond also raised himself carefully.

Now that his business was over, it’s time to get a pass and head to the Imperial Chamber No. 7.

“Are you going already?”

There was regret in Ronald’s voice. But it wasn’t noticed by Raymond.

The Emperor’s aging face is also due to the sharp increase in political and diplomatic affairs since the palace was attacked.

“Sometimes you have to show your face from time to time.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

At the end of his sentence, Raymond left the Emperor’s hall.

‘The Emperor is much older than I thought.’

And he was sick. Every time he realized it, he felt it more clearly.

“He doesn’t have much time.”

“What?” Alex, blurted out of the blue thinking that the Fifth prince issued him an order.


Raymond shook his head. The strong Emperor from his memory has weakened noticeably within these five years. 

This was a bad sign.

Before transmigrating, Raymond in the past thought he had a bad relationship with the Emperor.

But without the protection from the Emperor, he wouldn’t be able to live his leisure life in peace for these past five years.

“Fifth Prince”

The Minister appeard in front of him before he knew it. 

He handed the pass he had in his hand to Raymond.

He had a polite attitude, but Raymond saw a moment of disgust glistening in the eyes of the Minister for a short moment.

‘I’ve got a long way to go.’

Raymond gave a bitter smile to himself. 

The past of being a scoundrel was too deep rooted to expect good feelings from people in just a short time.

“Don’t make an accident within the Imperial Chamber, Your Highness, the Fifth Prince.”

“You don’t need worried about anything.”

‘He is still treating me like a jerk…….’

A short sigh of helplessness lingered in the air. 

When he finished organizing his thoughts, the Minister disappeared to somewhere already.

“This guy, that guy……. They all ignore me.”

His reputation was still a mess, so he can’t help it, thinking so made him in a bad mood.

‘I’ll show you my changes.’

There was no hesitation in his step toward the Imperial Chamber No. 7 with a pass.

“Fifth Prince, the Imperial Chamber no.7…….”

“I know.”


“I know where it is.”

He had never been there himself. 

But it was still briefly described in the novel where was it. So he knew where it was. 

Why is that?

‘I’ve seen the set-up from the book.’

The setting of the Imperial Chamber No. 7 was impressive. 

So it remained deep in his memory.

Unlike other chambers that contain magic artifacts and magic books, there are only history books on this chamber.

Therefore, there are even fewer people entering and leaving this chamber, but a long time ago, Emperor Hansen hid the Spear of Sacrifice here.

Originally, the main character has to take the Spear of Sacrifice. The thought of stealing it from him, made him laugh devilishly.

When Alex saw the scene, he thought of his trauma and shook his body.

After walking for about 30 minutes, they arrived in front of Imperial chamber no.7.

The entrance was guarded by two Imperial knights. Raymond showed them his pass.

“Attendants are not allowed in.”

“You guys stand by here.”

Alex and the Imperial knights bowed their heads and stepped back.

Raymond opened the door and went inside.

There was a Magic light on, but it was still very dark. However, not to the point where he couldn’t see anything.

Raymond stepped deep into the chamber.

He didn’t know exactly where the Spear of Sacrifice is, but he roughly knew the location.

[As soon as he entered the Imperial Chamber No. 7, he felt an unknown intangible energy on the right. After a hectic journey, he found a place that shone dimly in front of his eyes. Finally, he found the secret room left by Hansen.]

He couldn’t handle mana, so he couldn’t detect this intangible energy. The only clue he has right now, was the right side of the chamber

“Let’s try it.”

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      The Greatest Extra in history

      The Greatest Extra in history

      Score 7.2
      Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
      One day, when I opened my eyes, I became the 5th prince of the empire that appeared in the novel. I was supposed to be happy. But the empire fell and the 5th Prince was horribly killed.


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      Thanks for the chapter (≧ ▽ ≦)
      You wouldn’t just take the spear and leave, would you? You said there were rare books, it wouldn’t hurt to study

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